Daily archives "03-31-2019"

there’s nothing to fear….?

We are motivated by fear. We act to avoid consequence. We say things so as not to upset people, we do things so as not to disappoint people, we exhaust ourselves mentally to meet deadlines, we deplete ourselves emotionally to sidestep communicative conflict; we regulate any number of behaviours for cause of perceived criticism, reprimand and punishment.

For most, conquering fear may seem insurmountable. A product of our human evolution, fear is a very much ingrained into our core emotions. To pinpoint the moment we learned what fear was may bring us back to a remembrance of instinct rather than one of voluntary learning.

Fear is not usually met with positivity or optimism. In truth, though, there is argument that our response to fear and the threat of its consequence motivates with great force and power; albeit, a force and power striving for survival rather than to constructively improve one’s self.

For use of its motivation, can we reframe fear? Can we approach this instinctual response through a positive context? Can we move ourselves to want to experience the beauty of life through fear?

There can be a gentleness to fear. Fear of a life of being stuck in the same place; fear of a life of not expanding and evolving; fear of a life not experiencing true, internal peace; fear of a life of not giving as much Love as we’re capable to give. And, of not receiving all that is given to us.

It is to recognize that everything is temporary and fleeting other than Love. That is the only part of this life that you take with you. It is only part of this existence that will be etched onto your soul. There is a gentleness to fearing the incompleteness of your soul.

This is how I choose for fear to motivate me. To push me to experience everything that the Heart has to offer. Not to allow the deceit of the mind or the illusion of pride to cloak what is truly real, Love. To forgive, to be compassionate, to be considerate, offer kindness, patience, understanding, communication; motivations to open your Heart, to be vulnerable time and time again. To reach the heights of what Love is. The connection of it to your soul. The connection of it to another soul.

That’s how fear motivates me. To help me be everything my Heart was meant to be.

Be Love.