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maybe it’s the party talking or the chocolate fondue?

You have forgotten.

It is not your fault.

There has been hurt. There has been disappointment. There has been fear. Enabling you; convincing you to forget. Convincing you to forget not what you are, but who you are. Convincing you that this way is less painful; that this way is easier. Your eyes will be open, yet you will not see. And that which you believe you should see, but cannot, you will forget. But, It is not meant to be seen. You can remember.

You can remember. It is your choice to remember. It is your choice to open the door. And, to leave it open. To let It in. It may not be all that enters, but It will be all that will stay. It is your choice to invite It in.

It is your choice to remember the time before the hurt and the disappointment and the fear. It is your choice to not to push it apart from you, but to make it a part of you. That which we resist only makes stronger that which we resist. That which we allow, only makes us stronger.

There is no substitute for who you really are. Hurt will try; disappointment will try; fear will try. They will all try. They will try by using that which can be seen. They will try by using that which can be seen as a substitute for that which can only be felt. You will feel It within you. Your external sensory perceptions will be muted yet what you feel will never be more heightened. It is You. That which you can feel stronger than anything else can only be You.

You are Love. You were always meant to be Love. To give, to receive, to light your way and to enlighten the way. Everything else that is not Love will try to persuade you to believe that this openness is painful. And, it can be. It will be. Everything else that is not Love will try to persuade to believe that the converse is less painful. That not allowing Love in will lessen the hurt you feel and erase the hurt you have felt. But, it’s not true. The hurt only appears to subside because it has been there long enough for you to forget who You were without it. To forget who You are with It; who You are with Love.

You have forgotten. But, it is not your fault. You can remember who You are. You have felt it. It never leaves You, It only waits for You.

Be Love!


Love. [i don’t think we’ve ever used that title?!]

There really is nothing else out there that compares. It’s an expression, a feeling, a strength, a peace. It can be as powerful as a herd of stampeding elephants or it can be as quiet as a mouse. Love will lift you and keep you where you need to be. It is beauty and it is wonder. It is meaning and it is reason. It is transformative.

To say that there are no requirements of Love would be….inaccurate. There are; or maybe there’s just one? Maybe that should say, “there is”. Whether it’s just one or a hundred, it will be the most ever asked of you.

Love wants you to just do one thing. Give. Give it all away. Over and over and over, again. There’s many ways and many people to give your Love to. It won’t all be the same that you show it or can even be able to show it. It might be a silent blessing in your mind; it might be a kind text in the middle of the day; it might be the biggest hug you’ve ever given someone or it might be your unconditional, unrelenting Heart for the person that means most to you. It’s all different.

The way Love is the same is that you just give it. You don’t expect it in return. You don’t judge. You don’t measure. You don’t wait. You just give. Love is not a trade. Love is a decision from your Heart, by your Heart. It is not set within a defined parameter. It is to be grateful of and grateful for. It is who you are. The Love inside of you is the Love outside of you. You give. And by giving, you receive. You don’t receive from the source that you gave it to, you receive it from you. Ever volunteer at a soup kitchen? Ever expect to have one of the people you served come to your house to serve you? See what I mean? Same idea.

Love isn’t wondering or worried about what’s on the other side of it. It knows that there’s Love on that side, too and that the Love over there can take care of it over there (which is the Love that comes to you, in case that last sentence was too vague). 🙂

It is just on you to open your own Heart and keep it open. Just yours. And by doing that, without thinking about it or planning around it, you will open other Hearts. Again, it won’t all be the same. You’ll open the Heart that will offer you a silent blessing without even knowing. You will open the Heart that sends you a kind text in the middle of the day. You will open the Heart that gives you the biggest hug you’ve ever received. And, you will open the Heart that has unconditional and unrelenting Love for you. It is that your openness brought that to you. Your intention to give and to continue to give brought that to you. It is what connects us to all of those other Hearts.

Love will change your life. It will support your life. It will create your life with you in ways you never thought were to be. You just have to let it in.

Be Love.








you get what you deserve

You deserve kindness.

You deserve patience.

You deserve compassion.

You deserve to feel confident.

