Daily archives "09-17-2017"

going up.

Your Heart can only go higher.

For all of us, the movement toward who we really are is founded in experience. Every part of our growth and evolution is established upon what we encounter in our lives. The things we navigate through, whether they be “positive” or “negative” only act to broaden us, not narrow who are. And, who we are, all of us, is Love.

My Heart doesn’t allow me to believe any of us were put here to be anything but Love. That being said, I can believe that we all don’t unlock the Love within ourselves. The experiences we have, the emotions we feel, the willingness to recognize and bring it from the inside to the outside, is what moves us to that higher place of evolution; to that higher place of Love.

Your Heart is always evolving; it’s always taking in, processing and giving out Love. Bigger and bigger Love, like a snowball rolling down a hill. The challenge is that it’s a matter of if your physical self wants to take what’s on the inside and bring it to the outside. It’s like a great song on the radio; that song is going to play whether or not you have the radio turned on or tuned in or are even listening. If it’s off, you’ll get nothing. But, if you choose to turn that music on, if you choose to hear what it is, it will be all around you.

Real Love, the kind you know is so true and so authentic in your Heart, can only move you up. And, you will know what kind of Love that is when it comes into your life and you’re tuned in. You may not be able to put it into words, or it may be something that feels new; but it’s not. It’s what’s always been there. You were just never at that spot or had that experience that helped you to unlock it until now. And, how will you know when you’ve unlocked it? It will fill your Heart; it will feel like it’s impossible to not have it there.

You can only go higher. The Love in your Heart doesn’t have the ability to regress. It doesn’t work like that; it’s not in the business of going backwards. A comparison I can draw to is what I’ve experienced with my journey into consciousness and awareness and the Universe; the more I bring it into my life, the more I broaden myself, the fuller I become. And, I can’t go back. I’m not supposed to go back.

It is this same evolution as what I’ve experienced with the Love that has been brought into my life. For me, it is a Love that I want to share. It is a Love that makes me realize that, although I am my Universe and my Universe is me, it is such a bigger Universe to have a beautiful person and a family to share it with. This won’t be the same for everyone. But, that’s what it is for me. It is real Love because I know it is a part of the better version of who I am. It is the person the Universe is helping me to be. It is the person that I’m helping me to be.

Be Love.