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why your windshield is bigger than your rear view

Reflection; it’s a meaningful and integral component of self-awareness and conscious growth. It’s something that, knowingly or not, we all do.

It’s human nature to think about the past; to revisit it, to recalculate it, to relive it. It’s human nature to allow our past to shape our future. The truth, though, is that our past doesn’t actually shape our future. The truth is that we allow our past to shape who we are right now by that of which we, by choice, then employ to create our future.

The reason your windshield is bigger than your rear view mirror is because what’s in front of you is much more important than what you’ve already passed by. Yet, there can often be an involuntary pull to stay affixed to that what was.

For a lot of us, we don’t just use the rear view to glance at what may be approaching that we don’t expect. We stare. We get lost in it. We begin to forget what direction we’re actually travelling in. This isn’t hard to do. Your windshield isn’t that far from your rear view. We convince ourselves that, even though we’re looking at the reflection of something in behind of us, it’s the forward direction. It can certainly have a tendency to look a lot like what’s in front of us. But, it’s not. And, while what’s back there is integral to your journey, the beliefs that have been created as a product of those travels are limiting to who you really can be. They have created the singularity that is exactly the definition of the past; there is only one option in the past – the option that was.

Uncertainty persuades us to believe the rear view is the windshield. We’ve done what’s back there, we know what it’s like, we’ve been through it before. We want to stay there because we know what it is. We are familiar with it. What happens is that we allow our past to shape who we are right now and that’s it; we end it there. We don’t grow. We don’t get bigger. We don’t see new challenges. We don’t open our Hearts. Yes of course your past plays a part in your present and your future. But, the part it plays is not the one whereby it dictates any timeline beyond what it already was. The part it plays is that moment of reflection as you glance into it to remind yourself that you can be as much of it, or as little of it, as you choose.

The path we travel down doesn’t stop whether we’re looking at the broad expanse of view through the windshield or the compact back facing mirror. Though, when we stare into our rear view with our foot still on the gas, the inevitable happens. We either hit what we didn’t see or we pass by beautiful opportunities in our life because we were too busy trying to navigate a road we’ve already navigated. I guess you could keep looking out the back and just stop accelerating. But then you wouldn’t be going anywhere, would you?

I’m not trying to say that the past is the past and you should leave it there. I’m not saying that at all. But, we all have experiences from our lives that we don’t use to positively impact our future, or very simply, we just hang onto and limit the person we can be. We limit the belief of the person that we can be. You can only be as caring, as open, as compassionate and as Loving of a person as you believe you can be. And, similarly, you can only receive as much of all of that as you believe you deserve.

First you believe, then you can see.

Be Love.




thanks for the presence

We are all responsible for the energy we carry with us.

It’s not meant to be a daunting provocation; it is however, meant to be a resolute reminder. What we carry with us, what we bring with us, will be the moment in which we live. It is as much becoming a product of your environment as it is shaping the environment to be a product of you. That is what energy does.

Be that as it may, this responsibility isn’t a full time job; for two reasons. One – you’re a human being; you can’t always be expected to be ‘on’. Sometimes, you just aren’t there and that’s ok (these are the times when we need someone else to help us out or also when we can just be in the muck). And, two – every moment is another opportunity to raise yourself to a higher energy. You can, literally, reset yourself at any moment in time.

The impact of your presence, intentional or not, is felt by everyone who is connected with you. Argument aside, we are all connected. But, this is also to varying degrees. In fact, even you, yourself, experience your own presence. It seems redundant, but you supply the environment with your energy that creates the energy you supply the environment with. You exist in that environment absorbing what is in that energetic field. Speaking in circles, am I? Think of a time when something crummy happened to you. You rehashed it in your mind. You felt sorry for yourself. You began to agonize over it. You felt even more sorry for yourself. You scrutinized every little detail of the incident while getting deeper into it. You felt the despair of it and so on and so forth.

It’s the same effect as with offering the beauty inside of you; the smile you wear on your face, the way you greet another human being; stranger or friend, the bounce you have in your step. This creates the energy that surrounds everything. And, that’s just the surface stuff. It’s also the deeper, internal energy you carry that will permeate your environment and the people in it. Similarly, you are a receiver of outside energies which are absorbed by your energy field whether you “see” anything or not. Ever know a person that just makes you feel better even if they’re not doing so great? Ever know a person that can just suck the life out of you even if they’re sunshine and lollipops? This is why; it’s the energy thing.

This isn’t as labour intensive or complicated as it may come off to be. It’s really just an acknowledgement and awareness of how we propel our own Universe and those of others around us. There will be people that pick us up and there will be people that we pick up. There will be instances whereby everyone seems to on top of the mountain and others where misery will certainly love company.

