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cosmic consciousness


“Space; the final frontier.”

Or, is it?

Imagine, if your left brain let go for a moment, the vastness of the Universe. The gigantic-ness of the galaxy. The never-ending interstellar nebulae. Could you? Could you understand? The human comprehension of it may almost be exactly the same as trying to explain to an amoeba why you need to go to work – “to pay my bills, tiny amoeba”. Ohhhhh, it follows you….?

The boundaries of the cosmos are, as a theory, boundless. Is it possible for the human brain to even process the infinite magnitude (if that does it justice) of what Space is? Or, is that exactly what it’s about, “space”?

Space for what? Or, for whom? For galaxies and solar systems? For the Starship Enterprise? For your imagination? For your consciousness. (no question mark on that one)

We are all visitors here. Very comfortable, very at home, visitors. Like a landed immigrant, we’ve adopted this place to be our home. We’ve set down our things, gotten used to how it feels and made it to be as though we’ve always been here. But, we haven’t. This is but a temporary trading post on our journey through the stars.

We’re here because it’s not a bad place to be. We’ve decided to stop because there are things to learn, places to see, challenges to conquer and experiences to experience. And, it’s okay to be an Earthly participant; it’s what makes our time here, seemingly, productive. But, it’s more than imperative to remain connected to that which you came from; even if you don’t think you know where you came from.

And so, is it possible for the human brain to even process the infinite magnitude of what Space is? No. But, you don’t need the human brain for this. It’s your consciousness that wants you to let it call the shots.

Your connection to the Universe will never be severed. It is what you are and where you came from. And, that connection is not far from you at any given point in your day. It’s; the sunshine on your skin; a warm cinnamon bun; your favorite song; a hug from a friend; hiding under warm sheets on a cold day. It’s anything that makes you feel okay to be you. It’s Love.

Nothing can transcend human-ness, like Love can. It’s because, much like the tiny amoeba, real Love – the kind that isn’t predicated on anything but Love – doesn’t understand the boundaries of this physical existence. It, too, like Space, is boundless.

To believe that the two most unprejudiced phenomena of our consciousness, Love and Space, are a coincidence, is to have one’s head probably lodged up one’s arse. There is no questions they transcend each other like nothing else can. Love and Space, not your head and your rear.

Look into the night sky. Find peace and calm within yourself and look into the night sky. Fill the stars and space in between them with your Heart and, at the same time, lasso the Universe into your chest. That feeling of fullness, of invincibility, of “you-don’t-know-what-to-call-it”; that is the connection you never lost.

It may not seem like it right at this very moment, but that connection will be all that will matter.

Be Love.







start wearing your life jacket


It seems like there can be a lot of tough decisions to make when it comes understanding who you are. Or, even more so, who you want to be. I’d confidently guess, on enough occasions, it probably seems as though you don’t have a decision to make, at all. Like, that’s just the way things are, right? To offer zero guidance on that; yup. And, also, nope.

The thing about tough decisions, like genuinely legitimate tough decisions, is that they’re for your benefit. They’re not here to make your life miserable. It may seem that way, like your life is being ruined, but it’s not the case. I promise. Anything that’s truly here for you in life, is from a place of Love. It can beat you up and beat you down. It can drag you through the mud and make you feel like you’re drowning. The reason it causes us pain is because we’re all still learning to understand how it works. We’re all still trying to understand who we really are.

Tough decisions usually fall into two categories; the ones you make up and the ones that make you up. The ones you make up; that’s the needless drama in your life. That’s the bullshit, the “he said, she said”, the blah, blah, blah, etc. The ones that make you up; those are the ones that spur your growth. The ones that make you really cry and really smile and really challenge what you believe or may have believed about who you are. Those are the ones that contribute to your evolution.

Contributing to your evolution is no easy task. Much of what you’ve known of yourself is that of this physical body you’re borrowing, not of the truly infinite power you are. And, that’s why it’s going to be tough. But, you’ll get there. The decisions you make will mean change; it will mean being scared. It will mean you may not go to bed the same person as when you woke up that day. You may, certainly, have to cut ties, quit jobs, upset people, upset yourself, any and all challenges may face you; they will be your own uncharted waters and no one else’s. But, rest assured, we’ll all eventually be chasing the horizon.

I’ve thought about the alternative; I’ve thought about what it used to be like. And, I don’t think you can go back. I don’t think you can abandon ship when you’re on uncharted waters and expect to be okay. It may seem better; as though you’ve been able to shed the self-responsibility of personal evolution, but it’s not. After a short while overboard, the realization is that you need to stop treading water and swim.

