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there’s a cloud in that silver lining?


The Buddha said;

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”.

The Buddha is a smart guy.

So, you’re here on Earth. You’re a human being; at times, being human more than others. You’re also, and really truly, a spiritual being. Right now, for where we all are, we need both “beings”. They work together.

As human beings, we feel pain; a stubbed toe, a bad back, a mean insult, a shot to our ego or a broken heart. We feel pain. Arguably, no choice around it. But, the suffering that goes with that pain? What of that?

You can choose the cloud or you can choose the silver lining.

Most physical pain, like over-zealously being pushed into a dresser, will fade in time. Emotional and mental anguish; that one’s up to you.

The greatest barrier we face is ourselves. We like to attach, “good” and “bad” to everything. Something, “good” happens, and I’m happy; I’m enjoying myself. Something, “bad” happens, and I don’t feel so good; I feel out of control and a bit hopeless.

What if, when the “bad” things happen, we thought about how it’s integral to our path of growth? What if, we were able to know that, whatever it was, it was part of how we’ve chosen to grow as a spiritual being? Would you suffer less? Would you suffer at all?

Remember being a kid and it seemed like your parents just wanted to ruin your fun? Like, they were never kids before and didn’t understand what it was all about. As far as you were concerned, they were born as 40 year old grumps. If you’re a parent now, do you get it? Even if you’re not a parent, do you see?

Sure, some stuff was probably just to ruin your fun. But, most of it was because you didn’t know better. You didn’t know what was around the corner or down the road, but they did. Ultimately, it was done from a place of Love and for your well-being.

The Universe is your spiritual parent.

Everything the Universe does for you, it does with Love. It does it because it needs to be done for you. On the surface, it seems shitty, it seems unnecessary, it makes you look up and ask, “why are you doing this to me?” Without any specific details required, the answer is always, “because you need it to happen to you”.

Ending your suffering begins with Love. It begins with knowing that you are surrounded and guided by Love. You don’t have to ignore your feelings and pain. But, stop and tell yourself that what’s happening is because it’s important for you. You don’t need to understand why it’s happening. Remind yourself of this as much as it takes. Remind yourself that whatever is causing your suffering, isn’t. It’s the attachment of believing that, “this is bad”. Even emotionally, time heals all. There is nothing that stops us from making that time, now.

Live Love. Be Love.





make like a tree and Love


What’s the difference between you and this tree?

Lots, right?

Sure. But, not really.

Air, food, water; you both need all of those. Love? Yup. That, too. Trees get Love – from the sun, the birds and most of all, Mother Earth. You and that tree are a lot the same. With unequivocation, above all, you’re both part of the universe and that’s the connection we all share, with everything. We look different, but we’re not different.

I’d venture to say that tree is all about the now. All about doing what it needs to do, to be exactly what it is; a tree. It doesn’t agonize about the past, fret about the future or try to be something it’s not.

And, based upon that photo, it doesn’t much look like that tree will let anything stand in its way of being a tree.

It’s giving up and not giving up all at the same time.

We’re here, on Mother Earth, to be Love. This I know. It’s part of my truth. I can choose that truth or I can choose to shroud it with whatever allure that suits me. It’s entirely within my ability to give up the idea that I’m anything but Love and to never give up trying to be Love. We cloak ourselves in jobs, appearance, status, wealth; everything and anything you could think of. When, all it really is, is Love.

Like the tree, that will push its way through dozens of feet of rock to be a tree, we too, need to push ourselves through the layers of misdirection convincing us we are not Love. Like the tree, never giving up to plant its roots through the rock, we too, must continue to push our way through whatever it is that takes our focus away from being Love.

The tree, with its basic and beautiful intelligence, knows it’s a tree. It wants to be a tree. And us, theoretically, far superior in “intelligence”, we are lost. We push away our truth to be Love.

We can become a product of our environment and seemingly fade into the shadows, or we can create an environment that is a product of us and grow towards the light.

If that tree had never conquered the rock and there was no such landscape to see, the world, I’m certain, would keep turning. But, it created such beauty that I was compelled to share it. You are no different. You are the creation of beauty waiting for you to share it.

Be Love.


Bloom Where You Are Planted


Now Is the Time

by Madisyn Taylor

The time to blossom is now, not sometime in the future when you believe the stars will be aligned for you.

Having a vision for our future that differs from our current circumstances can be inspiring and exciting, but it can also keep us from fully committing to our present placement. We may become aware that this is happening when we notice our thoughts about the future distracting us from our participation in the moment. We may find upon searching our hearts that we are waiting for some future time or situation in order to self-actualize. This would be like a flower planted in North Dakota putting off blooming because it would prefer to do so in Illinois.

There are no guarantees in this life, so when we hold back we do so at the risk of never fully blossoming. This present moment always offers us the ground in which we can take root and open our hearts now. What this means is that we live fully, wherever we are, not hesitating because conditions are not perfect, or we might end up moving, or we haven’t found our life partner. This can be scary, because we might feel that we are giving up our cherished dreams if we do not agree to wait for them. But this notion that we have to hold back our life force now in order to find happiness later doesn’t really make sense. What might really be happening is that we are afraid to embrace this moment, and ourselves, just exactly as we are right now. This constitutes a tendency to hold back from fully loving ourselves, as we are, where we are.

