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For: Ever From: Love

We usher out yet another year and find ourselves on the doorstep of the next.

I took a trip back into history to read the final post of 2017. For all intents and purposes, this year’s post could have been a simple copy and paste of last’s. All still was relevant; all still applied.

But, what drew my attention further was the reference to time; the theory, the precept, the concept of time. Time captures us all, doesn’t it? Whether conscious of it or not, it is the universal equalizer.

In relation to our physical being, time is finite. Everything experienced as a product of our existence here is then, by transitive property, also finite. Our achievements, our shortfalls, triumphs, tribulations, material wealth, fears, embarrassments; all finite.

As more time passes, it becomes increasingly apparent that there is less of it to come. Time, a relative concept, becomes ever more real. We reflect on the past, we contemplate the future, we get lost in the now. We attempt to capture what we are captured by.

The experiences I’ve had within my time have created neither a position of satisfaction nor regret. My experiences have furthered the evolution of both my physical and ethereal self; the body and the soul. Each connected to the other by the Heart. That is how we connect ourselves here to the greatness of the universe and to who we truly are; by our Heart. The awareness of the connection in the Heart is what has quieted those short-sighted ideas of satisfaction and regret and opened up feelings of joy, happiness, peace, growth and evolution. (“Growth” and “evolution” are nice words for the hard parts of life; the tears, the stresses and the self-persecution).

I’ve learned that time, even with its uncompromising, faceless command over this place, does itself have a universal equalizer – Love. I’ve learned that time is erased by Love; real Love – the kind you don’t explain, can’t explain, and wouldn’t care to. It is the kind that connects the Heart and the soul and the universe.

Time falls second to Love, always. Time is a concept of the physical. Love is not a concept at all. Love is imprinted on your soul – a tenet of the eternal; carried with you until time folds onto itself and further still. We find our soul when we find Love with our Heart, in a Heart, for a Heart.

And so, as time moves forward, there is stillness in Love. It is not measured in seconds and minutes, days and years. It is forever. It is immeasurable in how it keeps you, not how you keep it. I am grateful for the openness I have to Love. I am grateful for the Love that has been given to me, the Love I have given, the Love I’ve accepted and the Love that’s been accepted from me. I will never give up on Love. I could never give up on Love. I’ve learned what Love is and the unrelenting truth is, literally, everything.    

Be Love.

this Christmas….

As Christmas approaches, amidst the jingle bells, decorated storefronts and jovial parties, so too does aloneness for many. For as much happiness and joy as the season comes with, it also can bring about an uninvited, yet conscious, regression to despondency.

Our human-ness shows in its greatest compassion during this time of year as we act to bring each other together with charitable giving, thoughtful gifts, welcome into our homes and the community of companionship. It is apparent that we acknowledge the sentiment of the season to be one of open arms and togetherness; and, it’s nothing short of how beautiful we can be. What is less than easily apparent is that the full spectrum of aloneness doesn’t only take on the complexion of someone that simply has no family or has lost a loved one or is partner-less. Aloneness finds us in the unanswered questions we have about ourselves, the everyday battles we face and are, seemingly, never able to win and the mental and emotional challenges of self-worth and self-Love that we’ve become all too familiar with. Aloneness finds itself in a place where it seems like no one can understand and nothing can help regardless of how many place settings are at the table where you sit.

For many, this time spent with loved ones, family and friends, dulls whatever sword that aloneness wields in life. It’s a welcome saviour and beacon of hope and solace, if even just for a day or two. For others, the atmosphere of light-hearted and joyous spirits is counterbalanced by the heaviness residing within, often imperceptible to anyone looking through the inherent and assumed lens of the merriment that Christmas brings. Easily understood, if the feeling has not been personally experienced, is that of being a room with those who care about you yet have no idea what you are struggling with or the degree to which you are struggling with it.

The Universe adheres to balance and equilibrium; it’s the science part of spirituality and consciousness and the soul. Christmas is the most celebrated time of year with an intentional focus on togetherness, forgiveness and being with loved ones. It is also the same time that those who are struggling find themselves at their lowest. This openness of our authentic self, of our true state of being, all within a congruent span of forty-eight or so hours, whether it be one of happiness or otherwise, lends to an unparalleled connection amongst all of humankind. It is a heightened global consciousness amongst each and every one of us.

This Chrsitmas, wherever you find yourself for the next two days, in a quiet moment, set aside a small place in your Heart to connect to the greater being of humankind. Set aside a small place in your Heart to send out compassion and understanding and Love to those in need whether they, unbeknownst to you, are sitting at the other end of the table or are halfway across our Earth. And, to those searching for strength where it seems as though there is little strength to be found, wherever you find yourself, in a quiet moment, open a small place in your Heart to receive that connection of compassion and understanding and Love. Set aside a small place in your Heart to believe in the strength that is the belief in faith.

May peace find your Heart and the stillness that is your soul be the forebearer of the Love that you eternally are.

Merry Christmas.

Be Love.

what i gave up for Love


It’s not as though there was a time when I’d thought that reply would be different. Truth is, there was a time when I wouldn’t have even thought to ask myself the question. It doesn’t really seem like something a person would consciously ask themselves. Or, at least, it didn’t for me. But, maybe I wasn’t that conscious back then?