Be responsible for your energy. Or, start by just knowing you are responsible for your energy. Feel your energy, feel the energy around you. Connect with it; realize that it is not separate from you. It’s all a conduit to access the truly higher being that you are. And, really, it simply can improve your life. These words; connection, energy, absorb, resonate – they are all related because they drive each other. These actions drive the greater You.

Your presence is a gift. Unwrap it.

Be Love.



mr green


You know there’s this thing that’s happened to me more than a few times now that I keep getting surprised by and know I shouldn’t; “everything is the Universe’s canvas”.

I seem to forget that the Universe speaks to us in different ways, at different times and through different mediums.

I’ve definitely been guilty of thinking that a message of true meaning can only come from a transcendent meditation or a best seller from Oprah’s book club or a profound conversation with someone who appears to be “enlightened”. But, it’s really not solely the case. The Universe doesn’t give two hoots how it gets its message to you, it just wants to get it to you.

More often than not, we approach many situations without an openness to receive. We, sorta, unintentionally “judge a book by its cover”. And, not in a bad way, but in a way that closes us up a bit. It’s not that we do it on purpose; it’s just that we use a very narrow brush to paint our horizon. Whereas the Universe uses a brush the width of which has no bounds.

I know it’s happened to me before where, in a particular situation, the last thing I would expect would be to receive an impactful or heartfelt message. But, it happens. And, it happens again. It’s just the Universe painting our growth with broad brush strokes.

Now, it’s very very possible such a message was only meant for you. Or, it may be that the message was meant to be en masse. Or, it may even be that a bunch of people received it the same way but processed it differently. This is just the Universe doing what it does. And, it does the same from a goofy movie, a fortune cookie or off the back of a city bus just as well as it does from the Dalai Llama or Deepak Chopra. Now, the Dalai Llama and Deepak Chopra, through intention alone, probably have more of a chance at getting you with an insight than the 32 express does, but still. Both can bring meaning if we are open and ready to receive that meaning; if we want the Universe’s attention and we want to give it ours.

What I’m really learning is that the Universe just wants to communicate. It wants to put itself in front of you through the stuff that you put in front of yourself. I don’t want to say the Universe can’t call you up on the telephone, it could very well happen. But, I think it’s more likely that it wants you to show some trust in It by opening up your Heart to the way it knows how to communicate with you.

Maybe just like this?

Be Love.





i think therefore i am….am what?

We think too much.

I’m doing it right now as a matter of fact. I’m sitting here, in front of this keyboard, trying to ensure that the message I want to convey, is conveyed the way I think it should be rather than being more interested in conveying my message the way I feel it should be.

Many of the posts I’ve made here, apparent or not, have had their genesis as a result of some sort of what’s going on in my life. And, rightfully so. Rightfully so because what gets typed in these words isn’t something that is meant to be cerebral. There’s an element of that, sure, as there should be. But, it’s really meant to be emotive. There was a time that, more often than not, I approached this from an analytical position. I tried to ‘think’ of things to write about; ‘think’ of how to get a message across. What I found was that the posts that felt the most fulfilling were those that weren’t about the thinking, but about the feeling.

What’s here is really about creating a connection with myself and what is coming through me from my Heart. And, to not be afraid to share that. It is our minds, our over thinking, that makes us afraid. It’s easy to confuse the two; Heart vs mind. It’s easy to believe that, at those moments when we are about to share are true self, we doubt our Heart. When our true self wants to speak, that is something that originates in our Heart. And, it is something the mind opposes more adamantly than any other instance. Why? Because it believes it is not in control. It doesn’t like to not be in control. This is when the mind puts up its strongest persuasion.

When you experience a true part of your Heart coming through you, it is there because of the Universe. The Universe does not communicate with the mind. It communicates with your Heart. It channels its guidance and knowledge down to your Heart hoping that you will transfer that message up to your mind and allow you to carry it out. As beings trapped in the human condition, we misinterpret that the messages we should largely act upon originate in the mind, to then which we may push down into our Heart for further processing.

When that message of the Heart is coming up to flow out through the mind, the mind feels the force of the Universe behind it and has no choice but to try to exert an equal opposing force to silence it; so that it remains in control. So, when we ‘think’ we are feeling those fearful moments about sharing what we really have inside, what that is, is us feeling the threatened response of the mind. We’re not feeling the fear of our Heart (an impossibility, actually), we are experiencing the fear of the mind. We then easily associate the fear with our Heart rather than with that of the mind and its attempt at maintaining control.