We have a habit of presenting life with a set of conditions—ifs and whens that must be fulfilled before we will say yes to the gift of our lives. Now is the time for each of us to bloom where we are planted, overriding our tendency to hold back. Now is the time to say yes, to be brave and commit fully to ourselves, because until we do no one else will. Now is the time to be vulnerable, unfolding delicately yet fully into the space in which we find ourselves.

Loving 9-5, what a way to make a living!

wall clock on the wood background

This was originally titled, “why you’re not successful in your job”. I was going to write about how we misguidedly define “success”, how we just do what’s good for us and why we’ll never make a difference because we don’t care about seeing the big picture; the universal picture. But, then I was reminded that theheartmovement was about Love and being positive and cute puppies and all those wonderful things.

So, instead,

“Loving 9 – 5, what a way to make a living”

And, here we go.

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work. We’re pretty much always surrounded by people we don’t necessarily use in the same sentence or thought as ‘Love’. People we, largely, know nothing about. People we probably get frustrated with. People we don’t have a vested interest in for anything except what we need from them. For all intensive purposes; just kidding – for all intents and purposes, we view many of these people as the unavoidable barriers to our life. Are there people that do fall into the ‘Love’ category for us? Absolutely. But we’ll save that for another week.

This week, we’re issuing challenges.

This week, we’re going to try and Love these folks.

The greatest part about this challenge is that it literally offers you perpetual opportunities to practice. The opportunities are as many as there are people that cross your path. You want to make a difference? You want to change the world? You don’t need to build a school. Just start Loving people.

You can smile at any person you choose. And, getting one is return is irrelevant.

Leave a $5 Tim Hortons gift card, anonymously, on someone’s desk.

Say hello or goodnight to the cleaning staff. Or, better yet, say “thank you”. Regardless, of the fact that they are paid to do a job, think of what they do for you.

Hugs are okay at work. Be courageous.

If you choose to be a grump, the only person that deserves your grumpiness is you. Don’t project it on to others.

Cheer up a grump.

Put down your phone.

Look up from your computer.

Make eye contact.

Stop judging what you don’t understand or know anything about. That, definitely, includes people.

Apologize to someone. Regardless, of how long ago it should have been.

That stranger you’ve seen in the elevator 41 times? Ask them how they’re doing. Don’t just look at your shoes. You already know what they look like. They’re your shoes.

Talk to someone at work, just because they’re a person. Not because you need something from them.

Listen. Don’t just wait for your turn to speak.

Admit that you’re wrong.

Encourage someone.

Encourage everyone.

Be patient.

Each and every person is an opportunity to practice Love. Especially, in those situations that are most challenging. The only way to get there is through repetition and practice. There is no magic formula to any of this. It’s simply about remembering that you have a choice in every circumstance. You can choose to be exasperated or angry or sad. Or, you can choose to….

Be Love.










dude, shut up already! yeesh.

puzzle heart

Last Thursday, something happened on the bus.

Okay. It really all happened in my head. But, it’s all the same, right? What really is real, anyway? 😉

Each morning I take the bus to work, I try to meditate. Meditation can be a million different things for a million different people. On the bus ride to work, for me, it’s stillness of my mind; almost sleeping, but not. Keeping still, feeling the air in my lungs, hearing the sounds around me, but not listening to them.

Thursday morning, I was listening. My eyes were closed; mindfully, I was getting to where I needed to be. The bus made its next scheduled stop, picking up its next scheduled passengers. Little did I know, this stop was the stop with the guy who didn’t have an inside voice. I’m sure he meant no annoyance to anyone and probably wasn’t really aware that he spoke louder than Samuel L. Jackson, but there he was. The guy whose dial is always set on 11.

I kept my eyes closed. I told myself it wasn’t anything I couldn’t overcome. My peace is louder than his war. It wasn’t working. The more I tried, the louder it got. I wanted it to stop, but each time there was a break in his conversation, I sat there waiting for his next word. I wasn’t really attracting calm; I was beckoning the disturbance.

Maybe if I opened my eyes, turned back and glared at him, that would do something? No. It wouldn’t. I knew it wouldn’t. All it would do is put a face to the voice. What if ended up meeting him some day? My impression of him would be poisoned by now knowing the identity of my morning meditation murderer.

That wasn’t the answer.

But, what was? I knew there was an answer. There’s always an answer.

I shared my Heart with him. In my mind, I gave him a piece of my Heart. My Heart didn’t get any smaller when I did this, but the external disorder did. And, I still had my Heart intact; the same as it was before I gave away a piece.

So, without opening my eyes, I gave everyone on the bus a piece of my Heart. In my mind, I stood up from my seat, with my heart-shaped Heart in my hands and walked up and down the aisle giving everyone a part of it. It never got any smaller. I could give and give and give, and it was still there. As strong as it could ever be.

As this all “happened” with my eyes closed, rear end still in my seat, I felt the effect. I felt the message that I could give away as much of my Heart and Love as I could muster, and it would never be taken from me. It is there to give. Perpetually. Without exception. Without consequence. Without extinction.

Oh. And, Johnny Microphone shut his yap. 😉

Live Love.

Be Love.