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a moment of stillness.




deep space


Do you ever stop? Like, really stop? I don’t just mean calling it a night and reading a book or sitting in silence or closing your eyes. I don’t even mean having a meditation practice and driving your focus to your breath; inhale, exhale, wander, come back, inhale, exhale.

Do you ever stop? And, just stop? You listen but cannot hear. Look but do not see. Touch but do not feel? Do you ever stop?

Love. It is the compassion you own, the forgiveness you offer and the freedom you afford.

Love is not the answer because there is no question as to what is true. Love is not the opposite of fear because both cannot co-exist. Love is neither easy nor hard because it is immeasurable.

Beyond the noise and the colours and the perceptible overload, Love is what makes up actual sense. It is true that Love is also the noise and the colours and the perceptible overload, but that is because we do not stop. We do not choose to transcend what is here and now in place of what is everywhere and always; Love.

We do not need to become Love but rather extinguish the idea that we are not Love.

However deep you believe your Universe to be, Love is deeper. However bright you believe the stars shine, Love shines brighter. However big you expand your consciousness to be, Love is bigger.

You are Love.

There is no fear. You are the most brave you’ve ever been, right now.

There is no emptiness. You are the most full you’ve ever been, right now.

There is no you. You are Love.

Stop.For a moment.And, be still.

Let Love drown you in a tidal wave.

You are Love.

Be Love.




save it for chocolates.

heart box

I just had a moment.

One of those, “I’m bullshit”, moments. Not the greatest when it happens; but in this case, very necessary.

As I started writing this original post, I typed….and paused. I typed, again; pause, again. Erase. Pause. Type. Bullshit. Trash.

Whenever I set out to write something, what’s in my mind is, “what am I going to learn from this?” Writing, for me, is finding what’s already inside of me; what’s already in my Heart. I am the teacher and the student to no one else but me. If there’s positive fallout to my thoughts, that’s ever more bonus.

On this one, I was neither teacher nor student. I was full of shit instead of being full of my Heart. And, right now, it’s full of a lot. Mostly, it’s full of being packed away. (That sentence makes sense to me).

The world wants to put my Heart in a box. It wants to tell me how I’m supposed to Love, who I’m supposed to Love, when I’m supposed to Love and why I’m supposed to Love. It’s like a grocery list of all the things you need for a recipe. Only, when you get home and unpack the bags to start cooking, you realize you’ve forgotten the most important thing, the motherf’ing Love, Wolfgang.

Love should be about Love. It’s not about obligation or if it looks good on paper. It’s always only about what fills your Heart – not filling the box with your heart.

We “love” because of guilt, because of remorse and because of regret. We “love” because we’ve got too much invested. We “love” because it’s our mother, father, sister, uncle. We “love” because we’re scared of not having any. We “love” because we think we don’t know any better.

We do.

Know better.

A wonderful friend of mine once sent me a quote that said, “respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy”. My version, “Love yourself enough to walk away from anything that isn’t Love. And, if it is Love, don’t let go”.

It’s not supposed to be difficult. But, you make it difficult, I make it difficult, your mother-in-law makes it difficult, the guy down the street makes it difficult; somehow, but he does. 🙂

When Love really fills your Heart, there’s no fitting into the box. As I write this new post, bullshit aside, hand on my chest, there is no box. There’s no way there ever could be. What’s in there could never fit inside of any box. So, why let it. Why try to fit it in there? Why not just let it be as big as it possibly could be?  No guilt, no remorse and no regret.

And, that’s what I learned.

Be Love.


we’re not in Kansas anymore (we never were)….


“You are not given the people you want, you are given the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to Love you and to make you the person you were meant to be.”

The even more difficult part to come to terms with is that on some level, in some parallel, at some point, you decided it all for yourself. Your soul laid out the plan you’re on because it knew what you needed to help you along the path you’re meant to be on.

And, naturally, the inclination is to want to understand it all; why it’s happening, the reason that “bad” things happen to you, the reason that “good” things happen to you and what your path is.

But, I’ll tell you, you’ll waste the most of your precious time and energy trying to find the answers to those questions than you will by just being a part of it. By reminding yourself to have faith, to trust and to be Love.

Heck, if it makes it easier, I’ll answer the questions for you. In order as presented; because you chose it that way, because you need to learn something, because you need to learn something and Love.

There’s someone at work in your life that’s a lot greater, a lot bigger, a lot smarter, a lot everything more than you are here on Earth. It’s the YOU that doesn’t need this planet or this body to do what it does. It’s the YOU that you really are, but you have a hard time tapping into it because you need to remember to pick up milk on the way home from work. It’s the you that’s too busy vacuuming and complaining about your mother-in-law.

The YOU that’s really doing all the work, is the one that’s giving you countless opportunities to be Love. It’s the one that sends you everything you experience each and every day. It’s the one that wishes you would remember that there’s as much, if not more, to be learned from the “good” things that happen to us as there is from the “bad” things that happen to us. It’s just that, when it’s good stuff, we just say, “nice!” and go on our merry way. Stop. See the bigger picture.

If there’s ever anyone in this life that you can trust, it’s YOU. You’re one and the same. The difference is that you’re a little bit stuck here and YOU is trying to get you out. Do YOU have the power to simply pull yourself out of the stuck-ness? YOU do. But, you wouldn’t learn anything from that. The way you get out is to embrace everything in life; the happiness, the hardship, the heart break and the Love.

