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if you open the door, Love will follow you home

There are two things I know for certain; Love is forever, time is not.

While the planes of the universe where those ideas are true may be different, they are, for right now, intertwined.

We’ve decided to allow time to measure life, when it should be Love that does. Time is an inaccurate evaluator. Why? Because of how much of it we waste, voluntarily or otherwise. Traffic, the job we don’t like, television, social media, waiting in line; we waste time, both unavoidable and not.

But, where do we waste Love’s time? How do we waste Love’s time? Inside of us. In our thoughts. In our Heart. Ego, animosity, pride, immorality, fear; we waste Love’s time.

And yes, while Love and time are separate measures, they are not separate from each other. The thing with time, and only time, is that to give time to something, you must take time from something. With Love, and only Love, you needn’t take it from anywhere. It is always there; in traffic, at the job we don’t like, waiting in line, in our thoughts and in our Heart.  

While time is carried by our wrist or the shadow of the sun, Love is carried by the relationships we have. The relationships we have with family, with friends, with co-workers, with our partners, and most significantly, with our self. And relationships, they are easy. Again, “they are easy”. We choose to make them complicated.

This isn’t a diatribe on renouncing the wasting of time; waste it. It’s yours to squander. But, don’t waste Love’s time. Don’t waste the finite amount of moments you have here not living in the presence of Love. Take pause, alone, in silence and think about it. Think deeply about it. What sense or reason is there to not live surrounded by Love? What, really, is more important? Certainly not your ego or the concept of being “right”. Certainly not money or material wares. Certainly not pride or prejudice. And, definitely, not fear.

Love belongs to none of us and to all of us. I think of a life where something, anything, matters more than Love. And, that, is a lie to me. Life has a way of trying to sell that to us through our experiences; by how we’re been treated and how we treat ourselves. I choose not to believe the lie. Nothing else but Love will matter in the end. So why not have it matter the most in the beginning and the middle?

What I’ve said isn’t anything new or original. But, it doesn’t mean it bears repeating any less. Repeating. Over and over. Reminding. Over and over. Because we forget. Because we let the pain and the let-downs and the lies, seem like it’s the truth. It’s not. It’s a waste of time.

I used to believe Love, until I was hurt and heartbroken. Now I believe it in even more.

Be Love.