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it goes how high?

Once upon a time, there was no solar system. There was an Earth and a moon and a Sun and the stars. There was only what could be seen.

Then, slowly, our view expanded. Far away distances became closer and newer, even further away distances replaced the old.

There were planets and star systems and a galaxy was found. The galaxy that housed our Earth. There was discovery after discovery. The newer, even further away distances were now known and documented. And now, even more further and less understood distances became apparent. Our view expanded.

More stars were observed; their sizes dwarfing that of our own Sun. Further, man sought to discover another galaxy, Andromeda. This spiral galactic neighbour of our Milky Way is estimated to support more than one trillion stars – more than two times as many as ours.

And, again, our view expanded.

Light years became a distance. Parsecs wasn’t just sci-fi, anymore. Dark matter was introduced only to simply be a stranger to physical cosmology. I know????

Once upon a time, there was an end to the Universe. There was an end because it was as far as we could measure. But, the end became further and further away because the choice was made to be bigger; to be grander. To be resolute in what only was seen limited what more was unseen.

To suggest there is an “end” to the Universe, only needs reminder of the days in which the Earth was flat.

To suggest there is an “end” to your capacity as Love, only needs reminder of the grand scale of the Universe, the star that you are in it and the light that is your potential.

We measure first, then we become. We suggest we will be “this” forgiving or “that” compassionate, and then we fill that end – content with reaching the goal. What if we just became? What if we just started and didn’t stop? What if we said we will move “that” way, but that there would be no end? What if you were just Love and peace and light without a parameter? Surely, if the Universe can teach us anything, it would be that.

Your power is only defined by the definition. If the Universe is evermore, then so must you be. Counterintuitive as it seems, the limitation of your physical self enables your infinite being. It’s like, you wouldn’t know pain if you were invincible. And so how could you be infinite without first being introduced to limitation?

We stop anything because we believe it’s as far as we go or because we’ve seen someone only go a certain distance. It’s only the idea of being finite which can limit something that just isn’t – your soul, your light, you as Love. There isn’t an “isn’t” in anything that is You.

So go.

Be Love.