You can be as mad as you want at YOU for doing this all to you. But, you can also be happy that YOU is doing this all for you. In the most beautiful way, you have no one to blame but YOUrself for where you are. The moment you choose to change that blame into gratitude and faith, is the moment your life becomes YOURS.

Be Love.


premium or regular?

heart fuel

Where do you fill up?

Better yet; how are you filling up?

Ever just stop and feel where you are and what you’re doing? Ever take a second to really tune into what’s happening inside of you; where you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing?

I think we kinda zombie out a lot of the time. If we feel great, great! If we feel shitty, well, shitty. So what?

If you had the fortitude enough to carry a notebook and pen around with you and document how, everything you did, made you feel, think of the knowledge you’d gain. Think of the way you could position yourself with everything you did. Or, at least know what direction to head in. You’d have, on record, all your thoughts and feelings from every experience you were part of. That little book, right there in black and white staring at you, would be able to say, “don’t do this anymore. We wrote it down so you’d remember that this isn’t helpful.”

We do lots of things that don’t add to our fulfillment, and it’s different for everyone. What we all do share is the disregard to say, “hey, that doesn’t make me feel so great. I’ll stop. But, that does. I’ll do that.” And so, we get lost in it. We feel bummed out without even noticing it anymore. We watch the same television that numbs our minds, eat the same foods that weigh us down, interact with same people that do nothing to expand our being but rather contract it and those of the others’ around them, we wear the same clothes that make us feel crummy, we do the same uninspiring physical activities, and on and on I go.

We don’t pay attention to how we really feel and almost care less to because it becomes “normal”. It’s commonplace. And, commonplace is easy; it’s status quo. It’s getting you nowhere.

So, here’s the two-step program for this thing:

1 – start paying attention, and

2 – start saying “yes” to the right things and “no” to the not-so-right things.

Some things might take a bit more courage than others to say the “yes” or “no” to. But, when you experience the benefit of the little things you can do, like not eat three donuts in a single sitting, then you’ll be able to extrapolate that to being able to decline on getting together with that person that just complains about everything and everyone. There’s a difference between a friend that needs a shoulder and a person that wants an accomplice.

You don’t have to say “yes” to having the energy sucked from you.

Finding daily fulfillment is just about recognizing what it is that does it for you each and every day. Creating a fulfilling life is saying “yes” to those things over and over again. It’s saying “yes” to filling your Heart and your being with the people, places and things that grow you. And also, saying “yes” to being able to say “no” to the people, places and things that stifle you.

Can’t forget, either, it’s also about a resounding “YES” to….

Be Love.









accepted everywhere

Love value

Chances are, you’re probably doing it wrong.

It seems as though you have it figured out, but you probably don’t. Not entirely, at least. It’s the reason why you could usually feel better on any given day. Or, every day, for that matter.

It’s the credit you give to yourself. It’s what you believe you’re worth. Or, lack thereof; on both accounts.

Consciously or not, you’re judging yourself all the time. And, most likely, not measuring up. It’s not your fault, though. It can’t be. To be surrounded with the “ideals” and the “perfections” the way we are, would leave nearly anyone with an insurmountable level of insecurity and uncertainty.

Whether it’s how you look, where you live, how many friends you have, the job you go to, how charming you are; it’s not enough. None of it offers a true sense of self-worth. None of it really taps into who you really are. Even the people around us, those that we “love” and those that we don’t “love” all that much, often unbeknownst to them, contribute to our lack of self-worth.

It’s because we’re doing it wrong. We’re using the wrong scale of measure. When what you’re comparing to, what you’re attempting to measure up to, is outside of you, you’ll never reach it. How can you reach anything that is and will always be outside of you? How can you be anything that isn’t YOU?

But, it’s what we’re conditioned to believe. Sure, we’re told that it’s okay to be us and that we, in fact, should be who we are. But, we’d be a better ‘us’ if we only had “insert here”. And, I’m not just talking about stuff. I’m talking about being smarter or more fun or charismatic or happy-go-lucky. If none of that stuff is in you, then what? You don’t feel worth a damn, that’s what.

There’s only one scale. It’s your scale. Only you get to use that scale; no one else. And, no matter what, you get as much credit as there is to be gotten, every single day.

How else will you be able to allow yourself to be Love? It’s not anywhere but inside your Heart. I know it’s not easy to ignore what the magazine covers say you should look like, or why your parents feel the necessity to point out everything “wrong” that you do, or why you can’t find that perfect relationship to share with a partner – but why fall into it? Why strive to never be able to reach the outside?

It’s not about what you’re doing “out there” or how much you’re accumulating or who you’re impressing. It’s what you’re doing to feel your Heart and what you’re doing to help others do the same for themselves. The only Heart you can touch is yours. That’s why it’s your scale and yours alone. That’s the measurement to which there is no limit. Every day that you’re living in your Heart and from your Heart, is the best you could ever do regardless of what that translates into or looks like. All it takes is the willingness, your Heart and You.

And, just for the record, when you begin to transform your life based upon that scale, everything translates into Love. 🙂

Be Love.