close your eyes. do you see it?


Which story sounds better to you? The one where your dreams come true, you have happiness in your head and Love in your Heart? Or, the one where none of that happens?

There’s a beginning to that first story. There’s a bunch of beginnings to that first story; an infinite amount, some might say (I might say that, too). Every time you close your eyes and can see yourself amongst the stars; a backdrop of black, just you and the universe; that’s a beginning.

There’s nothing more you need; you’ve got you, you’ve got the universe, you just have to make it go. If Love is your fuel tank, what’s your fuel?


Don’t see it, believe it. It only appears when you believe it. Whether it’s specific to the last detail or as vague as vague gets, just believe.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the universe. Believe in Love. Believe in peace. Believe in belief.

Want to help someone feel good? Tell them you Love them. Want to help change someone’s life? Tell them you believe in them. Whatever or whoever it is they are, tell them you believe in them.

We all want strength and support; give that to someone. Believe in them. Change their perspective with your own. Change your own perspective with belief. When you believe in someone, you become their strength, their support. If you’re looking for meaning, you can find it there. Believe in someone. Become responsible with them for how big they can be. Making someone important makes you important. Making someone strong makes you stronger.

Waiting to receive it will take your time and nothing more. As soon as you give it, it will be there. As soon as your eyes say, better than words ever could, to someone that you believe in them, you will have it, too. That’s how we all make this go. Think about what belief can do for you; for everyone. Think about how it makes you feel and how it will fill your tank. Think of the change it will make. You’ll see.

I believe in you.

Be Love.












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