Daily archives "11-26-2017"

mr green


You know there’s this thing that’s happened to me more than a few times now that I keep getting surprised by and know I shouldn’t; “everything is the Universe’s canvas”.

I seem to forget that the Universe speaks to us in different ways, at different times and through different mediums.

I’ve definitely been guilty of thinking that a message of true meaning can only come from a transcendent meditation or a best seller from Oprah’s book club or a profound conversation with someone who appears to be “enlightened”. But, it’s really not solely the case. The Universe doesn’t give two hoots how it gets its message to you, it just wants to get it to you.

More often than not, we approach many situations without an openness to receive. We, sorta, unintentionally “judge a book by its cover”. And, not in a bad way, but in a way that closes us up a bit. It’s not that we do it on purpose; it’s just that we use a very narrow brush to paint our horizon. Whereas the Universe uses a brush the width of which has no bounds.

I know it’s happened to me before where, in a particular situation, the last thing I would expect would be to receive an impactful or heartfelt message. But, it happens. And, it happens again. It’s just the Universe painting our growth with broad brush strokes.

Now, it’s very very possible such a message was only meant for you. Or, it may be that the message was meant to be en masse. Or, it may even be that a bunch of people received it the same way but processed it differently. This is just the Universe doing what it does. And, it does the same from a goofy movie, a fortune cookie or off the back of a city bus just as well as it does from the Dalai Llama or Deepak Chopra. Now, the Dalai Llama and Deepak Chopra, through intention alone, probably have more of a chance at getting you with an insight than the 32 express does, but still. Both can bring meaning if we are open and ready to receive that meaning; if we want the Universe’s attention and we want to give it ours.

What I’m really learning is that the Universe just wants to communicate. It wants to put itself in front of you through the stuff that you put in front of yourself. I don’t want to say the Universe can’t call you up on the telephone, it could very well happen. But, I think it’s more likely that it wants you to show some trust in It by opening up your Heart to the way it knows how to communicate with you.

Maybe just like this?

Be Love.