Monthly archives "December 2016"

mind; your business

There’s a power we all possess. It’s not anything we earn or have to work for. It’s not a matter of gaining by taking, or exerting it externally. It’s power that’s within.

Power is a product of the mind – it’s the business of your mind. What you manufacture in your mind, how you employ the resources of your mind and, ultimately, what you produce as a finished product from your mind. That is the business of your mind. The idea, the blueprint, the construction and result, is the power you own over every “synapse” your mind experiences. From birth to death; both your own and whatever thought has taken place in your consciousness.

Often, to be tangible, we feel the need to exert power outward. We feel that to produce what we think we need, it will occur by whatever pressure we exert away from our self. We believe that if we find the correct angle, the exact pressure point, we will create the brilliance we seek. But, your mind is already the diamond. There is no pressure necessary. It’s simply a matter of finding the light to make it shine.

There’s no twelve step program or New York Times Bestseller that’s going to tell you how do it. Is their guidance and direction and things of that nature, helpful? Yes. Are they helpful? They are. But, no one outside of you knows how your mind is wired because you’re the one that did the wiring.

So, flip the switch. Communicate to yourself. Observe your thoughts, ask yourself questions, find answers, talk to yourself – inside your head and aloud! Do good things. Do great things! Nurture yourself – meditate, get more sleep, do less “stuff”, go for a massage, force yourself in front of the mirror and know that you’re beautiful. It’s all about practice. It’s about triggering the power you have in your mind and using it the right way. The way you intended to use it – being the best possible version of yourself for the world to enjoy.

This Christmas season, amidst the gift-buying, the crowded malls, the too-much-food-eating, the “oh no, my crazy relatives, again”, do one extra thing. Keep doing all the million miles an hour stuff, but do one extra thing. Stop and use your mind. Connect it to your Heart and connect to the energy that is all around you. Think. That’s it; just think. Think about peace, about compassion, about tolerance, about Love. All you have to do is think about it. You don’t have to give money to charity or not buy an iPad. You don’t have to make a resolution to be a better person. Just think about the power you have to be any and all of those things; peaceful, compassionate, tolerant and Loving; and, just send it out there with the energy of your mind.

Simple, hey? Looking forward to how powerful you’ll get.

Be Love.