I know I didn’t give up anything for Love. I know that Love didn’t ask me to give up anything. All of it was a choice. The most conscious choice I’ve ever made, I’d say. And, for me, there was no way to believe that I’d have to give up anything for it. I’d realized that whatever it was to think that you’d have to give up, you’re actually really carrying. And ‘carrying’, gets heavy.

A lot of life, whether we are aware of it or not, is trying to find who we are. What we aspire to be, the things we buy, the people we befriend, relationships we cultivate; some of the aforementioned being more fleeting than others. Our search becomes a path of competing alternatives, or so that is the misdirection. When we feel that we give up something for something else, significance becomes attached to that direction which we take. And, intuitively, it makes sense. When something appears to outweigh something else, not only is there an invested conviction in the choice we made, but also potential regret in the choice we didn’t make.

This is not Love. With Love, there is no loss of identity or risk of retribution. There is no fear of missing out or threat to personal self. Yes, Love is a choice. Through and through. But, Love isn’t a choice that asks you to trade anything for it.

None of this is an attempt to wordsmith my way around what Love means to me and how I didn’t “have” to give up anything by using terms like ‘choice’ and suggesting anything but Love is really a burden in disguise. This is my life experience and revelation. And, evolution. The Heart is the Heart. No different in anyone. Its capacity for Love is nothing less than infinite and it’s only the mind that attempts to convince otherwise.

When you integrate Love for yourself, Love for your well being, Love for others and Love from others, into your matrix of competing alternatives, you’ll realize that there is no competition and there are no alternatives. There’s no reason for anything else, something that became and is very apparent to me. And, it’s that something that carries me, I do not carry it.

Love changed my life. Love IS changing my life. And, it’s changing life around me. No tbecause of me, but because of it.

Be Love.

the architect

Where the sun never sets, enveloped in the night.

The wind; a measurement of time. Silent. With force. Turning each page gently. Deafeningly.

Moment upon moment; no story is there. No beginning to enchant, no ending to lapse.

Peaceful, chaotic abyss.

And Love, interstellar. Filling each space in between the stars. Its invisible light quelling the darkness into willing surrender.

Tying each constellation to the next, allowing the universe to whisper to itself. Of what it already knows.

It illuminates not what was or what will be, but what is always and what is never. Eternity, folded upon itself as a symmetrical equation. Solvable only by the transcendence of being.

Each flicker, a billion seconds or a billion miles. Neither of any push on the pull of forever.

And deeper, as the darkness finds itself, does it lose itself. Infinity waits. Each wave it breathes without air. Quieting the still galaxy. Perpetually paused. Never knowing its former self. Erased, to be newly drawn.

There it counts the time in between seconds. Holding onto every moment.

Love owns what resides here. Love created what resides here.

A cosmic ocean of connection. Every synapse, the blueprint of the Heart. The architect, Love.

The stars, unspoken. Outspoken. Understood only to the creator.

Never will there be another like Love for never is not known. And, the time Love occupies keeps it still. With purpose. With meaning. With everything.

Be Love.

make. believe.

There is truly no substitute for being honest with yourself, on both sides of the circumstance. To be self-aware, to strive for a higher being of consciousness, to create a depth of connection with your Heart; how else does it work other than to make yourself believe?

Pushing away what is, cannot pave the way for what will be. You can’t know where you’re not without knowing where you are. And, sometimes, knowing where you are, admitting that to yourself, can be harrowing. Understanding where to go means understanding where to start.

Your Heart provides clarity. Love creates vision.

The rough times are rough. Our clarity is murky, our vision is blurred. That’s why, sometimes, we stay in those places so long. Making sense of the reasons, reliving the past, formulating “action plans”, complicates things. We forget the power we have.

The learning curve can be very gradual; tortoise-like, almost. Once you realize it’s there, the curve gets very steep, very quick. The power you own. Understanding the now is not a prerequisite for creating your future. Belief is the course to take; the one you have to master first.

Your power is not confused in this world. That’s what makes it powerful. The time and the energy we spend trying to consciously override our subconscious teacher and guidance is where the disconnect occurs. It’s when we get far away from our Heart and from Love that we don’t see.

It’s understandable, the reactions and responses, we have. We succumb to defeat and depression; necessary and important, I would offer, to feel what that moment in time is to us. It’s the starting point. Then, we hypothesize and formulate; we reason and we plan. It’s the blueprint we’ve absorbed in our human-ness. It’s what we’re told to do “find a solution” or to “overcome the challenge”.

Clarity and connection to your Heart and to Love is not so much about what you absorb but rather what you radiate. Feel the distance and allow your power to close it. That is what the belief creates. Radiating belief pulls the distance to you. Removed is the mind’s far less effective and far less efficient means of process to get you where you desire to be. That is belief. That is what your Heart guides. That is trust. That is Love. Would you rather empower an infinite number of possibilities from an infinite source of strength and Love, or one? The one your brain thought of.

Your path doesn’t need to be defined by you, only your belief. The steps will be placed in front of you. You won’t need to pave them yourself, only take them when they are there to be taken. The belief in Love, for yourself, for your purpose, for what and who resides in your Heart, will always bring itself back to you no matter how many detours the mind convinces you to take. In all parts of your life. That is the role Love plays, to provide you the path to be your greatest self.

That is to make believe.

Be Love.