I think I feel that we are who we really are when we act as conduits of our Heart. No one ever hears a story about how someone trusted their mind or relied on how their mind felt. Know why? Because those moments never led to anything beautiful enough to share. It’s “follow your Heart” and not “follow your mind” for a reason. The more seconds we waste in those moments when our Heart is trying to speak, the more we silence the power of the Universe coming to us and coming through us in whatever medium it chooses to. What remains constant is that it always comes to us to give through the Heart or to be received by us to take into our Heart.

I really think you should feel your way through the next one. 😉

Be Love.



a conversation

And, there came a knock.

“Hello?” was the reply, with just barely enough intonation to seem as though it was actually a question.

The knock came again.

“Who is it?”; a different question this time. But, the same question that had been asked many times before, to the very same knock many times before.

“It’s me!”, was the response, in keeping with the transparent, but understandable, charade.

“Why are you here again?”; the voice asked, with just barely enough intonation to seem as though it wasn’t actually a question.

“I never left. Do you want me to go?” knowing what the answer would be.

“No. It’s not that” the voice said, not truly wanting to be left alone.

“What is it, then?” the other voice asked, knowing full well the answer that would come.

“I don’t know what you want from me”, knowing full well that wasn’t really the answer.

“I don’t want anything from you. I never have. That’s not how this works” came the gentle response.

“Well then I don’t know how it works” said the voice not with frustration but with a masked sense of fragility.

“I just want you to let me in” the other voice replied apathetically but with a calm sense of confidence. “But, I know why you don’t want to”.

“I don’t know how I could after what you did to me” the masked fragility now over shadowed by a hesitant uncertain contempt.

“You know that it wasn’t me. I know you know that it wasn’t me” was the still, compassionate assuage. “That’s not who I am. It’s not me. It’s not you either” said the other voice.

“Yes well, I’m pretty sure I can just do this on my own. It’s been like this for awhile now and it’s fine. It’s ok” came the response, absent of any truthful conviction to it.

“You could. You totally could. It’s just that I won’t go away. Not because I think I know what’s best for you, but because I know you really don’t want me to” the other voice said, standing its supportive ground.

“I just….I don’t think it’s going to happen. It hasn’t worked in the past and I can’t see it happening now. So, maybe you should just go” said the voice hoping, and knowing, the other voice wouldn’t keep on with the transparent, but understandable, charade.

“I want to be honest with you” said the other voice. “I’ve, actually, always been honest with you. The past? That wasn’t really me. It may have seemed like it was, but it wasn’t. We weren’t really actually doing it together. You never really let me in. I mean, I wouldn’t still be out here if you had, right?” hoping the attempt at compassionate logic would be more than just audible.


“I know you’re unsure. I know you’re hurt. I know you’re a bunch of things that you never expected to be. I know you think it’s my fault and I’m ok with that. I’ve been here before. I can take it as many times as is necessary. You can trust me. I know exactly what to do so that you don’t have to. I’ve never been scared. I’ve never been hurt. I, actually, can’t be anything except what I am.”

More silence.

“Why don’t we just try it? I promise we’ll think about what we need to do, but we can’t overthink things. We’ll be cautious, but I’ll make us a lot more courageous. I’ll do all the work so you won’t have to do anything. Like I said, I’ve been here before. It’s what I do. And, I’m really good at it.”

The voice on the other side was closer now, but was also quieter, “I’m scared”.

“It’s because I’m not there with you” was the whisper back.

When the Heart reached over to let Love in, it realized there was actually nothing standing in the way. It realized that it just needed to let go.

Be Love.










that’s one way to do it

“Everything in life is a vibration” – Albert Einstein

The great part about when science meets spirituality is that, for those who need it, science provides spirituality a degree of credibility. It provides something tangible to the, widely-believed, intangible. Science, for the most part, is measurable via instruments, gadgets and all sorts of doo-dads. Spirituality, for the most part, is not. Bridging the gap between the two is what merges fact with faith. And, although faith should always precede fact for the mere reason that faith is what begets fact, we usually seem to get it backwards.

Everything in life is a vibration. Your world is an ocean of energy. Inanimate objects, colours, sounds, foods, you name it. And yes, You, too! Right down to each of your individual cells.

Whether conscious of it or not, we are all in a constant state of vibration. From the perspective of actual theory, it makes no difference whether you are aware of how it works or not, like gravity. Or, even if you know such a phenomenon exists. You will feel your frequency; you will feel up, you will feel down, you will feel sideways and everything in between. As a vibrational entity, your state of being is defined by that of the frequency at which you operate at as well as the frequencies that you bring into your life.

