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are you in tune?

do re mi

Before you start getting clarinet flashbacks from junior high, I don’t mean musically, speaking. I mean, energetically.

The very real truth is that there is more than enough kindness in this world; there is more than enough compassion in this world; there is more than enough generosity in this world; and yes, there is more than enough Love in this world. The question is; are you tuned into it?

A violin, saxophone, piano or drums, in the right hands, can all create beautiful music. Each one different; yet, each one as powerful as the next. You, me and the Heart in our chest, is no different. We are all instruments of Love; we need patience, practice and to be in tune.

About a week ago, a conversation I was having turned to what was going in the world. Like, general kinda stuff; fuel prices, markets, the constant fighting and killing, etc. I, said very little. Not really too educated on it all. (This has happened to me before. More than once).

First question: “What do you mean? Don’t you follow the news?”

Me: “No”.

Second question: “Don’t you think you should? Don’t you think you should take an interest?”

Me: “Not really”.

Next question: “Well, I would think someone would want to know what’s going on around them; take an interest in what’s happening. It’s important, isn’t it?”

Me (internal monologue only): “Holy fuck, no it isn’t”.

Call it self-centered, callous, disinterest, or what have you; the things outside of my direct person really don’t capture my attention or effort. Very simply; one – I can’t physically do anything about most of those things and two – 9 out of 10 stories are really dreary. And, dreary = not in tune with Love.

Now, I’m not saying to ignore what’s going on in the world. And, there’s strong argument to say that a person can send Love and blessings toward the terrible stories we read about and watch on the television. For sure. But, for me, my attention, effort, Love and blessings are really a lot better used on my front doorstep. The power it commands is far greater than focusing halfway around the world.

What I’m getting at is that, when our focus is constantly in the distance, we easily miss the opportunities that land at our feet. And really, how can far-sightedness tune you into you?

Awareness of who we are, what we are and those around us, is what tunes us into the Love vibration. It’s the smiles you share, the acts of kindness you offer, the recognition of someone else’s pain and your open arms that make the difference.

We often associate “changing the world”, with ending hunger in third world countries, providing relief for war-torn regions and the like. All of which are amazing things to do and I encourage it wholeheartedly. But, the world is everywhere. It’s on your street, at the supermarket, where you work and the people you walk past every day. Could you imagine if, in response to someone speaking about a recent bombing that occurred, you shared a story about how you got this really great hug the other day and it made you feel so much better and you were going to try and hug more people whenever you could (you can always hug more people). Think of how different that would play out. Think of how much higher your vibration would be. You only have two directions to go; tuning into Love or tuning away from Love.

There really are no problems in the world that you can’t make a difference toward. As much as I encourage anything you do to make a difference, changing our collective vibration, getting in tune with Love, is what will really change human kind. It’s right here and it’s always. It’s your awareness of how you treat others and how you treat yourself. It’s not being sucked in by the negative feelings, stories and attitudes around you. It’s by tuning into that vibration that can always be higher. It’s not difficult to find, it’s forever calling you.

Be Love.






you put your right foot in….

hokey pokey

How do you succeed 100% of the time? Well, you don’t fail! Shit. Easy. Next question. (Two lines in and I’m already a jackass)

Here comes the hokey.

To succeed is to not fail. To not fail is to succeed. Have you turned yourself around, yet? So, how does a person “not fail”? Well, if you don’t want to fail, all you have to do is remove it from your vocabulary. 100% no joke. Just edit that concept right out of your story.

Failure is nothing more than an idea that you choose to proceed with or not, no different than making a sandwich or thinking about vacuuming the house. To say that you’ve failed, is to say that whatever it is that you’ve done (or not done, I guess), endured, sacrificed, compromised, poured yourself into and not “accomplished”, did absolutely nothing for you and the universe around you. The rebuttal to is simple; that’s impossible!

Too often, and by no one’s fault, we need to tangibly measure what it is we’ve done or haven’t done. And, it needs to come in the form of a gold medal or a big house or something we’d cut out of the paper and hang on the refrigerator. Truthfully, it doesn’t even really even need to be that prolific. More power to you if you have an abundance of those in your life but, the good things aren’t the issue here. It’s the stuff that beats us up or drags us through the mud or makes us think, “I can’t believe this is happening to me”. That’s the stuff, that we all have, that completely and entirely opposes what we’re really here to be.

I’m not going to suggest that “failure” be looked at as an opportunity for something else, or a door closing but a window opening, or something that tests your character; all that really can be a bunch of hokey pokey. I’m here to suggest that the idea of failure be abandoned all together. It offers you nothing but the prospect to bring yourself away from your true vibration of energy, your true place; Love.

To be really blunt, we all fail dozens of times a day. We fail when we treat another human being poorly; we fail when we treat ourselves poorly; we fail when we’re not emanating that vibrational energy of Love. But, because we’re largely unaware of most of that stuff, we just keep on truckin’. When something bigger doesn’t go our way; like a job we didn’t get or a shitty relationship we had or that we gained a few pounds, we go right ahead and hang that failure sign around our necks.