You deserve to be beautiful.

You deserve to see all that is beautiful.

You deserve to accept everything about you.

You deserve to have a voice.

You deserve to stand up for yourself.

You deserve to be important.

You deserve respect.

You deserve thought and consideration.

You deserve attention.

You deserve the biggest hugs and the warmest kisses.

You deserve snuggling on the sofa.

You deserve a day off.

You deserve comfort.

You deserve to be taken care of.

You deserve to feel safe.

You deserve to be supported.

You deserve help.

You deserve to be listened to.

You deserve to cry.

You deserve to be held up.

You deserve to be lifted up.

You deserve to smile.

You deserve joy.

You deserve meaning.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve rest.

You deserve the calm.

You deserve peace.

You deserve to trust.

You deserve to not be scared.

You deserve to be courageous.

You deserve to let your Heart speak.

You deserve to let go.

You deserve the Universe.

You deserve to be Loved.

You deserve to Love.

You deserve it all.


Be Love.

sometimes, you get more than what you pay for

We do a lot of things without a whole heap of restraint; we drive too fast, we eat poorly, we social media like crazy, we abuse substances, we’re impatient, we’re unkind and we’re just plain negative (see what I did there?).

What we don’t really do so freely, is Love.

Our actions, emotions and feelings, the above being no exception, come with potential consequence to one degree or another; some more graver than others. Yet, we liberally, and frequently, partake without much thought or concern as to what can potentially befall us. At the same time, our actions, emotions and feelings come with potential benefit. If they didn’t, most of us wouldn’t do the things we choose to do.

If you speed in your car, you’ll probably get where you’re going quicker, but you run the risk of a traffic ticket, an accident and even personal injury. If you don’t take care of your health, sure it’s probably easier day-to-day, you’ll eat more treats and exercise less; but, the long-term (and short-term) effects to your health will lead to a diminished quality of life. As for being impatient, unkind and just a plain ol’ jerk; I don’t know what one stands to gain – perhaps some sense of false power? Nonetheless, that one I can be sure results an energy and frequency drag to yourself and anyone around you.

With the consequences easily apparent and clearly not commensurate relative to the potential short-term “benefits”, we freely partake in many of these practices regularly. It, somehow, seems like we fallaciously convince ourselves that what’s to gain is greater than what’s to lose….or, maybe we just don’t even think about it at all?

Then there’s Love. Love – the one that we can’t help but over think. The one that we prophesize, we prognosticate and we agonize over what the consequences could be if it doesn’t work out the way we want it to. The one that we all know and want the benefits of, yet can’t get past what the risk is. And, I get it. At one point in life, we didn’t over think it; we didn’t play out the “worst case scenarios”. We gave our Love freely; the way it was meant to be given. Then came the time we were hurt. It changed everything.

Does it reckon that this speaks to Love in the capacity of romantic relationships? Yes, it does. But, it’s really just about Love. All kinds of Love. Any kind of Love.

Love is this really vulnerable, really powerful force. No matter who you offer it to, there’s always a chance of consequence. There’s always the chance it’s not reciprocated; there’s always a chance it doesn’t meet your expectations; there’s always a chance you can be hurt. With friends, family, romantic partners and even strangers; it’s no different. There are always potential consequences. And, in fact, the likelihood is that you will experience some form of hurt, if you haven’t already. Most have been there before, I’m sure. Love, though, is also that one practice in life that creates infinitely more strength than any sort of pain. It’s the one that truly creates meaning. It changes life.

Love makes us shy; it makes us nervous; we build walls because of it; we put our guard up. We do this because we don’t want any of the pain that can come from this very raw form of vulnerability. We rarely, if ever, think of silently offering Love to a stranger or someone less fortunate or to the jerk that just cut you off on the road. We don’t really make it a habit to let our cherished friends know we Love them. We probably don’t view a challenging co-worker as a just a person that too desires the emotion that accompanies a feeling of Love. And, certainly, our “loved” ones are the ones that we can treat more harshly than anyone else in our lives.

