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you can spare it

spare change


It may be safe to say that thinking about all the things you’d like to change in your life, right now, big or small, might cause you a bit of anxiety. Or, at the least, cue the internal monologue that asks, “how the heck am I going to do all that?”

And so, how the heck are you going to do all that?!

It can, definitely, seem like all the uncertainty we’ve introduced into our lives will take nothing short of a lifetime to make certain. And, who really wants to spend their days chasing the bottom of a never-ending list? As soon as you think you’ve crossed something off, something new will just take its place.

The truth of it all is that you can’t change everything. Whether it’s because you don’t have the time, the money, the wherewithal or simply because it’s totally out of your control, you just can’t change everything. But, there’s a way around it. Or, more aptly put a way through it.


What is the level of harmony you can experience with your Universe?

Being in tune with everything around you is no easy task, nor am I suggesting it to be. But, you’ve heard of it before. Harmony goes by a bunch of other alias’ like, “roll with the punches”, “go with the flow” and “it is what it is”. So, this isn’t any sort of revolutionary idea that’s being presented to you. Just, maybe the application of it is?

We often have a not so difficult time finding harmony with the low hanging fruit; a parking ticket, a friend being a jerk, a ding in the truck door; but, what about the other stuff? What about the “big” stuff?

Just because the “big” stuff is “big”, it doesn’t mean the approach has to be any different. Regardless of the size of fire, water will still put it out. You just need to figure out how much water. The theory is the same for any of those things out of balance in your life; how much harmony do you need to find?

Well, how do we find harmony with the low hanging fruit? We pay the ticket or we let the friend be a jerk and go our way or we just let the door be dinged – we find a way to become harmonious with whatever the point of contention is. We only become overwhelmed and, often, hopeless when we assign scale, ie “big”, to that which we’re not okay with.

And yeah, I get it; a little dent in your truck isn’t the same as wanting to change your job – but, just because the problem isn’t the same, it doesn’t mean the answer isn’t.

I can’t tell you how to find the harmony you need to find. But, I’m almost positive that by just wondering how you can find that harmony, you will already start to feel it – your response, conscious or not, will be more in tune than it had been a moment ago. And, not that harmony is vindictive, but it’s kinda like, “if you’re not with me, you’re against me”. If you’re against it, the good things can’t flow.

In summary (I could’ve saved you the last four minutes), harmony is the flow of the Universe, and the Universe is Love waiting for you to figure it out.

Just my two cents.

Be Love.



Colorful fireworks lighting the night sky

I’m excited for you.

I’m excited that every day you have here is another opportunity to be the light that you are.

I’m excited that no matter what has happened, what is happening and what will happen, that you know you are Love and deserve nothing less.

I’m excited that deep within, you can feel and recognize the power you have to create anything in your life. And that, anything that isn’t in harmony with who you are and your happiness and the Love you have to offer, you can change.

If you’re stuck, you don’t have to be. There is no part of your soul that can be affected by the impermanence of this world. Of course, some things can’t be taken back; can’t be reversed. But, does it matter? Or, is what matters; is right now? Is what matters, the remorse you feel, the animosity you harbour or the guilt that weighs you down? Or, is what matters; is how you can be the brightest light at this very moment?

And, this moment?

And, this moment?

And, every moment, which are all simply recurring opportunities to reinvent yourself, if you need to, or expand yourself, however you want to, or keep giving the Love you do, if that’s what you’re feeling?

To realize that everything that surrounds you as temporary, is not to concede and say, “what’s the point?” It’s to brighten your eyes and say, “what’s the point of being scared? What’s the point of being angry? What’s the point of being a prisoner in a fictitious cell?”

The whole time you read this, the whole time you’re doing anything in life, you simply need to remember that all you are is Love. You don’t need to erase anything, you just need to go forward. Go forward armed with the knowing that there is nothing that can really stop you. And, whatever it is that you feel is stopping you, is merely physical. But, you’re not actually physical. You’re your soul; the light; the Love.

There’s a tonne of shit that isn’t going to work out and isn’t working out right exactly now. But, is any of it really you? Ask the question out loud if you have to; “is any of all this around me, really me?” It isn’t. It can’t be. It would be like creating a maze without an exit. The reason we often feel like there’s no escape, is because we want the door. We want the physical answer, representation, instruction, whatever, on how to find the answer. The answer is the Love you give to yourself and to the Universe, at every moment that you can. And, when you miss a moment, there’s always another one just around the corner that you can get. And, one after that, too.

You’ve got a lot of opportunity to make this great.

I’m excited for you.

Be Love.



you’re not lost, you’re just not from around here


There’s a place beyond this “place” where you are the real You.

I don’t think you could mail anything there or find it on your GPS – I don’t think it would really matter, anyway. You know where it is; you’ve been there before. You’ve been there before because it’s where you really came from.

These days, you may not go back very often, or maybe you do? There’s a good possibility you may not even notice when you’re there, but I’m surely sure you’ve been back at some point along the way.

The reason it maybe doesn’t feel like you spend any time there, or may not even know what the heck I’m talking about, is not because we’re busy doing stuff, it’s because we’re busy not doing the right stuff. I get it, there’s a lot of things going on in your world. You need to attend to all these things or everything will end in disaster. But, the truth that will find you eventually, is that this isn’t really your world.

By whatever grace, whether intentional or otherwise, when you clear the clutter from your Heart, this is when you go back. It might be a walk through the trees, a compelling, thought-provoking book, painting a picture, or simply telling yourself that you are Love, is when you return to this place.

It’s when you don’t think about what you don’t own or what you see in the mirror, or who you need to impress or who you think should be impressing you, that you find this place, again. Freeing your physical self by doing things like experiencing nature, going to yoga or creating something with your soul, are really just tools to help free the part of your mind that is stubbornly grounded here. I’ll even venture to say that if reading this strikes even the tiniest of chords with you, you can feel what I’m talking about.

This isn’t really where you are; you’re just visiting.

You don’t have to change anything. You don’t even have to change yourself. But, you have the power to acknowledge that nothing in this world has any power over you to stop you from being You. Anything that can befall you here is only physical. Does that mean life can’t get tough? Or course not. It can get really tough and really terrible. But, it can’t take you away from You.

There is a way to be everything to this world, yet acknowledge that this world has nothing on you – it’s simply to remind yourself, that what you really are is Love. ALL, you really are is Love. That’s all you’re here to be, that’s all you’re here to do. It’s the only thing you brought with you and it’s the only thing you can take with you.

be Love.