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in Love we trust

in love we trust

We operate, day-to-day, with an amorphic trust in the world. We have to. By the time you’d made sure your trusty balloon lamp wouldn’t burst into flames, the seatbelt in your vehicle was foolproof and that no meteors were scheduled to hit the planet that day, you’d almost never get out of your driveway.

But Love? Do we trust in Love?

We seem to blindly put confidence in so many things that do not have a vested interest in who we are. Yet, the one unmovable force that does, Love, we take our perch, precariously, on the fence.

For more than good reason, Love, to our worldly eyes, seems suspect, at best. It doesn’t seem to come with any guarantees or a warranty and there’s certainly no replacement for it. So, why would we put any faith in it?

We’re not talking about a horse race or your buddy bailing on moving day, here. It’s Love. The old ‘risk and reward’ concept holds true. But only, there’s no risk. The “risk” we perceive is borne of fear. Love is a sure thing. With or without you, it’s a sure thing.

What keeps Love working for you, is you. It’s not motivated with money or favours; it’s just you. Its only vested interest is you. And, when you integrate that mindset with the one you may already have, it’s tough to argue why you wouldn’t bet on Love? Love’s success is your success. And, if it’s works for you, why wouldn’t you put your faith in it. Not to mention, it’s entirely unstoppable.

Sure, life is going to throw some shit your way; it’s happens all the time. But, it’s a product of one of two scenarios; one – you’re not asking Love to walk beside you or two – Love is walking beside you, only that it’s showing you the way. And, sometimes, the way you need to go, sucks eggs.

Crossroads and detours and speed bumps are everywhere. These are the reminders of where our true faith should reside. It comes in the form of people, too. People can be both a challenge and a light. Regardless, the ones we choose to bring into our lives are representatives of Love whether it is to show us what we have with-in or what we’ve been going with-out. To Love is to trust. Whether it’s in the mirror or across the table, it’s for you to say, “I Love you. I trust you”.

The most powerful tool any of us has in our arsenal to trust in Love. It’s to trust in ourselves and the people around us. Our lack of trust is the product of an abundance of fear and uncertainty. I’m not saying to cross your arms, close your eyes and nod your head to make the fear and uncertainty go away, I’m just saying that try letting Love take care of it for you. It’s the best assistant you could ever have.

Be Love.