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colour your world


“Did you get what you wanted?”

Was the question, Earl the guy at the paint store asked me while we were waiting for my bill to be printed. As a side note, legit, his name was Earl; probably a pre-requisite to be working at the paint store. 🙂

Because Earl was a very kind and friendly soul, he asked me how Christmas went. And, to be honest, even though we were on the topic of ol’ Santy Claus, I couldn’t have been further from thinking about him and Rudolph.

“No, I didn’t get what I wanted”, was the thought in my head. But, it wasn’t about what was or wasn’t under the Christmas tree; it was about where, what and who I was right then and there. It was all about the darn universe, again.

It’s not as though I felt slighted or cheated or anything like that, it’s just that it sort of sunk my spirit. Like, an anchor just pulled me down. I felt incomplete, a hole in the middle, a donut. Why WASN’T I getting what I wanted?

Probably, because I don’t think I’ve been asking.

As kids, we stood a lot better of a chance getting what we wanted if we made a list for our parents to give to Santa. Otherwise, how would he know? Whether we knew it or not, it was all about our intention to get that Nintendo.

Invariably, we all want something or somethings. A car, a dream job, a best friend, a television, Love (we all just really want Love. Everything else is noise). But, what are we doing about it? Me? I probably take the wrong angle more often than I take the right one. And, the wrong angle is not having intention. It’s focusing on what I don’t have, not creating what I can have.

It’s, basically, not taking accountability for what can be yours. It’s not living in the space you want to be in. It’s corny, but if you want to be a winner, you have to start thinking and playing like a winner before the game even starts. External factors aren’t the reason why we feel like something’s missing. Everything is in us.

Finding a television is the same as discovering your dream job as it is being Love. It’s all about intention from within. The avenue you take might be different, but the foundational path is the same. Get some flyers and see what kind of televisions are out there. Sit at the table and make a list of everything that would encompass your dream job and what you need to do to make it real. And, simply, to get Love, you have to give Love. You have to be Love.

It’s all about intention.

There’s nothing outside of you that will fill the hole, no matter how little or big, how material or spiritual. Everything is inside of you and is driven by your intention to discover it.

The starting point is asking for what you want. It’s trusting that Love will give you the answer; but you have to ask. Otherwise, the answer is always no. And, what comes may or may not be the way you want or expect it to, but your intention is what keeps the course. You’ll get what you need to get, even though you may not know why at the time. Be the question, be the answer.

be Love.





merry Love-mas!

peanuts nativity

A couple thousands of years ago, there was this guy that was born. Same way you and I were; under the stars (in one way or another), crying, probably hungry – no real magic here.

He grew up to be a bit of a hippie; had long hair, a beard, never wore socks and said some “interesting” (ie. bizarre) stuff. Some people Loved him, some people hated him. Ultimately, though, I think everyone eventually came to realize that he was a pretty good guy, all in all.

Regardless of if you agree with him or not, the fact remains that we all make a pretty big deal on his birthday. Not usually, out of his birthday, but definitely on his birthday – two different things. Nonetheless, homes made enough of an impact that we’re still talking about him those two thousand years later.

The reason for the season

There’s a fair bit of debate as to why this guy was here and what he did. Some believe it was his job to re-open the gates of heaven. Some believe he started a religion. And, even some believe he performed a bunch of miracles like walking on water.

Me? Well, I believe he performed one, sort of, all encompassing miracle. Every day, he woke up, went out into the world and gave unconditional and unrelenting Love and compassion. To everyone. No matter who they were, where they came from or what they did to him. Brother was a sandal wearing, Love and compassion machine.

He didn’t saunter around doling out a bunch of “thou shalts” (that’s old testament stuff). There weren’t any “thou shalt go to church” or “thou shalt create an enormous retail/consumer frenzy and give gifts to each other on my birthday”. Truthfully, the only implied “thou shalt” was “thou shalt Love and forgive each other”. And, even then, it was optional.

The point is, he gave his life in the name of Love and compassion. And, I guess he did call out a few people on their shit along the way. By giving his life, I don’t mean he died for Love and compassion, but he lived for Love and compassion. That is the only way in which he is different than you and I.

