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Fear: an inspiration


Once, a very long time ago, Fear was new to all of ‘this’. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, it really wanted to make something of itself. Fear didn’t just want to go through its existence as though all was by rote. But, it didn’t exactly know how to do that. Fear knew that it had something inside of itself. Something that it knew it had to offer that nothing else did or could. Fear felt the pull, the push, the drive, the whatever-you-want-to-call-it, to be what it was truly meant to be. It knew that it was more than just to step ‘right foot, left foot’, through life. The biggest challenge, though? Fear was scared.

It had never done this before. It had never taken its own destiny in its hands. It had never really tried to be what it was supposed to be. It seemed like a really big deal to Fear. What if it got it wrong or made a mistake? Worse yet, what if it failed? Then what? Could it start over? Try something different? What would Fear do then? Would that be it for Fear? No, it couldn’t be. Could it?

The whatever-you-want-to-call-it felt too strong in Fear. It tried, for awhile, to ignore it. And, there again, it was scared. Scared to embark on a path that seemed dark and unknown, but yet as though where the light was to be found.

And so, one day a very long time ago, Fear decided to take that first step down the path. It was scary. No doubt about it. It was unfamiliar. No doubt about it. Fear tripped and fell along the way. It made mistakes; it was evitable. How could it not? This whole thing it was doing was new to Fear. But, Fear learned as it went. It tried different things, new things, old things – anything to pull out what it knew it had inside of it. Anything to step into the direction of the whatever-you-want-to-call-it of what it was really meant to be.

Now, Fear is everywhere. It’s living the destiny it couldn’t see, but knew it had for itself. Fear’s reach over its own existence has grown vaster than it probably ever could have imagined. All it really took was that first step. And, that second step. And, however many steps it needed to walk down the path that was there for it. Fear’s not scared anymore. The more Fear let the path show it the way, the more it saw the path. The more comfortable and confident it was. Fear realized that, bumps in the road aside, pursuit of true self will turn no one way. There is no other path than to be one’s true self. Fear did it. Fear became everything it could ever be.

What’s holding you back?

Be Love.

there is a place beyond this place

There is a place beyond this place.

It is taller than the tallest tree; deeper than the deepest ocean; more powerful than the most powerful star.

It is nowhere, but only for reason that it cannot be mapped with longitude or latitude. By which, for the very same contemplation, makes it everywhere.

It is close but simultaneously, can seem never farther away.

For everyone, this place is the same. Yet, the path is different. The complexion of it, the meaning of it, the pull of it; distinct for each, as a fingerprint or a snowflake on a quiet morning.

Where you can go will not be as anyone else has gone, yet the stories are akin. Your true eyes – your soul – will tell the story without words. For, there are no words to tell.

The distance between the stars is incomprehensible, yet it takes but one look up, to see them all. With the tip of a finger and no more than the slightest motion, an invisible line connects any two. Or three, or ten, or all.

There is a place beyond this place.

You needn’t go anywhere. It will come to you. Its power is not what can be done with it, but with what will be done to you. It is not surrender of control. It is an awakening that there is no control. You, by definition, does not include parameters, rules or limitations. You cannot be defined.

True sight is a product of belief. It is a product of knowing. Not that which can be touched or seen, heard or smelled – it is following that line to the star. It is past you, bigger than you, stronger than you. But, it is You.

The mere thought, the knowing, that there is no end to the Universe creates a Universe with no end. The knowing that You are one with Universe, makes it so. It is the same for us all.

For every thought you conjure, feel it. Feel the truth. Don’t see the surface with your eyes, feel its story. Connect to it. Connect to everything that is in your Universe. Follow the invisible line from all that is your Universe to all that is your Heart. The truth is with each of those lines.

No one can tell you how. If were possible to do so, you wouldn’t be able to understand. It is not understood within physical limitations. It is beyond that, this place that is waiting for You. It is waiting for you to allow it to come to You. The search isn’t easy or hard; the journey is not short or long. It cannot be anything because it is not of space or time. It is everything.

Feel the connection, every connection, that is part of You. Feel the invisible lines emanating from your being, like a never-ending power grid whose sole purpose is to illuminate your life; your Universe. Like each and every star in the night sky.

There is a place beyond this place.

Be Love.












what i learned in Canada, eh.

We care too much.

As I survey what is available to absorb around me, I can’t help but think, “we care too much”.

Inundation with constant stimuli, pressures, pings, bings and bops, let alone keeping up with whomever it is we’re “supposed” to be keeping up with now (I think the Joneses are long gone, no?), is everything but peaceful to the self.

We care too much about the thousands of advertisements we see each day. We care too much about what each of those pings, bings and bops are “alerting” us to. We care too about what someone we don’t know has that we don’t have.

You are exhausted. Did you hear?

What I believe, is that the Heart is limitless. I believe it has no bounds and is a never-ending tank of giving, kindness, compassion and Love. Easy, no? Possible? Yes. It’s not easy because you are, after all, still a human. And, with humanness comes parameters. Your physical malleability defines your ability to cultivate without a ceiling. So, you’re gonna bump your head here and there.

As a human being, you can only devote so much of your mind, body and spirit to any endeavour before they need replenishment. Day to day, week to week, year to year, we are given more to care about – more to consume our human being energy and less to restock it. We are stuck in a vacuum with bunch of the wrong stuff. As a person that doesn’t follow politics, I have no issue with, on a near daily basis, having something thrust in front of my attention of the US’ newly elected president. Whether it be through Facebook posts, general conversation or passing by a television of a lobby, there always seems to be something. But, I don’t care. It doesn’t impact my day, my objectives, my mind or my soul. What it does is illustrate how much of our global consciousness is consuming its energy toward the things that aren’t building who we are. This is in reference to any number of soul sapping vampires. Believe me, I waste my energy on stupid shit, too.

As humans, we have a limit to what we can do in a day, or a year, or a lifetime. We care too much, just not about the right things.

Returning to Canada, the beautiful country that I’m grateful to call home, it became the more apparent how with all we have, the amount of our mental and spiritual selves that we squander – that we waste on the frivolities of whatever genre of culture we’ve morphed into as beings of the 21st century.

With the endless advent of forward progress, there is a vast more to “care” about. But, there is actually a vast more to care about (the “” is what makes it make “sense”). Your health, mental and emotional well-being; fostering your creative ability whether by painting, dancing or building ships in bottles; spending time with friends and family – sharing and growing joy and Love. And, heck, there’s just plain old getting more sleep. The list of what you should care about is not really super long, it’s really super powerful.

What I found most interesting about my travels to the other side of the Earth was not about what I learned there, but what I learned about where I came from. We live in an wonderful country with unyielding opportunity and fortune. With, literally, as your freedom, to be any person you wish to be. And no, it’s not lost on me that by lauding the freedom to choose who you are and what you do contradicts my balloting toward finding the beautiful space to fill up with your energy and kicking the proverbial bullshit to the curb. I get that. But, I also think there’s so much more for us all to get. The way to get it, is by giving. By giving your time to taking care of yourself. By giving yourself a break once in awhile and not being so self-critical.  By giving yourself an opportunity to laugh. And, by giving your Self to something that fills you up and doesn’t steal your energy.

The pings, bings and bops are new; your Heart’s been around forever. In with the old, out with the new.

Be Love.