Daily archives "12-18-2017"

a new hope

I believe in good.

I have to.

The reason I have to believe in good is because of who I choose to believe I am. I believe I am good. I believe I have a good Heart and good intentions and good aspirations. I believe that the true person I am, the person that I will always be, the person that I have always been, is a good person. It is no different than knowing the sun is always shining bright, no matter how dark the clouds are that day.

My belief is important because I falter. Belief is important when we actually can’t see that which we know to be true. Seeing is only believing when we succumb to fear. Believing, when we are in a place of Love, is what enables us to see. This is true power. When I falter, when I am not the person I want to be, I have to believe that I am that good person. If I do not believe, I will not be. I will not see.

I make mistakes. I say the wrong things. I have critical thoughts. I take the wrong approach. Sometimes this happens without thinking too concisely or happens by thinking too quickly. And, sometimes this happens when I’m sure I’ve been the most diligent in my thought process. It is because fear doesn’t know how much or how little you’ve thought about something; fear doesn’t know if you’re insecure or confident; fear doesn’t know if you’re happy or upset. All fear knows is that when it sees an open door, it will go through and stay as long as it possibly can. I, too, let fear get the better of me. But I know it’s not because I’m not a good person. It is because I’ve faltered. It is temporary. It is a mask I’ve put on that is not really me.

I am grateful for the falter. It’s what enables me to understand more about myself. It shows me the cracks that need to be filled (with Love). I have no problem admitting a mistake, but I don’t choose to view it negatively. Mistakes are the greatest opportunity for self-reflection, self-awareness and self-Love. These are the water, soil and sun for your growth.

Growth can sprout up immediately, but it can also be measured. The experiences we have are amazing in that they can jolt our growth nearly as it happens or they can also guide us to a gradual path. Both are simultaneously true because of the belief in yourself that you are good.  Believing that you are good enables you the power to pull the mask off immediately or layer by layer. It is your strength, your resolve and your support that directs this.

Everyone is good but not everyone chooses this belief. If I believe I am good, then I must believe that everyone else is, too. My strength is the belief in myself. You will and have, undoubtedly, encountered people that have harmed you, hurt you, cheated you; they are all good. They simply do not have the inner belief in themselves.

I believe I am good. I believe you are good.


Be Love.