So, amidst thinking about what you’re going to exchange for what you just unwrapped, having another figgy pudding and crazy uncle so-and-so at family dinner tonight, think about how much (or how little) you’re living for Love. No matter what’s under the tree for you this year, it will get old and boring and deteriorate. Eat all the figgy puddings you want; either you’ll work them off at the gym or be content with some extra chubbiness. As for crazy uncle so-and-so, just give the guy a hug and let him be who he needs to be.

Love, in your Heart, in your head, on your sleeve, in the air and everywhere, is what’s going to stand the test of time. It’s what’s going to unveil the real You not only to the world but to yourself. It is the only true gift you have to give and will ever receive.

Merry Christmas!

be Love.



figgy pudding Love

heart earth

This past Friday I was unexpectedly invited to attend something I had no idea about nor had ever attended anything the like of before. So, I said yes. But, before you start applauding my spontaneity, I’ll admit, it was pretty easy to go with it. The invite sounded pretty non-threatening, I was in great company and nowhere was it mentioned that I’d have to walk across burning coals or give tax advice. I was in.

Good decision by me. 🙂

What I attended was a “winter solstice celebration” at a neighborhood church. I’d never been there before, so I can’t speak to what they usually preach about, but last Friday, the governing religion was Love.

Amongst the dozen or so shares, there was a man that told an ancient Buddhist parable, a woman sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, a Jewish fellow took the podium and spoke about Hanukkah, two East Indian women performed a traditional song and accompanying dance, crystal bowls and drums were played for everyone to discover their own meditation to, and finally, we were bid farewell by being wished a Merry Christmas and a figgy pudding.

As I climbed into my truck after the service, I didn’t have much choice but to feel pretty great. It was really a beautiful evening. Within the span of a brief two hours, there were more denominations and ideas represented there than I can remember. And, they were all heard by everyone who chose to attend, chose to accept and chose to Love.

From all corners of the Earth, Love was being offered and Love was being received. Under one simple roof. In an Anglican church.

Love makes the world go ‘round

Maybe I’m behind the curve, but Friday night taught me that this is true; there’s no other way about it. It taught me that it’s possible and it’s happening. And, by more people than I thought, with open minds and open Hearts.

It’s certainly better than never at all, but we don’t have to wait for the winter solstice or Christmas or Valentine’s Day to choose and show Love. Sure, it helps to have the constant reminder ever-present in front of us but, the real reminder is in your Heart. Love is available for us to give all year long; acceptance is accessible January to December; and, compassion never takes a day off.

When your decorations finally come down for the season, don’t let your Love go with it. Deep down, we all just want an opportunity to share our Love and to accept Love without reservation, judgement or expectation. Every person that took the stage and opened their Heart on Friday was met with an open Heart; an open Heart by choice. And, that’s even having to buy tickets to attend to the service. Love is always free, though. 😉

It’s easy to lose sight, but it’s also easy to get it back. You’re not here to drive a fancy car or be famous or have more stuff than someone else. You’re here to make the world go ‘round with Love. And, if as a product of being Love, you drive a fancy car or become famous or have tonnes of stuff, well, even better for you. Just don’t forget that none of those things is a representation of who you really are, Love.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Christmas and more Love than you know what to do with.

be Love.










why do i even bother?


I forgive. I don’t forget.

I give the benefit of the doubt. I judge.

I feel compassion. I project contempt.

I stand up for those that can’t do it for themselves. I wonder why you’re so lazy that you can’t even walk down the down escalator. Not up. Down.

I try. I try, again. And then, I try some more. [It’s because I fail at this, a lot.]

I Love. I don’t love.

Does anyone even read this anymore?

Why do I bother?

It seems like every step forward is met with four in the opposite direction. And, the more opportunities I see where those steps forward should be, the more steps I take in reverse.

So, why do I bother?

I bother because, before the “one step forward in exchange for four steps back”, I wasn’t taking any steps forward. They were all in the wrong direction.

I bother because it’s worth it even though there are lots of times where it seems like it’s not. And, it’s hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.

