Daily archives "10-28-2018"

happy halloveen

In a few evenings, we will openly welcome a number of little strangers into our homes. Little masked and costumed strangers; vampires and princesses, pint sized Thors and aspiring Hermiones.

Our little visitors come to our doors to receive what there is to be offered, all in good spirit and faith. And, we offer what is to be given to our momentary new friends, all in good spirit and faith. Perhaps there is a scootch bit of judgment; the extra cute ones get a bigger handful of candy whereas the ones who seem a shade too old may get fewer treats. Nonetheless, amidst our good natured critiques, we give to all who come, equally and without prejudice.

We give, yet we don’t to whom. It is our agreed upon understanding to give without knowing to who it is we’re giving to. In fact, it’s the deal. The mask, the costume, is the expectation; I don’t know who you are and so, you receive my generosity.

Our generosity diminishes outside the safe confines of the evening of October 31st. When it seemingly matters more, our giving then comes with caution, with reservation and with hesitation.

We all wear masks, each and every day. Different masks for the different people we encounter and have relationships with. We even wear masks with ourselves. And, we put masks on those we don’t know or those we think we know.

To give of our kindness, our compassion, our understanding and our Love, to the masks, is not part of the deal. It’s the unknown. It’s not safe. We cannot see nor do we choose to be seen. And so, there is a pre-requisite to what it is that we choose to share. When we make that choice, we distance ourselves not only from others but from ourselves. More so, however, we distance ourselves from the true reason of what makes up this physical presence of our spiritual being; to Love.

Closing the distance doesn’t come by way of exuberant acts of emotional outpour. It’s the silent resolve you have within yourself for whoever crosses your path. It’s doing, “small things with great Love”, as Mother Teresa left with us. It’s in keeping your internal peace and compassion resolute that provides the open arms and Love to all the masks that we see each and every day, including your own. There’s no way to understand everyone, but there is a way that everyone can be understood. And that is to know that regardless of the mask that we see, beneath it is light and Love; to give to and to receive from.

To those for which we can see behind the mask? To those for which we know what is underneath; the challenges, the hurt, the beauty and the soul. We seem to hold more expectation. We seem to need more to be able to offer our understanding and Love. We can bring it in great waves, but the closeness of these relationships can also create a great distance. Embrace it all. Peace in your Heart comes from the whole of your Love. It is not to choose what parts to Love of someone and to shield yourself from the others. It is to Love all of it. Everything that is behind the mask. This is true for me; the more I see, the more I want to Love. The more I want to understand and to offer. It is all for exactly what it is, to give of yourself. Of your Heart. That is the greatest realization of the self.

And so, as All Hallow’s Eve will come and pass, think of what you have to offer to everyone that “comes to your door”. To those that you only get a chance to see their mask, or to those who live in the safety that resides behind their mask and to those that choose to take off their mask for you. Think of what place you have for them in your Heart. Of what you give them of your Heart.

Be Love.