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a six-letter, four-letter word


Your world is changing.

All around you, there is change. Change of a sort that is not universally perceptible but rather individual. As though, specifically, particularly, tailor made for you. Just you.

It’s a change that only you will experience. It’s a change that only you can experience. You could attempt to speak about it. But you won’t need to. You could try to explain it. But truthfully, you probably won’t know what to say or how to say it. “It’s just different”, doesn’t really cut it.

But, you won’t really care. Not in the way as to turn your back on everything else and walk away. But to realize that this change doesn’t require you to care. It’s just requires you to take care.

You’ll feel the change in the warmth on your face from the sun, the sway of the trees in the wind, the ability to “see” the beauty in everything, the peace and calm inside of you – the peace and calm around you.

You can’t hold onto this change. It doesn’t work like that. There isn’t anything with this magnitude of truth in your life that would allow you to lose it. Loss begat fear. There is nothing to fear with this change. It’s always there with you, always will be there with you.

It may be difficult to understand because nothing in your physical life will need to change, but yet everything in your life will change. You can still go to your same job, wear the same clothes and like the same music. Or, you could not do any of those things.

This change is yours and yours alone. And, it will change the world. But it can only change your world. Hearts and minds of true enlightenment and wisdom know that there is no world to change. You are your world. Hearts and minds of true enlightenment and wisdom know that you only need to be your world and nothing else.

Stop waiting for it.

Be Love.