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LinkedIn v. facebook v. Twitter v. Love

love facebook

I’m LinkedIn.

I have a few hundred “friends” in this ‘book’ without any real pages.

I can ‘tweet’; I’m not a bird.

Social media is amazing; it really is. It’s simultaneously brought down the borders and barriers to our personal connection and yet made our world seem smaller than ever. We can share nearly everything in our lives, even the fluff. I mean, let’s be for real, it’s mostly just fluff.

I have the ability to endorse someone’s proficiency in ‘strategic management’, I can ‘like’ the picture you posted of what you just ate for breakfast (if I want) and one quick click will retweet the super insightful quip you just composed in 140 characters or less (insert eye roll here).

Can’t you just feel the world turning into a better place?

I read a University study on how the overuse of facebook can cause depression. Depression. Because we see all these “exciting” parts of the lives of others all captured in this one place, over and over. We get jealous. We get envious. And so, we get depressed. We never think that people don’t want to post the shit they go through. We just see the rainbows and never the rain clouds.

What if there was a site, an internet community, where we still saw all the good things in people, but they inspired us and made us feel Loved? Like, my options to endorse you weren’t, “project management”, “taxation” and “mortgage agreements”. But rather, “has a big Heart”, “will make you smile” and “is always willing to help out”?

What if the only things I could “like” were acts of kindness or beautiful pictures of Mother Nature or how you just got the biggest, best hug ever?

What if the only things that were “trending” were all about #Love?

What the world needs more of, is the shameless self-promotion of all the good things you give and receive in life. How many doors you hold open, the number of smiles you got today and how you volunteered over the weekend. Oh, and obviously, every little bit of Love you live.

These are the stories that make our Hearts smile. These are the stories that push us to be better. These are the stories that form community. Instead of busying ourselves trying to generate more “fluff”, why don’t we one-up each other in all the great things we can do?

Call me crazy, but I see a place where a community thrives on sharing all the wonderful experiences that happen to us and because of us. I see a place that, very simply, shares all the Love we’re giving and receiving. And, in turn, I see that place being somewhere we can all go for support whether it’s because we’re having a bad day at work, we’ve lost a loved one or just because life sucks sometimes.

If you see that place, too, let me know. We should talk.

Be Love.








all it takes is once and you’ll be hooked

love now

Good; now.

Not so good; later. Or, better yet, never.

When it comes to the things we want, we usually want it, like, right now. Or even more so, ten minutes ago. Dinner, being at the front of the line, green lights, your paycheque, for your kids to stop being nuts and on and on. NOW.

You know what doesn’t happen “now” often enough?

Love. (you knew that was coming).

We wait for it. We barter for it. We analyze it. We dissect it. But, like many a sneaker ad, we rarely just do it.

Wherever, however, whenever, we’ve developed this idea that Love is on the endangered species list. It’s a rare commodity and there’s only so much we have to give. So, we feel the need to hold it close to us. We feel the need make sure that whoever gets it, deserves it. We feel the need to be sure that we get it return.

So, what happens? Nothing. Nothing happens.

Nothing happens because we’re too scared and too proud to just let it fly.

We’re too scared to tell someone we miss them, or we Love them, or “I’m sorry”, or that we forgive them. Why? Well, for one, we may put ourselves in an immensely vulnerable situation and that’s being ‘weak’, right? For two, we may have to admit we’re wrong, or even worse, just let something go that someone has done to us. And, that’s ‘weak’, too, right? Or, finally, what if we end up never being right again because we chose to be happy; because we chose Love? Super ‘weak’, right? I know.

It’s getting old for me; hanging onto things that don’t matter, being apologetic to be who I really feel I am, allowing myself to be in situations and circumstances that want to silence Love. And, I’m glad it’s getting old because it’s strengthening my resolve.

Think about it. Think about when you really feel good in life; when you really feel like you’re moving in the direction of your potential. It’s when you’re doing the things that you know are good for you; exercising, eating right, reading, laughing, being outside, helping others. That doesn’t mean you can’t sit on the sofa, eat potato chips, watch mindless television, bitch, stay in bed and be selfish, it just begs the question, “what are you doing more of?”

You want the ultimate high? Just Love. Love everywhere. Love your shitty job. Love your overpriced purse. Love your crazy parents. Love Love. When you get in this mind frame, you can’t be touched. It’s, literally, a feeling of invincibility.

I know I’m not saying much, but what is there really to say about this? There’s no manual or list of steps. Like many a sneaker ad, just do it. Think about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Is it Love? Are you drawing the power from your Heart? Anything less will simply take it from you.

The time to get over ourselves and all the crap around us is always, now. The time to let go is always, now. The time to just Love is always, now.

Be Love.


Brice Royer – everything for nothing

 100000ft2 – I’m selling unconditional love for $0.00
Hello, I am selling unconditional love for $0.

