til death do me part


There’s only ever one commitment you’ll need to make in life. You read it; only one.

That means, whatever job you have, team you’ve joined or relationship you’re in, you can quit. Just like that. You can quit anything. And, truly, the only person you have to answer to is yourself.

Whoa, whoa, whoa….it’s just not that easy, you say? Yeah, it is. If you don’t really want to be in whatever place you’re in but you continue to be there, guess who you have to answer to? Yourself. Again. Neat, huh?

As we’re well into the 21st century, it seems as though we live with a greater amount of frivolity than ever before. Almost like a refined, modern day ‘70’s movement, but with smartphones. That being said, for all that “moving here” and “moving there” with no sense of direction, it also seems as though we’re stuck in a lot of dressed-up, traditional paradigms. And, whether we know it or not, we’re committed to the wrong things.

Maybe it’s your job, maybe it’s the catatonic relationship you’ve invested half your life into, maybe it’s your Facebook account (no one really cares what your dinner looks like or that it was your kid’s 48th month birthday – that’s 4 years old, by the way. Give it up.) or maybe it’s just the way you feel about yourself? Wrong commitments. And so, we stay stuck in the things that don’t line up with who we are.

But, we’re scared. And, rightfully so. It’s scary out there. Quitting something you’ve gotten yourself into comes with a lot of recourse. Someone might think you’re a jerk (PS that’s their problem), you might have to change the way you do things in life that you’ve done for years, you might be out a wheelbarrow full of money or the worst yet, you might have to actually confront yourself with the question of “what the f am I actually doing in my life”. But, you know what the really really scary thing is? Staying in a place that doesn’t fill your Heart because of any of those reasons.

The following is inevitable; you will hurt people, you will make people sad. Also true; you will be hurt, and someone else will make you sad. Without doing a mental do-si-do, here’s how it works – if you’re trying to make yourself happy and truly follow your Heart, without any intent toward hurting someone else (even if they still end up getting hurt), then you’re doing what you need to be doing. Heart, lead. You, follow. Make sense?

We all have a responsibility to support each others’ Heart. Some people will let you, and some people won’t even know what that is. But, there is no commitment you need to have in anything that isn’t about you. If you’re truly finding alignment with your Heart, it will want to support the rest of humanity, even if it feels like the smallest drop in the ocean.

There is only ever one commitment you’ll need to make it life. Love yourself.

Be Love.




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