Daily archives "03-24-2019"

check my math

There’s a rising intention of independence amongst us; there has been for quite some time now. It’s the type of independence that affirms to us that we can do whatever we dream. It’s the type of independence that tells us we can be as strong as we believe. It’s the type of independence that convinces us we don’t need anyone other than ourselves. It’s the type of independence that reminds us we should be telling the world just exactly who we are, without compromise. And, it’s good. It’s empowering and full of optimistic progress. It’s building character and strength and resilience.

But, that rising intention of independence amongst us, it’s also coming between us. It’s building walls and burying weakness and creating hardened souls.

The messages of this type of independence are everywhere; daily internet quotes, articles, books, television. They can be very motivating, very clever, very funny and very witty. But, they are also subconsciously, behind the veil of inspiration, reprogramming the nature of human connection.

The messages tell us that we are whole no matter what else is present (or not present) within who we are; not our gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, education or wealth class, matters toward the truth of our wholeness. And, while I couldn’t agree more, I believe that this misrepresentation of our perceived wholeness is also distancing us.

The intention of independence I speak of is becoming steeped in pride; an unhealthy pride. A pride that almost makes us feel as though we will compromise our wholeness if we step over this manufactured line of entirety. It pushes us into believing that asking for help is an admission of not being able to do whatever it is for ourselves. It coerces us into thinking that letting our guard down makes us vulnerable to attack. And, it tricks us into a mindset that we’re supposed to go at this alone.

We’re shutting each other out for fear of subtracting from our oneness and confusing it with independence. And, while our oneness is ever important in the realization of self, reaching out and connecting with people doesn’t subtract from it, it adds to it. Our oneness strengthens with connection.

We are here to be together. Yes, you deserve to be treated with respect. Yes, you deserve to have as much opportunity available to you as the next person. Yes, you deserve to be Loved just for who you are. But, sometimes, we get so resolute in this thinking that we forget respect is also earned, opportunity needs to be created, and that someone might be Loving us right now for exactly who we are. That’s pride getting in the way of your Heart and what your real oneness is supposed to be. It’s creating a false sense of entitlement, of what are beautiful things, that separate us from each other because of unfounded expectation.

There is no doubt that you are whole and beautiful and perfect as how you are now and who you will evolve in to be, how many times over. But, that evolution and growth, is not just a factor of what you can do on your own. You need the Earth and the water and the Sun. Plus, if we were meant to hug ourselves all the time, we’d have longer arms.

Be Love.