Infinite square feet lot. Includes refreshing air, sunshine, the Earth, beautiful mountains and the ocean. A stunning ‘classic’ heritage made 4.5 billion years ago.

Address: Earth, Solar System, Milky Way.

Available now to serious buyers. Perfect for the first-time buyer and experienced investors feeling empty and trapped with stress and pressure to maximize Return on Investment because of family and stakeholders expectation.

I received it a long time ago when I was born. I received the gift of life from my parents, the sun, the water, the Earth, the air, a smile, a hug, a helping hand, without being asked anything in return. I didn’t earn any of them. They belong to public domain, the commons, “Mother Earth” or God, if you’re religious.

At some point, my ancestors were afraid and decided to own land that once belonged to everyone, sell services that were once freely given, and even own humans through debt. Since it was claimed or stolen by those who made the laws themselves with a series of ‘legitimate’ transfers, then any law that enforces private ownership is perpetuating a crime. Not all laws are morally just. Only recently, slavery was legal and women weren’t allowed to vote. Why pay for something that was stolen from you? They made a mistake. I’m sorry. Let’s start fresh with this new sale.

Although I am only one human and my time and resources are limited, my soul and the intention of love is eternal, and so is yours… and I would like us to share that experience.

I don’t accept cheques or mortgage payments, only cash payments of $0. You are also welcome to re-sale it for $0. But I must warn you… it will multiply once you do.

If you would like to join this incredible investing opportunity, you can email me by clicking on ‘reply’ to this post or visiting

Thank you,
The seller

P.S: Yes, I am for real. If you’d like to learn more about me, the seller, you can read this article on the Vancouver Sun. I’m a cancer patient who believes that love can heal me.

PPS: If you are disappointed and missed out on the $51 million Point Grey mansion recently sold in Vancouver, then you are in luck. What I am offering is priceless.


Unconditional love is in high demand in today’s Vanvouver housing market. I will give you a 100% commission of $0.00 on the sale. Please inquire for details!

12 March: Two prospect buyers contacted me.
13: A real estate agent is interested in representing this sale. One new prospect.
14: 3 new buyers.
15: An organization called Sustainable Human shared this to their 1 million fans… many new buyers.. Thank you!
16: It looks like it went viral. Here’s one of a few articles people emailed : “Craigslist Ad for ‘Unconditional Love’ Reaches Over 1 Million Views. Read more at”
17: More social media shares… many emails…people tell me they heard of this on Film for Action ( , Gawker, Nature and environmental websites, and more… Some people have re-posted this ad in their city, like this one ( show contact info html) Very beautiful stories. So much love.
17: CNN, Global News, Vancouver Sun and international media contacted me. Vancity here:

Comments from viewers and buyers:
“The best real estate ad ever in Vancouver.”
“Hi, I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for years. Your ad and the article about your gift circle gave me something I haven’t felt for what feels in forever… Hope.”
“Greetings. I am interested in investing ALL of my wealth, totalling $0.00, and would ask that you offer any real estate of my surplus $0.00 to those less fortunate.
“Thank you for the smiles. <3 I am hunting for a home, dreaming that one might be affordable…I loved reading your ad. It was reassuring to my soul.”

…More comments
“Thank you, bless you!!! YOU have sent out the best medicine to us all.. ”
“This is the best sale in a human history . . .”
“WE need this. My husband and I are fighting separate battles against depression, anxiety, addiction, and the everyday injustices of immoral lawmakers. We may lose our home.”
“Is it a dream? your ad, if its for real, made me cry out of emotion, since I believe is the way to return to our healthy connection with mother Earth and ourselves, as a human community with relationships anchored in Love, no more fear. ”
From a 14 year old: “I was actually talking to my sister recently, and she asked about my iPod Touch that I had stopped using, because I’ve switched to my mum’s old iPhone 4s, so I asked “what were you planning to do with it?”, and she told me about this gifting circle and little about your story. I was beyond interested. I mean, what kind of 14 year old isn’t interested in cool stuff, and being able to chip into the city she lives in?”

Frequently Asked Questions:
“Why are you selling the Earth for $0?”
I’m simply correcting the housing bubble. The Earth’s asking price for its abundant gifts to us has always been $0.00.

“Do I have to be a good person to deserve this gift?”
No. The Sun rises on both the evil and the good, the Earth’s rain falls on both the righteous and the wrongdoers.. That’s the Sun’s and the Earth’s unconditional love to all of us. We didn’t earn any of it.

“What does free property have anything to do with unconditional love?”
Everything. Here’s a beautiful poem that may answer your question: “”Even After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look What happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky.” – Hafiz, A persian poet of the 1300.