You NEVER fail. You EXPERIENCE. You experience whatever it is that is part of you for that day, week, year or lifetime. Anything and everything can happen to you, but it has no power over you to change what and who you truly are at the core of your being. There is only one thing that transcends the anything and everything that can happen to you. It is the one thing that we all possess regardless of anything worldly. It is not just an “idea” like everything else. It is what you are and why you are.

Be Love.












school’s never out

school's out

Since I’d started class, Evolution 101, I’ve tried to hold, and follow, the belief that life is school. Everything that happens, everyone that crosses our path, every choice that is made, is part of what we’re each here to learn.

And, although we’ll all, ultimately, graduate from the same lesson, the path we choose is only our own.

As a student, I’ve found it, admittedly, not to be an easy go. You’d think that embracing Love to guide you and bring perpetual positivity to your life, is a good thing. And, it is! But, it’s tough as shit. Especially, when you don’t get it “right”. And, I don’t get it right, a lot.

My latest lesson may, in fact, contradict a position I’ve held in the past or had even written about here. But, fortunately for me, that’s the beauty of this class; change is part of the curriculum. My spirit, mind and Heart will not experience, think and feel the same on day one as it will on day one thousand and one.

What I learned is that it’s okay to not send everyone to Love. (insert jaw drop here)

Doesn’t seem on par to proclaim being a student of Love yet restrict to whom you dish it out to, but it is. Self Love is what will graduate me from this school. Self Love is a big big deal. It is the greatest expedition for each and every one us. It’s the absence of such, that causes us to lie, cheat, attack and, especially, self deprecate. Our lack of self Love is met with the response that keeps us stuck to the low vibration that we’ve subjected ourselves to and, often, feel as though we’re sinking, like quicksand, into.

The key is to find the higher vibration. And, for me, right now, I’ve found that it’s not within drawing from myself to give Love to every Tom, Dick and Harry that enters my Universe. So, one day, I decided that, this guy (an actual person that crossed my path) that was really annoying the heck out of me and being, with very objective judgement, a huge jackass, it was okay to withhold my Love to him. More importantly, it was okay to self Love by forgiving myself that I felt this guy was an asshole. And, all this was occurring within me; said jackass being none the wiser.

With that bit of evolution, I shed the guilt of not being able to be Love to everyone and everything, all the time. I was able to let myself off the hook of feeling like a failure in the name of Love. But, the truth is, my vibrational state of the latter was higher than the former. Was it as high as it could possibly be? No. I know that to the top, I would send the asshole Love and mean it. I would embrace his jackass-ness and see his beauty. But, I’m not there yet. I’m where I am. And, that is in a place where I can think that guy is a dum-dum and that’s okay.

Thanks for the lesson, jerk. No really, I mean that. 🙂

Be Love.


it’s pulling to the left


It’s because you might just be out of alignment. And, not with anything but your true Self.

The Universe is your road, your path. It’s here to pave the way for you and only you; it posts signs and speed bumps, directions and detours. It wants nothing more than for you to stay your course. It knows you may not always be on the straight and narrow and that it may be a bit difficult to exactly identify where or how that happened. But, like the wheels of your car, when they’re out of alignment, when it feels a little extra difficult to control, when it feels like the ride just isn’t as smooth as it can be, the Universe, too, will let you know.

It may be that something just isn’t as fun as it once was? Or, maybe a relationship is no longer as dear to your Heart as it used to be? Could be that your job is no longer fulfilling or just makes you outright nauseous in the morning? These are the road markers that are trying to guide you to where you need to go. And, you know, when the pavement doesn’t seem to have a single bump or pothole and the horizon in front of you is warm and welcoming, this too, is the Universe showing you the way.

You’re gonna get to where you need to go. You don’t ever need to worry about that. If you miss an exit, there’s going to be another one. And, another one after that. The road might start to get rougher, you may start to get low on fuel and you may have to backtrack or take a longer route, but you’ll get there. You’ll get on that exit. Being in alignment with your Self and the Universe will only help you better know when it’s time to change direction. And, you’ll keep getting those opportunities, not to exit, but more aptly, to change direction onto the next great journey in your life.

Too often we hear that we should, “tough it out” or “stay the course”. But, the path you should be on is the one that challenges you, not the one that makes you struggle and suffer. If it feels like you’ve been going uphill for awhile, but that you can still make it (you can, definitely, make it!), that’s your challenge. Stay that course. But, when it feels like you’ve been going uphill for forever, you can barely see anything because of the torrential downpour and all the ruts in the road are shaking you apart, that’s when you know that path isn’t yours.

There’s nothing wrong with walking away from something, or quitting, not knowing what to do, saying “no”, saying “yes”, or just trying and trying. This is how we learn to follow what is guiding us. This is how we find our alignment and, ultimately, our self Love.

The only way we lose ourselves; the only way we get lost, is when we choose not to see. And, it’s not always easy. Often, it’s exactly the opposite of easy. But, the signs are there, the markers are there, the Universe will always be showing you the way.

You’re gonna get to where you need to go.

Be Love.