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back to basics

back to basics

So….I’m bad at Love.

True. And, also, bummer for me.

Okay. So, maybe “bad” is a bit harsh and Love wouldn’t like me to put it in those terms, but I don’t think I’m very good at it.

Stick with me on this one.

In trying to convey a thought or a feeling or a message, I think, often a metaphor or analogy really helps paint the vivid picture we want. We say things like, Love is “like the sun” or “more powerful than a volcano” or “as joyful as a thousand best Christmases”. But, nope; doesn’t do it. Don’t get me wrong, Love can be and is all of those things, but what if we lay down the metaphors and analogies? What if we don’t try to compare it to anything? I mean, truly, can anything really compare to it?

And so, the reason I say I’m, “bad” at Love is because I’m trying to create a metaphor or an analogy, but make it real. It’s because of trying to pump Love up into being a certain something or having it look a certain way or mold it to a particular preference. If you’ve ever felt you’ve done something like that, I can tell you that the intention is a product of trying to fill something missing from our self. But, if there’s something, anything, I know about Love, it’s that we don’t define it, it defines us.

Love doesn’t follow anything you do. For Love to truly be part of your life, it has to lead everything you do. The boundary has to be crossed where control is released (trust me, you don’t control Love) and you open yourself up to Love moving through you.

There’s nothing special you need to do this other than to say it, think it and feel it. The biggest barrier that faces us, is simply forgetfulness. It’s forgetting to open ourselves up and allow Love to move through us. And that, is something that is possible in every instance.

You don’t have to open Love up to helping you pick bananas at the grocery store, but you could. What the approach is, is to really just clear everything else that gets in the way; the expectation, the score keeping, the drama, the ideal, everything that isn’t really Love.

All those parameters we define are the things we want to come to us. Love isn’t about what’s coming to us; it’s about what moving out from us. And, if there’s a blockage to that flow, it will be apparent to you. But, the challenge is first clearing the road to see what paths are available to you.

You don’t have to be Love at every corner. You can, but it might be a tough go. It might put you in situations that compromise your personal self. The point, here, is to just Love. If you want to Love, then just Love. Don’t tell it what it do, don’t tell it how to be or define what it should feel like.

Open up to Love and you will know where to go.

Be Love.









i think i’m gonna be sick


I’d like you to, let go.

Loosen your grip. Stop holding on so tightly. Release everything that you’re holding on to. Free everything that’s holding on to you. Forget what you believe you know. Or better yet, open up to how much there is to know.

And, let go.


Head over heels, screaming, arms flailing, in complete terror.


Fall, not knowing where you’re going or when it’ll stop. Just fall. Scream your lungs out. Close your eyes as tight as you can. Pray for it to be over, if you like.

All I ask, is that you let go and fall.

Without doubt, at first, it’ll be awful. Maybe unbearable. Even just the thought of letting go might fill your core with fright. It’s normal; it makes sense. To allow yourself to acknowledge and experience something bigger and more expansive then you were ever led to believe was possible, is nothing short of daunting. It’s like your boss asking you to, literally, do one million things before the end of the day. The great thing, your boss’ request doesn’t really matter. Neither do the one million things. Or, the end of the day. All that matters is your experience of who you are and the enormity of what you embody.

Keep falling.

Through the darkness. Through the unknown. Almost as though it’s all over for you. When, in fact, it’s only just beginning. Maybe it seems like it’s almost been forever now? Forever, that you’ve been on this ride. Maybe it doesn’t feel like falling anymore? Maybe you’ve stopped screaming and opened your eyes? Maybe, just maybe, you might be flying?

Like the terrifying amusement park ride that took every ounce of your nerve to get in line for; heart in the pit of your stomach; second guessing your decision but realizing there were too many people behind that you couldn’t back out now; the exhilarating rush of finally making to the front disguised, possibly, as doubt or fear; strapped in, ready to go; still nerves; and, before you knew it, you were falling.


Eyes closed.

Not sure of the outcome.

Then….without even knowing;


Eyes wide open.

The time of your life.

Wanting to get back on and do it, again.

There is nothing that can keep you from being greater than you are, bigger than you are and brighter than you are, than the belief of it. If you need a frame of reference, it’s as simple as to look up to the stars and start believing you are more than all of it.

To understand what is all possible for us, is incomprehensible. All we can do, is fall. Without fear, without doubt, without remorse, and fall. Embrace not knowing what’s there and rather know that it’s all there for you.

You’re the Universe. You’re untouchable.

Be Love.



can i get you a piece of peace?


Life is a perpetual merry-go-round. The more vigor and enthusiasm you push into it, the more fun it will be. And, most certainly, what goes around will definitely come around.

Somewhere to start, a great place to start, actually, is your inner peace. As a believer of getting out what you put in, whether it’s the vibration, manifestation or actual physicality of it, the peace of within will create the peace for throughout.

There’s no real magic formula here. Just a magic answer. Finding how to create that inner peace, for YOU, is the challenge.

Sure, there are some pretty universally accepted ways to create inner peace; calming sounds, meditation, reading; but, there are an endless array options that will be specifically tailored for whatever it is that you are most receptive of. Identifying what resonates with you most is what can elevate the peace you experience and are able to put out into your environment for others to experience.