“Can you do that? Is this legal? What if the government evicts me?”
Since I’m returning the Earth which rightfully belongs to everyone, then it makes all previous legal title claims over the Earth invalid. Love is rebellious and revolutionary.

Please, live and eat freely on this Earth wherever you choose as long as it does not cause harm to others. If your government enforces an eviction based on outdated and immoral private property laws, which ignored the formal laws of the commons and of indigenous people, then you can simply show them this “new” title deed of the Earth’s unconditional love which I have sold to you for $0.00. If they refuse to accept it, you may wish to take them to their own Supreme Court to change this law, and who knows, you may eventually win because what I stated above is based on historical facts.

“Am I alone in buying unconditional love? Who else is doing this?”
You’re not alone. For example, there is the Law of the Rights of Mother Earth passed by the President of Bolivia. Indigenous cultures and ancient cultures lived this way. If you’re Christian, perhaps you could use your Canadian rights of religious freedom to live on the Earth based on Acts 2 and 4. “Now the whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common.” This is not legal advice. Please consult your lawyer. Whatever path you decide is up to you!
The truth of the matter is simple. Love, the Earth, the Sun and the stars are not for sale and they cannot be owned for any other price than $0.00.

Can I repost this ad in my city? Can I translate it in my language? Can I share, copy, re-sale, edit, etc on my blog, news website, etc?
Yes. My public content is un-copyrighted, no rights reserved, and free to use, mix, etc, by all life forms including cats… I claim no ownership to my thoughts or pictures because they’re not ‘mine’ to own. I’m not a possessive guy, unless it’s chocolate cookies… Use your own name if you wish, no need to credit me. There’s an infinite amount of unconditional love, so feel free to look for buyers and re-sell it. The Earth’s unconditional love is yours. Why not post it in New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney, etc? Go for it.

“Would you accept £0 as well?”
Yes, I accept all foreign currency as long as it’s 0.00.

“What interesting emails have you received since posting this ad?”
Someone sent me an inspiring letter from the Chief of Seattle in the 1800. I found this inspiring and would like to share it with you: “The President in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land. But how can you buy or sell the sky? the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them? … One thing we know – there is only one God. No man, be he Red man or White man, can be apart. We ARE all brothers after all.”

“This is amazing. How can I find out what happens with this sale?”
This ad will expire in 45 days due to Craigslist’s rules. But that’s okay because Love is eternal. And when I have time I’ll be posting updates on my Facebook if you want to follow:

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

“Jetson, you’rrrrrrrre….Loved!”


What if you worked for Love?

Ever wonder what that would be like? Of course not. That would be craaaaaazy. 🙂

Okay seriously (I know, I know), what would it be like if you worked for Love?

Well, you could never do anything wrong, for starters.

You would never have to worry about being late.

If you wanted more Love, you would just have to ask. And, you’d get it. No more waiting for the annual review process and being compared to the mega keener who sits in the cubicle across the way.

Oh, you’d ALWAYS like going to work!

You could wear whatever you wanted.

It’s the ultimate in job security.

There’s unlimited vacation. Although, every day would feel like a vacation, anyway.

It’s extremely rewarding.

Everyone else who works there is really great.

You get the corner office. In fact, the whole place is corner offices.


We do the things we do, live the lives we live, think the things we think, a little bit backwards. If ever in the right direction at all.

Instead of doing what you do, and maybe shining a little Love here and there in the process, what if, at the start and end of everything we did, there was Love? So much of our life is oriented toward achieving some sort of tangible goal, from a daily to an annual basis. Rarely, do we ever set the goal to “work in Love”, and allow the rest to come towards it.

Sure, you go to your earthly job to get a paycheque; yes, money is important. But, what if you used it as vehicle to see how many lives you could positively impact in a given day.

You exercise each day, not with the drudgery of just getting it over with, but because keeping healthy and active is way to Love yourself.

You, perpetually, turn the other cheek because Love is all that matters. Think of what fades faster, the anger you receive from the outside, or the anger you generate on the inside?

You believed in yourself – always. It’s just a choice. Just like how not believing in yourself is a choice.

When you work for Love, the entire Universe will work for you. It’s because, Love is the boss.

There truly is a way to step into that space whereby Love can bring you up and it can bring you down (in a good way). It’s about trusting that there is something at work that is grander than any of us can understand. It’s about letting go, a bit and also taking charge, a bit. It’s about finding what’s going to work for you. That’s the other great thing about Love, you get to create whatever position you want, so long as it’s from your Heart.

Because, I too, work at this every day, maybe I can’t explain it quite as well as it deserves? That’s why you need to continue to ask yourself what it means to work for Love. Just for you. Not anyone else. Often, the question alone will give you more direction than the answer.

Be Love.









can’t you think of anything new?

banana love

Ah yes.

“Love yourself”. Yet again. It’s big one. It’s important. It’s kinda everything. And, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we talk about it, either.

