Daily archives "03-17-2019"

Love is titanic

I’ve never really done anything notable. Nothing that anyone’s ever written about or created any commotion over. Nothing that would probably be considered spectacular or incline someone to start a conversation with saying, “hey, listen to this….”

I just….live. It seems.

In a time of pseudo-truths and filtered personas, a time where the world is consumed by personal unpaid publicists, it’s not hard to feel lost in your own shuffle. Work, bills, parenting, relationships, chores, obligations; not to mention where we find ourselves with self-worth, self-confidence and self-care. There’s a lot to shuffle.

For the most part, we all know the facade. We all know that what we see is subject to the iceberg effect; 10% showing on the surface, 90% consumed by a murky, cold abyss. And yet, we still manage to convince ourselves that we’re the only one lost in that shuffle.

And so you think that you’ve never really done anything notable because, well, you just….live.

I stared at the word ‘notable’. I stared at what seemed to represent, or what people deemed it to represent. And, I didn’t see ‘notable’. What I saw was that word come apart. It came apart to say ‘not able’. It wasn’t what it was meant to be.

To be able. I see it differently. Everyday, we find the strength to be able. We get up each morning and we live. We write our story beneath where the air drowns into the water. The story of the high-powered executive’s battle with self-confidence, the story of the elderly man’s resignation of mortality, the story of the always positive friend who’s actually struggling with depression, the story of the fitness trainer’s issues with body image, the story of the popular high school student that never feels like they fit in, the story of the single mom just wanting to be the best she possibly can be for her children, the story of the successful, accomplished young man’s challenge with self-worth.

None of these, anyone would ever consider to be notable. They are really much more than that. These are the stories of being able, day after day, never giving up. These are the stories no one ever reads. These are the stories of strength, of foundation, of faith. There is Love in all of them. That is the common bond. Whether it’s to seek, give, accept, believe; there is Love in each story.

These are the stories that need attention, support and Love. The quiet stories that impact our lives the most; that displace the most volume beneath the surface. These are the stories we write together.

Be Love.