Daily archives "01-21-2019"

this one’s on purpose

What do you imagine when you envision your best life? The life that was meant only for you. The life where you are the You, you were always meant to be.

Do you ever envision this life?

There is one for each and every one of us. It’s a life of true meaning. It’s a life of freedom. Not necessarily freedom from the usual script and characters of this physical existence; financial uncertainty or future stability. Not necessarily a life free from stress, anxiety, mistakes or hardship. It’s a life free from emptiness; it is the freedom that walks hand in hand with purpose.

The freedom of purpose is not an automatic thought. Freedom, we associate with overcoming external forces, circumstances and people we believe have been able to imprison us. We believe, whether knowingly or not, that this is what holds us back from realizing the potential of our true self. And so, we’re often consumed with finding ways to fill the emptiness without realizing that it’s a fabricated prison we’ve locked ourselves into that’s caused it. It’s a fictitious emptiness that we’ve constructed by way of any number of misaligned thought forms from any number of external sources. And so, as we attempt to fill and fill and fill, that emptiness remains our personal construct. A construct that cannot be filled because it is not really there relative to the truth that is really you.

When you evolve into the meaning and purpose of your life, you realize there is no emptiness. To find this realization doesn’t require that you yet even be physically living your meaning or purpose. The vision, the knowing of it, is enough to elicit the emotions and feelings within your mind and Heart that you experience the freedom. The mind, with enough imagination and conviction, doesn’t know whether you are having an experience in physical space and time or whether it’s product of your creation. It triggers the emotions and feelings consistent for either circumstance. As for the Heart; well, it knows no bounds or limitations whether it be something we are trying to grasp with our hands or with our soul.

We are not here to be represented by fancy houses, sales figures, social media followers or skyscrapers. Your best life is in your Heart to give. That is where your purpose keeps itself. Sometimes we find it and sometimes it finds us. Sometimes it’s in the last place we look and sometimes it appears as soon as we stop looking. Sometimes it’s exactly what we expect and sometimes it comes as a beautiful surprise. Your meaning is there; it will always be there. It’s like that on purpose.

Be Love.