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walls are just a figment of your imagination


I’ve never really understood the make-believe solace behind, “well, it could always be worse”. Whether we’re hearing it or saying it to ourselves, is there really any comfort behind that statement? Does it really offer any reassurance of anything? Do ya feel any better?!

Big or small, being conscious and cognizant that you may not really have it all that bad with whatever you’re dealing with, is a good thing. It’s a great thing, actually. Grounded awareness is just another stepping stone toward whatever mountaintop, skyward-reaching path you’re creating for yourself. But, the “it could always be worse” philosophy, just stinks.

The other day, I had watched a video of a young woman that only had the use of her legs. She did everything an “able” bodied person could do. She drove a car, washed the dishes, used a computer, wrote notes and correspondence; all with her feet and legs – she couldn’t use her arms. She didn’t have any.

I as watched this short, daily routine videography of this woman, my amazement just grew and grew. This woman, by simply (not easily), living her life to the best ability she believed she could, exponentially expanded my consciousness, albeit for a moment, of what I can be capable of. This woman was the embodiment of what can be possible when we choose to think grander than our perceived parameters and limitations. I was motivated, I was inspired.

And then….there they were; the viewer comments. Don’t get me wrong, there was a whole bunch of really great, really encouraging, really thoughtful messages from people; wonderful, wonderful stuff. But, sadly, my attention was caught especially by one – “a reminder that your problems aren’t really problems”. (Cue customary 1980’s video arcade game-over sound.)

I read that comment and thought, “that sucks”. That perspective, that projection, that approach to it; that sucks. Yes, of course maybe your problems aren’t that bad and things could always be better, but this woman is something amazing. More than amazing, in fact. Her drive to live her life as best as she can acts to advance the entire consciousness of us all. It breaks down preconceived notions and stereotypical ideas of what we confine ourselves to within the parameters we surrender ourselves for. Knowingly or not, she is changing how we think.

I don’t doubt for a moment that one comment was left with good intention. But, here’s the opportunity we can all cease to change consciousness and vibration. Look around you, look outside of you, look inside of you and all the situations you are in; don’t see the “things could always be better” angle. See the “how amazing can I make myself today” angle.

Anything that someone else can do, you can do. We are all given the same tools to work with; a heart and a mind. The rest, as this woman proves, is incidental. Each time we do something we didn’t think we could, or we see something we didn’t think was possible, we expand our consciousness. We evolve. We become bigger. We give ourselves that little bit of extra proof that the only thing that’s really holding us back, is us.

Inspiration is like a tree falling in the woods; it needs a receiver to create a stir, to create action. Otherwise, it’s just waving in the air.

Be Love.



row, row, row your boat….


Lucid dreaming; the ability to be able to observe, and in many cases, control a dream while the dreamer is present in the dream state. It is, perhaps existentially speaking, the power to create a reality as you wish to see it.

Those that have experienced lucid dreaming know how transcendent it can be. It’s as though the Universe is your playground. Being submerged in the awareness that you’re present in a place where you control how everything looks and happens, is freedom.

Want a piece of chocolate cake? Just think of it. Want to drive a race car? Done. Fly? Just jump off that cliff. Sights, sounds, feelings, tastes; they all become real experiences in the dream state. We’ve all experienced this feeling, whether knowingly or not, if even for the briefest of moments. Certainly, at the least, there isn’t a person that can claim they’ve never experienced a dream whereby they couldn’t tell if it was real or not.

But, lucid dreaming isn’t easy. We, largely, believe that we slip into sleep and watch the imagines appear as though we were in front of a television that someone else has the remote control for; we’re simply a bystander to the dream environment. Good things happen, confusing things happen, things we can’t explain happen. And, in a few cases, bad things happen. A nightmare. We’ve spiraled so out of control in our dream, that it’s become something worse than we could have ever thought. We shrug our shoulders in the morning, “just a dream”.

Creating your dream universe just takes practice. It starts with the awareness of where you are and who you are. It requires the knowing that you’re in a place where you cannot only have control of what surrounds you, but that you are in fact, the creator. It’s embracing that what is around you, is only because of you and that nothing can harm who you truly are. It’s the way to harnessing the power of creating your dream. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s what you’re here for.

Still sleeping?

You are in the Universe you’ve created, right here, right now. You’re creating it with every breath, every thought and every action. You are the viewer and the remote controller; Love is your lucidity.

To whatever degree you choose Love in your life, that will be what you see, what you feel and what you experience. It will define whether you’re just in this dream or if you’re creating this dream. Allowing Love to determine what shows up for you is what generates your power and the control you can exert. Shitty things are going to happen, without question. It just means you weren’t relying on Love enough; most importantly, Love for yourself. But, you’ll always get another chance to dream in the very next moment or the one after that or the one after that one.

The more frequent that Love becomes present in your Universe, the more that you become in charge. The clarity and simplicity to which you’ll be able to shift every situation, every feeling and every outcome will be as though you’re in a lucid dream; lighter than air.

But, it’s practice. It’s trying and trying and trying, again. It’s having some nightmares along the way. It’s awareness of what Love is to you.

….gently down the stream,

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

life is but a dream.

Be Love.










hello?….hello?….you there?….


There’s a degree of difficulty in the desire to write with purpose. To share, not only with others, but to share for others. Will the message be relatable? How many people will it resonate with? Will people feel more comfortable or further away?

And, you think about your own challenges and wonder who else may be going through the same thing. The focus to find the common ground is the driver toward sharing something worthwhile. It’s the direction toward the connection.

Truthfully, though, the search for connection is never far away. It’s really no further than your Heart.

What’s in my Heart versus what’s in your Heart versus what’s in the mailman’s Heart is probably all different, but the motor is the same. It’s what comes out that, seemingly, creates our disconnections. The trouble is that we don’t often see or understand the input and, thus, we don’t relate to the output.

At its foundation, there really is only one challenge that we all face; and that is, what’s in our Heart?

Karmic theory aside; what you put in, you truly do get out. When our Heart isn’t bringing in what it needs, it’s going to have a tough time putting out its best. And, without knowing what’s exactly in there, or not in there; when we are witness, victim or even an accomplice to what someone else is putting out, we judge and criticize and condemn – based out of ignorance and fear. But, the Heart is still our connection, even when someone else’s doesn’t make sense or doesn’t make ours feel that great.

To say that you can’t relate or connect with someone, just isn’t a real answer. Have you ever been sad? Have you ever been happy? So has everyone else; you share a connection. Granted, you may not want to connect with the angry person, or the cynic or whomever, but the only separation between you and them, you and me or me and them, is what each of our Hearts is processing. We’re all capable of the same magnificence.

The answer to the question “why?” helps us better understand; “why” she did that or “why” he said that. But, it’s not imperative. Most of us probably couldn’t teach a class on “why” gravity works; but, we sure as shit trust it. Building a connection is accomplished by knowing that the airwaves are always open; you just have to either put out the signal or pick it up. Better yet, do both!

You can make a connection with someone just by offering them a silent blessing or, asking the Universe to help them understand their pain or their challenge. You don’t have to speak with, touch or know them.

There are an infinite number of connections we can make; this one is to simply put a signal out to whoever wants to receive it – to generate a thought, an idea, a disagreement; a moment of humanity. To say, I may not know you, but I am connected to you.

There’s strength in numbers.

Be Love.