Maybe, inner peace can find you on the playing field of competitive sports or in the focused movements and breathing of yoga. Maybe it’s cooking something in the kitchen or fixing something in the garage. Or, maybe it’s painting a canvas or listening to the heaviest of heavy metal music. It’s an experiment in who you are. It may be just one thing, or it may be many. This is why there is no magic formula; it requires the real work to find out what it is that you really tap into.

Don’t discount the ability of your eyes to create peace. Organization and tidiness around you transforms your inner being to one of more vibrational alignment. Studies have shown that the brain can interpret images the eyes see within just 13 milliseconds. If you’re surrounded by chaos and catastrophe, just think of how many times your brain is interpreting those images to your consciousness.

Each of our worlds are filled with to-dos, lists, stresses, responsibilities and all the shit that just goes the way we don’t want it to (even though that’s how it should be). Peace is certainly something you experience, but it’s firstly something you create to experience.

Find yourself, find your peace and you’ll find your way.

Be Love.










what have you got against cucumbers?

There is a big mix out there, and there’s lots of different things going on, and there is not one way that was intended to be the right way. Just like there’s not one color or one flower or one vegetable or one fingerprint. There is not one that is to be the right one over all others. The variety is what fosters the creativity. And so you say, “Okay, I accept that there’s lots of variety, but I don’t like to eat cucumbers.” Don’t eat cucumbers. But don’t ask them to be eliminated and don’t condemn those who eat them. Don’t stand on corners waving signs trying to outlaw the things that you don’t like. Don’t ruin your life by pushing against. Instead, say, “I choose this instead. This does please me.”



“There’s nothing to fear but fear itself”

Don’t you kinda want to lovingly trip the people that say that? Often, they’re usually the biggest ‘fraidy cats, too. Say, “spider” and they’re leaping out of their seat. Nothing to fear, hey? Sure.

Truthfully, there’s actually tonnes to fear out there; unemployment, disease, financial distress, loss of a loved one and even just not feeling like you belong. Those, best as I can tell, are definitely a bunch of real things to be fearful of, which for many, make that opening quote kind of asinine.

But, why? Why are those situations to be feared? When you really look at it, all those things are quite synonymous with life; if you’re alive, they’re part of your existence. So then, it almost seems like we should be fearful of life. But, that can’t be right, can it? (‘No’, is the answer you’re looking for).

Pretty simply, we’re scared of what we believe we stand to lose. Which, even includes our life. In fact, when you peel back all the layers, that’s really the hard-hitter for most.

Perception is 9/10ths fear.  It’s just the natural response we’ve been groomed to believe. Belief – that’s the key. What we believe we stand to lose. What we believe all those things mean for us. What we believe to be our eternal fate. It’s belief. More than anything, it’s belief.

Presumably, none of us avoids the supermarket for fear of imminent peril. We believe that going to buy groceries is a safe thing to do. Even before you actually ever went to a grocery store, it probably never even crossed your mind that it could be a fearful place. And that, was most likely something you were made to believe. It didn’t seem overly crazy to get on board with that one. Going to pick up some milk and a dozen eggs doesn’t really seem like a tempting of fate. Then, after going to get a few gallons of milk and few dozens of eggs, your experience supported your belief. And, lo and behold, supermarket = safe.

Now, what about your physical being and your soul? What’s your belief and experience with each of those? I’m going guess, your belief and experience of your physical being is largely the same. You’re here, you exist, stubbing your toe hurts, you’d like to have lots of money, sometimes you wish your children could be quiet and one day your life will forever cease. Well, your physical life, that is. In effect, the belief and experience of your physical being is basically as advertised.

“Bachelor number 2 (your soul), same question” – what’s your belief and experience with being a soul? Here’s where there’s a lot less to hang on to. Of course, people have a faith and a belief in a greater design than it just being little ol’ me and little ol’ you on little ol’ planet Earth. But, because most of us haven’t had any real experience with the soul, that faith and belief is probably a little spotty, at best. And, in fact, it’s very Dalmatian-like because pretty much all of us harbour the same fear of bachelor number 1, ie the temporariness of our physical being.

If someone could promise, guarantee, pinky swear, whatever, that your soul continues on to bigger, brighter and more amazing things after our short stay here, I’d surmise we’d all have a little bit better of a time during our stay here. I’d bet we’d care about a lot of different things than what we do right now and be filled with a lot of different emotion than we’re filled with. I’d bet your life would be fuller. And, I’d bet that you’d have a lot less fear.

Well, for whatever authority you wish to grant me, I’m here to promise, guarantee, pink swear, whatever, that your soul continues on to bigger, brighter and more amazing things after our short stay here. I’m here to say that however much Love you’re sharing, help you’re giving and compassion you’re showing, you can do more. Put down your phone (after you’ve finished reading this, of course) and go help pick someone up. It’s what you’re meant to do here.

Living each day like it’s your last is a pretty ridiculous motto. But, we can all definitely live each day knowing we’re bigger than anything grounded here on this Earth; we’re bigger than ourselves. That, is the true freedom of your Heart. Simply put, “there is nothing to fear”. That’s it.

Be Love.