Not everything you do in life needs to be meaningful. But, the reason you’re here is because you are meaningful. Love doesn’t cause us the hurt we experience, our misunderstanding is what causes it. Love is the meaning. Love is your meaning. You can make the tough decisions and be okay. You can be “wrong” and be okay. All you need to do is set your course for the horizon. You don’t have to be precise, it’s as far as the eye can see.

Be Love.












from meaning less to meaningless?


You don’t and you’re not.

I think, we’re all stuck a little bit. We notice it and we don’t. We feel it and we ignore it. We’re aware, we deny.

When life has us distracted, we get “focused”. We take on what we need to. We make attempts to prioritize that which we believe to be important. And, with reasonable assurance, the prioritization of introspective assessment falls to the bottom rung. Even if we did have the time, asking the question, “what I am really doing here?” is a pretty heavy one.

As much as I think you may be expecting me to say, “the reason you’re here is to be Love”, that’s a “perfect world” answer. There’s a more workable one to understand.


Life can be hard. Yes, you have full ability to choose how you respond and how you receive every blessing you experience and hardship that befalls you, but it’s still tough. Regardless of how enlightened you may be, you’re still here. And, if you’re still here, that mean you’re still just “human”.

We don’t all care about the same things, we don’t all like the same things and we’re not all after the same things. But, we all need help. We’re all here, sharing this place and space. Although, we forever travel our own path, it is crossed and intertwined with more paths than you could count. Each of those paths that cross ours and, in turn, ours that cross those, construct each and every path there is. We each help to build the other.

You’re job may not be overly meaningful, but for your cubicle neighbour, it might be. They may experience personal fulfilment in the accomplishment of that same job you do. When you, unenthusiastically, do your part on the project to get things done, although it may not contribute to your meaning in life, you’ve just helped someone contribute to theirs.

When you hold that door open; really nothing, right? But, what if that person just slept through their alarm, gotten into a fight with their partner, had not been able to start their car and is now late for work. That person, without knowing it themselves, may just need the slightest, smallest gesture of human acknowledgement to remind them of their own meaningful existence. And, when you held that door open for them, you did that.

As you build your path, knowingly and unknowingly, you also build countless others along the way. Each of us is here to help the rest of us walk our path. Every time we take a step in our own direction, we help others take a step in theirs. Yes, this reality is about you and only you. But, everyday, whether it’s because you’re just being you or because you’ve made a concerted effort to something more, you’re doing something for someone else.

Recognizing each and every instance of this work would take the most self-aware of persons. Fulfilment is just to be able to trust that you’re building paths, yours included. That’s all each of us is here to do in this, our own, lifetime; walk.

Be Love.






what do you want for it?


There’s one very challenging idea in life; how much will you decide you’re worth?

“Challenging”? – maybe a diplomatic, positive-spin way to call it. “Idea”? – sure, we can call it that. “Decide”? – yes. It is a decision. self-worth only has one denominator, Self.

How much money you make

Your job

How popular you are

Your appearance

Your IQ

Who you’re the boss of

The stuff you own

If you’re loved

A non-comprehensive list of what we’ve been taught to believe defines our self-worth. Care to test your self-awareness, feel free to add your own in there.

The daunting truth is that no one and nothing defines what you’re worth, except you. And, it’s entirely predicated on a very simple concept; what do you believe?

There’s a whole tonne of external factors that act to get in the way of the true belief of your self-worth; an abusive partner, financial insecurity, acceptance of your physical existence; but they’re only there as a reflection of your humanness. Although, nothing to take lightly, all those outside forces can be changed. Very simply, it is because they are changeable. To those and all the others you’ve ever experienced, there is a spectrum of reality to each which we can all experience. Some of us may never go through what it’s like to be with an abusive partner, whereas others may live a convenient life of wealth. But, there is one ideal that can’t play to the scale. It does not have a scale. It is merely a point that never changes regardless of the ups and downs around it. It is the value of your self-worth.

You decide what it’s going to be. You decide if you’re worth more than that abusive relationship. You decide if you’re worth more than a dollar sign. You decide if you allow your Heart to accept you as you are.

When I screw up at work or don’t play well in sports or get a pimple on my forward; you know what? Self-worth equals toilet. But, to any one reading this, myself included, “why”? Why does it go there? It just really seems like the most intense mind vice ever. “All I have to do is believe in my self-worth and that makes it true?” Yeah, actually. That’s it. That truth has always been true. It’s just waiting for you to get the net.

Nothing you didn’t come here with and won’t leave behind defines what you’re worth. You’re everything. Try to put a price on that.

Be Love.