hey ho, let’s grow


What you give your attention to, will grow. That which you allow to be, is beautiful.

There is balance to everything. We can underdo things as much as we can overdo them. Too little water and your plant won’t get enough life. Too much water and it will drown. But, the right amount of attention; the amount whereby, it has the support it needs but is allowed to be what it needs to be, will enable it to flourish. It will be beautiful; the way it was intended to be.

We overdo the negative and we underdo the positive. Neither know that it is what it is; negative does not know negative and positive does not know positive. It simply seeks your attention. Your focus toward the negative, gives it “life”. It gives it the support it needs to grow. And, the larger it becomes, the more we lose sight that we are the ones that enable its growth. Eventually, it is us who will drown.

We underdo the positive. We do not cultivate the ideas and emotions that support its growth. Often, we believe we have trouble even planting the seeds when, in fact, they have been planted for us; many times over. You need only be here to provide the light.

We can overdo the positive, too. Falsely, in truth, it is only what seems like the positive. The reason we overdo the “positive” is because for as much attention we provide to it, it still seems as though it requires more. It seems to take rather than give. This is not your true positive. This vampire feeling is a misalignment of who you’re really supposed to be.

When you give your support but also allow what it is to “be”, it will give back to you. You will feel as though your effort is minimal because it completes the circle of give and take. Or, rather, it recycles the give and take. Building off of both, each time.

True positive growth can happen amidst the negative. Perhaps, even, the negative is required to set apart the positive. The most enlightened of us would be able to explain the beauty in both is equal.

You are put here, planted here, to grow. To be supported and to flourish into what your beauty is. To “do” but not “overdo”; to allow your true inner being. To “do” but not “underdo”; to support your true inner being.

There is, absolutely, beauty everywhere around us. It only needs to be looked at to be recognized. It’s your guide. You are not apart from it, but you are it. If you simply choose to see it, to be part of it, it will be there. You will be there. You will be it.

Be Love.





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