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Love Yourself!

Coffee mugs, t-shirts, half-price art from Home Outfitters; they all seem to recommend the same thing. Great advice, no doubt; hard to go wrong with it. Every morning, my bathroom wall inspires me to “Love yourself and the rest will follow”, while I take my first number one of the day.

But you know, I’ve flipped those mugs over to look at the bottom; checked the tags on those t-shirts; and looked at the back of those canvasses – they’re all the same. No instructions. Well, maybe, “Made in Thailand” is some clandestine road to salvation?

The challenge with “Love yourself” is that it’s big. Really big. And yet, more often than not, you’ve paid $16.99 for two, very powerful, very ambiguous words. It’s like 4 ½ minutes at the therapist, “good luck with the rest of your life”, as the door actually hits you on the ass on the way out.

Deep inside, we all want to Love the person we see in the mirror. It’s the truth; it has to be. It’s just that actually going about it, especially if couldn’t feel further from it, probably seems too overwhelming to even understand. Where to start? Where to go? Where to finish?

“Love yourself” isn’t meant to be an imperceptible blueprint. It’s not meant to be a daily existential awakening. It’s actually really simple. Just take it easy on yourself. Put the shovel away, you don’t always need to dig into your soul.

Like anything in life, looking up a mountain you can’t see the top of, isn’t easy. The real realness of it is that Loving yourself will always be the biggest mountain in your life. It’s supposed to be that way so that your experience of evolution and growth will never end. Because, Love knows no end.

You can’t get to the top of this mountain in one big leap. But, you know something; you can climb it every single day. You can take your time. You can stumble. You can take a rest. You can do whatever you want. Just take it easy; take it simple. Find the easiest way to start. Buy some shoes, eat cookies, call in sick; make yourself feel good. It doesn’t matter how; just do things that make you smile. There’s a million ways to do any and all of it. And, they don’t all require transcending consciousness.

Loving yourself doesn’t come with instructions because it can’t. My instructions wouldn’t be your instructions wouldn’t be your neighbour’s instructions. But, you have them. We all do. It’s a smile, a laugh, feeling safe, a hug; all by whatever means that comes to you. The universe doesn’t know your Heart is singing because you just had a life-altering mediation or because you just drank a delicious hot chocolate.

My advice, no $16.99 required, is to not over complicate things. Or, over emphasize them. Or, over think them. Find the things that move you up the mountain, however transcendental or not.

When you start small, you end up big.

Be Love.







thomas edison doesn’t have anything on you


There’s a streetlamp in my neighborhood that’s got my attention.

It’s not burnt out. It’s not covered in taped-on ads for basement accounting services or eaves trough cleaning. It’s a plain old streetlamp. It looks like all the others.

Except, every couple of seconds, intermittingly, its brightness pulses; and it catches my eye. That lamp still does its job, just like all the others, only with these little bursts of energy.

In truth, the first time I drove past it, I thought, “that light isn’t working right?” The second time I drove past it, I thought, “I wonder when they’re going to fix that light?” The third time I drove past it, I thought, “what makes me think it’s broken?”

I pulled into my garage, shut my truck down and sat there. I couldn’t actually figure out why I’d believed that light needed to be fixed other than to decide it just wasn’t doing the same thing as all the rest. And, I guess, it didn’t look “right”. But, you know, what does “right” even look like? There it was, shining brightly with, you could probably say, an extra bit of oomph than its friends.

Those extra little beats of light, like its Heart, lit up the street just fine; maybe more so than the others. And true, I guess it wasn’t the same as all the rest of the streetlamps. Maybe its exterior was. But, the way it shone, wasn’t.

Be bright your own way to create light your own way.

Be Love.