batter up?

got a sec

Your life can change in a moment.

We train for months, spend endless nights studying, work countless hours of overtime and devote all of our effort and energy into whatever it is we wish to devote all of our effort and energy into.

When your life changes, when it no longer will be what it was, it’s because of that moment. THAT moment. The moment you win or lose, pass or fail, get promoted or fired or whenever it is that whatever you were doing smacks you in the face and says, “hey, this is life”.

Your life will change in that moment.

We think about what it was that brought us to that moment, or where that moment will now take us. We think about what we could have done differently, or what we did that was exactly “perfect”. We think about who we were, or who we’ll be.

But, really, what you are, is that moment. You’re the “yes” or the “no”. You’re the “I do” or the “I don’t”. You’re the “I can”, or the “I won’t”.

You’re the Love, or the not Love.

Life is a series of moments, each of which is shaping who you are, as Love or not Love. It’s like we’ve all heard thousand times before, it’s how you react to the moment. You can’t control if someone trained harder than you, what was on the test or how many TPS reports the guy down the hall did more than you. But, you control what the moment really is.

And it’s, are you going to be Love, or are you not?

That’s all that we get to decide. There is nothing else. And, it’s a difficult idea to accept, for sure. It doesn’t seem right or fair or that all of everything of whatever it is you’ve done or sacrificed, or whatever, boils down to that moment and those two options you have to choose from. But, that’s what it is. Are you going to be Love or are you not? And, that is where you’ll find your true power.

Not power over someone or something or some situation, but power over your life. There’s nothing else you’ve been put here to have power over. Only you. Only your life. A batter doesn’t have any control over what pitches get thrown at him. He can swing, go down on strikes, or take a walk. But, no matter how much practice or coaching he gets, he doesn’t control what’s coming at him. All he gets to do, is decide about himself and that moment.

The power isn’t earned or bestowed upon you; you have it. You already have it; always have. How are you using it? Are you even using it? You can be scared and use it or be brave and use it. You can be for certain when you use it or confused as ever when you use it. You just have to use it. You just have to answer the question, “am I going to be Love or am I not?”

Be Love.











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