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perfectly imperfect


We all need a little bit of type A in us.

The drive to be better is not automatic in everyone. And, when that competitive drive does hit us, it’s usually to get more of something; success, accolades, money, the win – the easy stuff, call it.

Competition doesn’t seem as though it fits into making the world a better place, at least not from the perspective of Love, peace, understanding and harmony. Unless, maybe, we’re not choosing the correct rival?

As a human being in this world, fallible til your transcendence of this earthly place, you are your best and most relevant comparison. There’s no one else like you, inside and out, so why look anywhere but to you? Why compare to the magazine cover, the hero, the beefcake lifting weights beside you or your neighbour down the street?

The only true gauge of progress is to measure a consistent subject. You versus anyone but you offers nothing more than a barometer of irrelevant output. The one true way to assess your improvement, progress or evolution is against the person you were the day before, the month before or the year before.

The philosophical juxtaposition to that of the beauty of the human being says that imperfection is that which makes you perfect. I mean, flip through any quote-of-the-day desk calendar and I’m sure you’ll come across the one that says, “perfectly imperfect”. True. But, it’s just the beginning.

The beauty of life is that its imperfection allows us to conjure up and strive for perfection, for beauty. It’s never set as to what it should be. It allows for an endless opportunity to do, to think, to act in a way you did not or even realized you could, the day before.

The first marathon training session that you didn’t run nearly as far as you had planned is not to feel bad of yourself, it’s to recognize that past-you is helping you get to a better future-you. When you act in a way that did not show kindness to yourself or your fellow man, it’s not to persecute yourself but to recognize that past-you has shown you a way for future-you to be a more considerate person. When your words have hurt rather than helped, the guilt is not to be held onto to punish yourself, it’s to thank past-you for guiding future-you to act with compassion, calmness and from the heart in the attainment of a better version of one’s self.

As much as a certain competitive nature is needed to find the more that is inside of you, past-you isn’t an adversary of future-you. Past-you is an ally of future-you. And, both need Love for this to work.

The Universe wants you to keep adding to your beauty; it wants you to be an ever-expanding version of you. It requires the self-awareness to identify where you’ve gone astray, self-forgiveness to acknowledge and appreciate the lesson you’ve been shown and self-Love to nurture the evolution of past-you into future-you.

The beauty of imperfection is not how it makes each and every one of us individually perfect. The beauty of imperfection is that you’ll never be perfect but rather that you can always reach further and work harder to be more patient, to be more compassionate, to be more Love – all of which have no limits.

The Universe doesn’t want you to be perfect because then you’d have no reason to keep finding the better the version of you. But, it definitely Loves you just the way you are – any way that you are.

Be more.

Be Love.









lions and scarecrows and tin men, oh my

The challenge with life is that it doesn’t tell you what it’s doing or why it’s doing it.

I have to believe we all know the feeling. If you haven’t said, “why is this happening to me?” at some point in your life, well then you should either write a book or let me be the first to say ‘welcome to Earth’, you must be new here.

The “challenge” is two-fold. One; we’re way too nosey of a species and two; desire for control, also know as ‘lack of faith’.

I’ll let you self-assess the concept of being nosey based upon this question – how much social media do you engage in and how much of it expands your mind or brightens your heart or makes you a better person? And really, social media is fine. It’s just a question of where you’re putting your time and energy – both being extremely important resources.

The second one is really the hook; and it’s definitely a tough one. Without doubt, it impacts some of us more than others. The truth is that desire for control is not really you; it’s not really what your Heart is after.

Control narrows you; it restricts your options. Both control and faith are earthly concepts. One is bound by the parameters of your human-ness, the other just isn’t. When we try to harness control, we limit our faith; one of those inverse type relationships, for all the math-y sorts out there.

Our human brain wants to tell us that control is what will guide us to the desired destination. It’s an intuitive theory, really; see the goal, get yourself to the goal. But, control is rarely accompanied by faith. The reason being; the appearance of self-reliance. And hey, control and self-reliance and important. There’s a lot of places in life that control and self-reliance are the ticket. I’m not saying that faith can’t manifest things to eat in your refrigerator, but you’re probably just better off to take control and go to the grocery store.

The challenge is that when we really tune into control, we really start to tune out faith. And, when it comes to the big stuff in life, faith is the guide you want. Control minimizes your options. It labels what you want your outcome to be. In the event the outcome doesn’t reflect what you thought your control would produce, we usually put the ‘failure’ tag on it. And, as soon you introduce the word ‘failure’ to something, it’ll usually illicit a response of defeat from your being. It sort of stops you in your tracks.

Faith is where you give yourself more of a chance. Now, it’s definitely not guaranteed but it’s less restrictive. Its address is still that of an earthly residence, but it begins to tap into your soul. Faith is the connection we need to establish between who are here, in these shoes, and who we are there, in the Universe. Setting your goal and destination is a key component to whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish. The journey, however, is to always broaden your Heart and consciousness.

In its essence, faith is actually a more powerful form of control because it removes the stress you place on yourself and your human limitations. It’s scarier, yes. But, eventually will become more comforting once the realization is adopted that you’re no longer just relying upon yourself but rather calling on the entire the Universe to give you a hand.

It’s your only way to true stardom.

Be Love.