The reason that Loving yourself is the top banana, is basically this, freedom.

Loving yourself is dropping the expectation, it’s letting go, it’s forgiveness. It’s all the fluffy shit everyone believes is easier said than done. But, it’s not. It’s really not. We just say that so that we don’t have to face it. We don’t want to be different, or adversarial, or unagreeable, or….wait for it, have to deal with ourselves. If you want to Love yourself, all that and more, is on the menu. With a big helping of lighten the fuck up.

I really don’t know how much I can preach about this stuff. It’s just something you have to do if you want to make ground. There are so many things in life that we do that aren’t showing ourselves Love. When you put yourself in a place of disharmony or unrest, it’s withholding Love from yourself. When you withhold Love from yourself, it’s going to be pretty difficult to offer the Universe the best version of yourself. And, that’s what it’s all about; being the best version of you. We all, including you, benefit from that version.

So, what stands in the way of not Loving ourselves? Fear. (Broken record, are we?) Some people will think that fear is the opposite of Love. This camp doesn’t think that. This camp thinks that fear is a just a jerk that stands in the way of Love.

Any instance we create for ourselves that imbues dissonance from our Heart, is because of fear. It’s fear of consequence, it’s fear of loss, it’s fear of the unknown. The real truth is, you can say “no”, you can tell someone you don’t want them in your life any longer, and yes, you can quit your job. It’s not the only one out there.

Shedding the desire to avoid fear and moving toward bringing in Love, is what will create your freedom. And really, isn’t that what we’re all searching for on some level? Freedom from stress, from financial obligation, from a destructive relationship, from negative self image. It’s freedom. And, the ultimate freedom, is the one where you just pile on mountains of Love on yourself. What’s most important? If I Love myself, or if someone else loves me? I have to live with me every day. I owe it to myself to make me numero uno. And, the truth is, all that time we spend trying to make sure everyone loves us, how much of it is really Love? Love, with a capital “L”?

Two things and I’ll let you be. One – ask yourself, as much as you can remember, “am I showing myself Love right now?” Two – if you’re not, “what am I scared of?”

Be Love.









Love to hate?

loev to hate

Love like the sun.

Hate like the wind.

When we think about “Love”, we think about Love – hugs, joy, Oreos – good stuff.

The trouble is that it’s a really big setup for a fall.

If the goal seems just too unreachable, our inclination to attempt it is probably going to be really low. It just makes intuitive, human sense. Not everyone climbs Mount Everest because, even though we all could, not everyone believes they can.

And so, being Love ALL THE TIME; is that realistic? But then, what does it mean to you to be Love ALL THE TIME?

If we’re supposed to turn every cheek we have, always be the bigger person, never have a negative thought, instantly forgive and constantly see the bright side, you’d have to quit your job and buy an island. Not tell anywhere where the island is, cancel all your mail and get a boat. Then maybe you could be Love around the clock.

So, what’s it mean to be Love all the time?

It doesn’t mean trying to put yourself in a place that isn’t even comprehensible. It doesn’t mean being a doormat. And, it definitely doesn’t mean denying yourself your feelings.

There’s a way to Love everyone. 100%. You Love their place in the Universe. You Love their being. You Love that they are part of your education here. You Love that you don’t Love them. But, you sure as shit don’t have to like them. You don’t have to always smile at them. You don’t have to give them half your sandwich. And, you don’t have to agree with them.

The tough spot we put ourselves in about being Love, is the notion of perfection. We have to be Love all the time, otherwise we’re imperfect. But, the idea of being Love all the time, probably isn’t what may have you thought. Maybe we have to change how that looks to each of us? As for being perfect; you are. Always. Forever.

If you don’t like someone, there’s nothing wrong with owning it. You don’t have to feel bad about it. You don’t have to persecute yourself for it. And, you don’t have to be ashamed of it. But, most importantly, don’t attach yourself to it. When you create that attachment to that negativity, that’s what pulls you down. Just hate, and breeze on by.

Do I hate anyone? No. I don’t think I’m capable of those feelings anymore. But, there are people that I don’t like; people I don’t agree with; people that get on my nerves. What’s the solution? Let it happen and let it go. Acknowledge it and abandon it. I don’t have to go out of my way to let someone know I don’t like them. But, it’s okay for me to have those feelings. The detriment that’s created is towards ME, when I give the negativity, power.

Tahini paste. I don’t like tahini paste. But, I’m not thinking about it day and night. I don’t buy it and I don’t eat it. I don’t tell other people to dislike tahini paste. I’m not going to feel bad for not liking it. No thank you and next.

You can do just that with anything or anyone. The reason is because the challenge is not the subject of your disdain, the challenge is with you. And you, is in charge of you.

Be Love. [as much as you can]