Daily archives "10-14-2018"


It can often be difficult to ask for. Or accept. For some, even a last resort. The thought of vulnerability can be incredibly daunting. It exposes us. It puts our imperfection on display.

Surrendering ourselves to seeking help can illicit any number of emotions and ideas within us; failure, defeat, diminished self-worth, weakness and, of course, helplessness. Feelings of burden consume us or even a manufactured obligation to always be at one’s best when we believe others are depending upon us.

Asking for help means we “couldn’t do it” and for some, there is a belief that they should always be able to do it.

If I have learned anything, if I have experienced anything in my life, it’s that I cannot do everything on my own. We were not meant to do everything on our own. We Love so that we can help. We help so that we can Love. And, our beauty is because we are not perfect.

I have sought help in my ‘obligation’ to offer what words I might have to give. I’ve opened with my own, but close with another’s who can say better what I could not. And, for that, I am grateful that there is help. Because help is help. Like Love, there is no pride in help. Whether it’s my own message or one that I pass along, it’s about what it moves inside of you. Not how it gets there.

Be Love.

“I find beauty in things others never see. I find hope there, too. Life is what you make of it. Life is taking not so beautiful things and making them beautiful. It is finding hope even when there is none. This is not an easy thing to do but I find that Love is the answer to most things, if not all things. Why not Love more? If you do not give your Love away, then it means nothing. In essence, it is a wasted love. No one will ever feel it. Love is meant to be felt. To be given away freely, regardless of what you get back in return. We all want our lives to have meaning. So we can say we were here and we Loved with everything we had. My life is not perfect but it’s mine and I never wanted perfect. I want real. I want to feel. And, I have Loved, really Loved. A lot. And, above all I have lived, really lived. And, I still Love”.

 -NR Hart