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the wide world of Love

wide world of love

How could you ever Love a stranger?

Well, every and any one you Love or have Loved has, at one point in time, been a stranger.

Sure, family aside, where you kinda “default” into loving someone because you’re supposed to, everyone else was a stranger once upon a time.

Your best friend, your partner, a mentor or a teacher; all these people were unknown to you. But, when they entered into your life, you found whatever it was that created that feeling. They went from a stranger to someone you probably couldn’t imagine being without.

And so, how could you ever Love a stranger?


Chances are, right now, you can list a few people that you Love. You know you Love them; you don’t even have to think about it. But, what would you think about if you did think about why you Love them? Do you know why, or do you just?

Often, we Love because we know we do. We usually tie it to any number of heartfelt emotions we experience – caring, compassion, sacrifice, “they get me”, etc. But, there’s an opportunity to recognize that Love can be more. There’s opportunity to Love wider.

I know, I know, Love is SUPPOSED to be all those mushy, deep internal type things – it’s serious business! And, it should be; that should, definitely, be the foundation. But, it can also be that and everything else. Loving wider is about acknowledging who someone is; it’s about recognizing what makes them tick for THEM and not just for YOU.

Love is can be all that serious, mushy stuff but, it’s also everything that makes you smile – like a goofy shirt your Dad wears or how your girlfriend sneezes like wildebeest.

Anything you want to be Love, can be Love. Recognizing a person’s identity, experiencing more about them, remembering who they are (if you’ve forgotten because you’ve been married for what seems like forever) is all a part of Loving wider. It’s just, more Love – whether it’s because they’ve always been there to pick up your pieces or because their favourite thing to eat is boiled hot dogs.

Loving wider not only creates a greater positive energy in your Heart for whoever it is that you hold close in your life, it trains your Heart to find that greater positive energy for everyone you encounter. When you become consistent in recognizing all these small, blink-of-eye, reasons of why you Love the people you know, you’ll begin to see them in the people you don’t know. The way the bus driver says, “good morning”, the guy at the gym who always looks at himself in the mirror, the lady who wears the funny hat to church.

Find the Love in a person’s identity. Just let yourself smile about that stranger. You don’t have to know someone to feel the Love in your Heart. And, who knows? They may be the next best thing that ever happens to you.

Be Love.


leggo my Universe


It’s a little daunting, owning your own Universe. Lots going on there. Tonnes to keep track of. And, mucho responsibility.

But, that’s the reality of it. Your life; your existence, is the product of the Universe you’ve created for yourself. At some juncture, in the complete absence of any space time continuum, you’ve created the Universe you exist in. You’ve made it the way you needed it to be and continuously support it (sometimes, better than others).

Acknowledgement of that is, at the same time, liberating and terrifying. Liberating, in that, you can trust that you’re where you’re supposed to be. Your higher consciousness has put you here, not to throw you into struggle, but because it’s necessary for the evolution of the person you’re meant to be. Your story, opening up chapter by chapter, is there to help you see more clearly, who you really are. The lessons you learn, are for you and you alone.

Terrifying because, it’s all on you. In your Universe, there is only you writing the story.

The static we all, inevitably, experience, starts when we believe that someone else’s Universe is also ours; when we believe we can edit a story that doesn’t belong to us.

There are as many Universes simultaneously going on as there are souls. Each of us has exactly one that is our responsibility. Yet, in so many instances, we believe we have control over those that are not our own.

We direct, restrict, “advise”, deny, intervene, contravene, disagree and dictate. We, all too often, think we know what’s best for someone else. So, we try to get them to do whatever it is we think they should do; what we think will work best for them. Or, even more popular, the one where we try to get people to do the things that we believe will be best for us. That’s when we really attempt to take hold of someone else’s Universe and story and make it our own. But, it’s not ours to do so.

The only story you can really change, is yours. All others, we need to let go of. If we want change in our Universe, it’s up to us to be the change agent. That’s not to say you won’t experience a change of the inputs to your life, but it is to say that it will be a product of your output.

Want better communication? Communicate better.

Want more attention? Pay more attention.

Want greater Love? Give greater Love.

Often, when we seek things from an external source, we believe it’s that source that requires modification. Rarely, do we think to “lead by example” or to create that change by our own action or to just understand the external source.

All those external sources have their own Universe to which they’ve created. It’s not for us to change, nor could we even. Each one of those external sources plays a role in YOUR Universe, and, that’s the Universe you have unlimited access to. That’s where you always get to be the boss.

Be Love.








who are you and what have you done with me?


Not always, but sometimes, if there were a mirror in front of me (figuratively speaking, of course), I don’t think I’d recognize myself.

Not because I’m phoney or trying to be something I’m not, but because maybe, from time to time, I’m not okay with who I really am.

It’s just an inevitable part of relationships. Relationships with friends; relationships with family; with your co-workers; even strangers. And, most importantly, with yourself.