Have you ever referred to something as the “best in your life”, or “the funniest in your life”, or the “whatever it is in your life”? Have you ever thought, not about whatever the “whatever” is, but about what your life actually is?

What I thought was life before, wasn’t. It was “doing this” and “doing that” to get to some goal or achievement. When you truly find life, there are no more goals or achievements. Life is the goal. Life is the achievement. You’ve got it already. There’s nothing you need to earn.

Love is life. Life is Love.

You can choose to have an “easy”, potentially fulfilling life or you can choose to have a challenging assuredly fulfilling life. And yes, when I say “challenging”, I mean hard. But, it doesn’t stay that way. It starts that way; it doesn’t finish that way.

Choosing Love won’t make you superhuman. Choosing Love is like going for that first spring run after the snow has melted; it sucks, it’s slow, your lungs burn, your muscles seize and there’s going to be hell to pay tomorrow. But, it gets easier.  Slowly, if you stay the course, it gets easier.

Love asks a lot. Or, it seems like a lot. But, that’s only because we’re so unfamiliar with how much simplicity it represents. Love will make you look at everything that is and isn’t Love in your life. Love only wants Love. And, if you want to be Love, you have to change what isn’t. Tough.

So, what’s the alternative? Go back to “doing this” and “doing that”? You could. Or, actually, could you? Even if you’re not that far, you’re this far. Can you go back? Do you want to go back? Why not keep going? There’s nothing to lose and everything to Love.

be Love.


even vegetarians buy this one

meat suitcase

A lot of the reason why we hold ourselves back in life is because we have fear. We’re scared. Sometimes a little bit; sometimes, right shitless.

It’s normal, it’s natural, it’s “life”.

But, I have to ask, “what’s to be scared of?”

Well, consequences, right? Yes, of course. So, I’ll further my devil’s advocate-like questioning, “okay….and?”

Well, consequences can be bad. I can lose my job or my house or my money or whatever. That’s true. You can lose all those things. Theoretically, you can lose anything you have. To which I counter, but you can’t lose anything you ARE.

Now, me telling you what you are, might be a tough sell (I’m going to try anyway). Me telling you what you’re not, might be easier.

What you’re not is a meat suitcase for your bones. And, holy dinosaur, that’s definitely a rouse we all fall for over and over and over, again.

To believe that all any of us is, is a bunch of bones walking around with a bunch flesh stapled to it, is craziness. You’re basically telling me that I enter this world, do a bunch of shit and die? It has to be 100% as crazy as believing all you are is Love. Just allow yourself to think about that one….it’s as crazy to believe that you’re just a human being in this physical form, as it is to believe you are greater than great; that you are Love.

And so, which belief is better?

The barrier lies, I think if I’m using this right, in what is part of the human condition. And, that’s to say, it’s easy to believe we are born, we age, we experience and we die. It’s easily believable because it’s tangible; we see it all around us.

What we can never see, is that which is greater than the remedial vision that our eyes experience. We can’t “see” that we are Love. And, because we can’t see this wonderful blanket that can and will protect for as long as we choose, we get scared. We get scared to take chances. We get scared to speak our mind. We get scared to talk to the girl across the room. But, why?! What’s to lose?!

You don’t own any this. I mean, sure; your body is yours and your car is yours, etc, etc, etc. But, eventually, it’s all going to deteriorate and decay and rust and break down. All that will eventually be left of you, is who you really are; Love.

The choice that we all have is that we don’t to have to wait for it to happen that way. You can choose to be Love right now. You can choose to sign up for cooking classes, you can choose to talk to your boss about why you think you deserve more money, you can choose to tell someone why you don’t feel they support you enough, you can choose to sing karaoke, you can choose to work at a greenhouse, you can choose to follow your Heart.

If you can read this, you’re okay. Of all the successes and “failures” you’ve had in life, of all the rewards and “losses” you’ve experienced, you’re still here. You’re okay. What does that tell you? It tells you that you’re always going to make it through. Things get rough and things get tough, but you’re always going to make it. It’s because you’re always going to be Love. It’s the choice you will forever have. No one can ever take that from you.

Live a little.

be Love.