In its true essence, Love is the only thing that when we give it, the gift is to our self. Love is not responsible for hurt, we are, our expectation is and our dependency is. Love, truly, does not come with consequence. It is our choice to throw Love under the bus when what we want to happen, doesn’t.

Love wants you to do two things; give it away and have a short memory for when you “think” you don’t get it back. Love is something that you just have to let the Universe keep track of. And, it will. It, totally, will. Vulnerability is not weakness. Vulnerability is faith. Faith in the Universe, faith in your Heart and faith in Love.

You’ll experience a lot of what your gift of Love does. You’ll also not experience a lot of it and probably wonder what the point was. Probably feel pretty crummy about it, too. But, those are the experiences where you just have to trust Love. Love trusts you, after all. Why else would it let you choose what you do with It?

Make the choice.

Be Love.

two thousand and seventeen – a year in review

There’s a certain philosophy, largely centered within the practice of consciousness and spirituality, that time does not exist. It is, if anything, a thought-provoking catalyst enabling the thinker an involuntary willingness to expand their mind – kinda like one of those, “if a tree falls in the forest….” moments. That being said, it is a philosophy not totally devoid of science. Einstein, himself, in fact proposed a hypothesis that the “dividing lines between past, present and future is an illusion”. And, he was a bright dude.

As my own time here has advanced, I can’t help but to have noticed that time feels different than it used to. And, it’s not something I can readily explain. It feels as though this past year just began and yet, here we are, ready to start a new one. In the same thought, as I reflect upon all the things that have happened in 2017, there’s no doubt it’s been a lot. All squished into the same 365 days like in any other year. And so, I don’t know if I can reason out what the deal with time is. It makes me think that maybe “time” should not be measured in seconds, minutes and days, but rather in experiences. Experiences in what you’ve learned.

Now, it would be easy to speak about all that’s transpired in the past year. But, that’s nothing more than a recounting of fact. I don’t want to say it’s taking the easy route, but it’s definitely not the avenue of personal growth or evolution. I believe that our evolution is enabled by our challenges and victories; which are actually one and the same. Make no mistake; all of our challenges are victories. All of them. It sometimes may not seem that way; we get stressed out, are cheated, lose a job, our health fails, we’re heartbroken, you name it. But, we prevail. We prevail because those experiences shape who we are. When we say, “ok, what has this unlocked inside of me?” That is your victory.

And so, this is my 2017.

I’ve learned that consistent, positive meditation will create what you want in your life. Coupled with listening to your Heart and taking action, you can create anything.

I’ve learned that listening to your Heart and actually doing it, is not easy. Simple in concept, but not easy in action. That’s what makes following through that much more impactful.

I’ve learned to better understand how I work both physically and emotionally. It’s a matter of education, trial and “error” and intuition.

I’ve learned that carbs aren’t really that bad.

I’ve learned that goals and aspirations and the life you want, evolves as you do.

I learned of a level of patience and understanding that I never thought I had in me.

But, I’ve also learned that my ability to be empathetic needs work.

I’ve learned that when you believe and hope in something, you have to fill that belief and hope with your Heart. That’s where you will find the greatest fight in you.

I still like soup.

I’ve learned that fear can be your guide. When it seems like fear is overriding your thoughts and your actions and is silencing or blocking your ability to listen to and follow your Heart, all you do is the opposite of what fear is saying.

I’ve learned that we’re all radios tuned into a frequency. And sometimes, when our frequency is a little bit fuzzy, we need that of others’ to help clear ours up – the ones that truly support our frequency.

I’ve learned that even though your Heart can be in the right place, it doesn’t mean you can’t hurt someone. Including yourself.

I’ve learned that you can distinguish an alligator from a crocodile by paying attention to whether the animal sees you later or in a while.

I’ve learned that we choose to be bigger. I’ve learned that we choose to evolve. Everybody has this choice available to them. Each one of us is hardwired as a Loving and compassionate being. It’s the life we live and the challenges we experience that will unlock that Love and compassion. It’s a choice. And, it’s a choice that you can make each day regardless of the one you made the day before.

I’ve learned that three beautiful Hearts unlocked mine.

Happy 2018!

Be Love.