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instruction manual

There is no instruction manual on how to be you. If there were well, you’d have authored it already. I mean, who’s more suited to write about you than you?

Some of us (more than we know) spend a lot of time searching for that manual. Maybe you feel lost? Maybe you’re not really sure what happened, but here you are, “stuck”. Maybe you’re just not sure of who you see in the mirror, anymore? Or, maybe you never were sure?

Somewhere along the way, it feels like you lost You. Your spirit, your individuality, your soul was quieted; maybe even silenced. You probably didn’t even notice it happening. It’s funny; we try to find our identity by being like everyone else.

Eventually, when the misalignment from your true self becomes so loud that no amount outside noise or distraction can drown it out anymore, you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore. Or, maybe more aptly put, you don’t know WHO you can be anymore.


Nothing was ever really lost.

Your instruction manual; the blueprint on who it is to be you, is in your Heart. Your Heart is what created you; physiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There was a brain in your Heart long before there was one in your head. (You can actually Google that. It’s science.)

Who you really are, and will ever be, is a permanent part of you. It might just be filed away in some dark corner, but you can always get at that file. Rhetorical question time: ever heard the expressions, “search your Heart”, “follow your Heart”, etc, etc? Well….get it?

It’s not a matter of figuring out what’s in there; everything is in there. It’s a matter of figuring out how to listen to it. Whether it’s your conscience, your intuition, your passion or what makes you see that bright flash of light; it’s all the same thing. The signs may all be different, but the message comes from the same place.

You can actually think with Heart. Sure, it’s definitely all about feeling, but there’s logic in there, too. Your Heart can reason, it can rationalize and it has its own intelligence in there.

We were all built from the Heart, up. And, we’ve built what is around us. “Following your Heart” is not a matter of rolling the dice based on a feeling, it’s going back to the real architect of everything you see around you. You want to know all the details about a structure? Or, how to fix a problem? Where the access to the power is? Go to the instruction manual. Go to the architect. Go to your Heart.

It’s not complicated. It’s not about the pros and cons or fitting in or doing what seems to make the most sense. It’s just about accessing what’s already in your Heart. This is something that no one can tell you how to do. Someone can tell you that you can do it, but you can’t be told how to. You just have to try and try and try again. Just go back to the beginning.

“Congratulations! You’re the proud owner of your Heart. Tools you will require….”

Be Love.











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