spare some change?

spare some change

A brief lesson in history:


The Earth is the centre of the Universe.

Christopher Columbus discovered India.

Candle light is the only light.

Men vote.

Encyclopedia Britannica. Or, maybe the microfiche?

Pluto is a planet.


At one point in time, all those ideas were real, they were “truth”. The only common attribute they possess now? The ability to illustrate how quickly and expansively change can be created.


Somewhere, someone along the line challenged what they knew to be, into what they believed it could be. Stemming from a desire or an intuition to be something more, something greater, something different, change was manifested.

Nothing needs to be the way it is. It’s easy to be where you are because it’s what you know. It may suck, but it’s not scary. It may be difficult, but it’s not challenging. You may not have the answer, but you’re probably not willing to ask the question. If this is you, and it’s okay if it is, your wheels might be turning, but you’re not going anywhere.

Anything can change, no matter how concrete you believe something to be. (Even the Berlin Wall came down). Let’s review the history lesson, now de-bunked. The new truths; the Sun is, America, the light bulb, as do women, the Internet, just the name of Mickey’s dog. All of those original ideas were challenged until transformation occurred. Who knows what may be true in another 50 years?

Where you are is not the only place you can go. Who you are is not the only you that you will ever be. The most wonderful and, probably, underutilized strength we all have as higher beings is the ability to expand; to think we can continuously be more than we currently are. And, that’s not to say that what we are isn’t “good” enough. It’s just to say that you can be whatever you want to create. It’s just a matter of how deeply you wish to evolve.

Astronomers and scientists will probably never know the end of the Universe. The more technology evolves, the farther way the “end” gets. The greater the ability we possess to expand our view, the more we can see; planets, star systems, galaxies; it’s endless. Your presence here works just the same.

Like the astronomer’s Universe, your Universe will expand and change with your own evolution, the way you need for it to change. Lifting the parameters of thought and possibility is the way to ask, “I wonder how far I can see?”

Challenge, ask, visualize, feel; these are really the only things you need to do to get the ball rolling. It costs you nothing other than to attempt an expansion of how your mind works. Conquering fear or complacency is no different than breaking a habit or an addiction. It’s largely thought that to effectively cease addiction, the behaviour needs to be replaced with something else. To that I offer, drop the fear and….

Be Love.











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