There are some instances that we’re simply playing to our audience. We all do it and there’s really no egregious harm. It doesn’t make you a bad person or a fake; it’s something we sorta need to do to go about our daily lives with a hiccup or two less. I don’t think we spiral out of control on this one, hopefully, given we’re usually pretty aware of what we’re doing and we don’t really feel too much remorse toward it – I guess, provided your moral compass wasn’t bought at the dollar store.

The situation, or situations, where it gets tough, is when you know you’re “pretending” but it makes you feel lousy. This, usually, is when you’re not okay with you. This is when you’re compromising who you authentically are inside. And, that stinks.

Shutting out our true self can really push us in the wrong direction. It’s the one that convinces us we’re not good enough being who we really are. We tell ourselves that we should be different; like that person or this person, or whoever. Just not who we are because that person isn’t good enough. And that, is not Love.

Does it mean you won’t or shouldn’t ever change? No. We all experience some level of our own evolution whether we recognize it or not. It just means to not deny who you are right now, at every moment. What you need to change, what you need to evolve to, will happen. If you stay committed to being your true self, change will happen. It’s almost as though you won’t have a choice because your Heart will do the pulling. And, nothing is stronger.

Being your authentic self means you’re doing your best to Love who you are. When Love is the reason, the result will always be exactly what it needs to be.

So, stick up for the person that isn’t there, speak your mind (with Love, of course) even when it will ruffle feathers, don’t hide that you solve math problems for fun, cry when it hurts, laugh at the stupid stuff that makes you laugh and just let you be you.

Be Love.


a favour

red question

There’s something I’d like to ask you do to. It’s something you should do as many times as you possibly can. Over and over and over, again. You should do it alone and you don’t need anything special, just you (that’s more than special enough).

What I’d like to ask you to do is, once the night has come enough so that you’re able to see the stars, go outside. Go outside – hopefully somewhere quiet and peaceful – and look up.

Take in everything you see above you. Try to look as deeply as you possibly can; you’re not looking for anything in particular. Don’t think about or try to understand the expanse that is the Universe; you can’t. Don’t do the math on a “light year” to gain perspective on how far it is; you won’t. And, don’t start counting how many stars are up there; we’ve only got so much time, here.

Look up and transcend your feet being flat on the ground. Fix your gaze so that you’ve surrounded yourself by the endless dark of space. Breathe in, not only the air around you, but the idea that there is more; much more. Ask yourself this;

What is there REALLY to be afraid of?

How can am I not bigger than everything in front of me?

If I’m not here because of and for to be Love, then why am I here?

Do this as many times as you can. Be outside. Be one with the Universe. Be one with your Self. Ask the questions a hundred times if you have to; the answers are innate. You know them; you need to keep reminding yourself. We all do.

Be Love.


this message approved by bill nye (approval pending)


This isn’t the newest of news, but good ol’ Science, as a result of extensive Scientific based experiments no less, has confirmed that the genetic make-up of the human race is 99.99% identical. And, of that very minute 0.1%, 94.0% of the variation was amongst individuals from the same population and only 6.0% of the variation was between those from different populations.

Translation; but for our ability of sight, we are all the same.

Granted on the surface, we can look very much different from one another, the truth is that it is an enormously miniscule measure of our whole that creates our physical uniqueness. Beneath what we see, we are no different from each other.

Yet, there are moments (many moments) whereby it seems as though the seven billion of us inhabiting this planet view each other as though we’re from seven billion different planets.

But, why?

The more I think on it, the more it feels like I don’t understand. I don’t understand why much of the world is against each other. Hatred, violence, war, racism, abuse, the list goes on. And, of course, there is great peace, harmony and Love in the world but, truthfully, it’s not enough. Quite plain and simple, it’s just not enough. And, it won’t be until we all feel the same.

Seven billion people didn’t just show up on this place out of nowhere. Whether you believe it or not, like it or not, we’ve all come from the same place. Even think of it this way; if it was Adam and Eve or a fish that climbed out of the ocean or a mass of gaseous particles that imploded upon itself, in some way, shape or form, we’ve all come from the same place. We are all connected. It’s both the faith in it and the Science of it.

Often, we choose not to subscribe to either doctrine. We choose the option that is all about our self. And, not the self that feels fulfilled by giving to its fellow man, but rather, the self that is fraught with fear, knowingly or not.

There’s an option we can choose that supports the idea of our connectedness; of all seven billion of us being on the same team. Really, in theory, there is nothing that can be done to you that you do not have the choice to respond to with kindness, forgiveness and Love. You only need you to believe that we are all the same; that you are everyone and everyone is you. It seems as though the only answer for success is for us all to fall in line with this ideal, but it’s not. If you truly believe we all share our existence together and as I put, “you are everyone and everyone is you”, then doesn’t your world only require you to act on this?

There is no separateness other than what we’ve created for ourselves to fulfill whatever empty promise we’ve believed. All the cruelty, persecution and hate we send out into the world just boomerangs back to us. Whatever we send out there has no choice but to find its way to its source. It’s simply because there is no “seven billion” of us. There is just one. One beautiful, all-knowing, all-Loving tree, with seven billion branches.

Be Love.