Often as we experience these different states, there is no inclination to correlate the effect to a cause, at least, not at a level that seems to be undetectable. Usually, we just pick out the easiest thing we can “see” instead of going deeper. Deeper to a level which appears to be imperceptible, but is actually not. Vibrations and frequencies are not imperceptible. ‘Tuning in’ to identify the infinite waves of vibration and frequency that surround our daily lives only better equip us to align ourselves with those frequencies that bring us to a higher state of being.

Have you ever recognized an instance where, say, you’ve entered a room and all of sudden felt glum? That’s tuning in. Ever listened to a song and noticed you felt more upbeat than you did just a few moments before? That’s tuning in. Ever had a moment of inconsideration and were able to link it to your feeling of guilt? That’s tuning in. These ‘tuning in’ moments happen every second of the day. For the person that is receptive and conscious of the effects of vibration and frequency, these moments are readily recognizable. Granted, some register louder than others, but there is impact to them all. That of which is your state of being is constantly shifting to adapt.

The shifts occur in all directions and, in fact, can often be in disguise. There are definitely some universalities to this as much as there are individualities. The news (most news), substance abuse, anger, fear – these are all universal in that they lower your vibrational state. Hugs, sunshine, meditation and Love?! All universal in raising your vibrational state. Universal vibrational shifters are usually pretty easy to spot. They are sort of what you think they are. At the same time, there are some that act in disguise; seem higher but are lower; seem lower but are higher. Drug and alcohol abuse is an easy example; they can temporarily make us feel uplifted or supported, but in fact do the opposite. Sharing emotional feelings or past traumatic experiences can seem to bring us down or cause pain, but can actually help to raise our true frequency at its core. There are many of these that we engage in or don’t engage in unbeknownst to the long term detriments or benefits they have on our life.

There are also very individualistic vibrational influencers. Often, people encounter these with foods, sounds or colours, to name a few.

Not only do vibrational frequencies impact our mental and emotion being, degrees of vibration affect our health and energy. When your body or part of your body becomes stressed or suffers an ailment, it is because there is no longer the production of the correct frequency from that source. After going through a mental or emotionally stressful period, often a downgrade in our physical health soon follows – something I’m sure most of us have experienced. It is a product of a compromise to your vibrational well being emanating into an external, physical form.

Vibrational state is the science behind your spirit. Each day, the experiences we have, the people we share company with, the topics we speak about, the way we take care of our body, the decisions we make, all determine our vibrational state. Our vibrational state, then, determines how we fare mentally, emotionally, physically and, of course, spiritually. It’s the old, “garbage in, garbage out” idiom. Only, in this application, it applies to, really, our integral composition. When we don’t have the strength to overcome, with our own vibration, those frequencies operating lower than us, we sink to that lower level. The more we choose those surroundings, the more our vibration will align with that of the surroundings, becoming our own baseline measurement. Similarly, by surrounding ourselves with those sources emitting a higher vibration, we too will mirror those frequencies; becoming stronger, more energetic and healing ourselves.

And, where do we find the highest vibration? Love, of course. We find it in real manifestations of Love – the beauty of nature, an expression of creativity, the people that truly care about us and those that we truly care about. Allowing Love in and allowing Love out will transform your frequency. Not simply at that temporary moment, but as true, lasting transformation. When you genuinely expand your Heart, it can never go back.

Be Love.

i think someone stole my password!

So, I was speaking to your Heart today. Yesterday, too. Oh, you didn’t know? Actually, we talk a lot. Probably every day, I’d guess. And, I have to say, there is a lot going on in there.

Huh. You didn’t know, hey? Truthfully, I can’t say as I’m too too surprised you didn’t know. I wouldn’t say most people don’t know that I speak to their Heart, but pretty close to most people don’t know. I mean, it does make me smile a bit, on account of how close I am with your Heart. But, it’s ok. It doesn’t bother me. I get why you don’t know. Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m going to stop anytime soon. Promise.

What do we talk about? Gosh, everything. Yeah. I’d say pretty much everything. I see that look on your face; you don’t have to be spooked that I know so much. I never talk about it with anyone else. Just your Heart.

Truth be told, you might be pretty surprised how similar the conversations are that I have. Like, it kinda doesn’t really matter whose Heart I happen to be speaking with, the stories are really a lot alike. Doesn’t matter from where, how old, man or woman, how rich or poor; I guess it’s because the Heart doesn’t see, it just feels. That was definitely something I learned along the way. I learn a lot, actually. I think both me and your Heart learn a lot every time we speak. And, like I said, we speak all the time.

Umm, the reason I wanted to share this with you is to help you. To let you know that I’m there for your Heart. I’ve always been there for your Heart. No matter what. Even if you didn’t know that I was close to your Heart. Or, maybe you kinda knew, like, you felt it sometimes but maybe didn’t know what it was. That was us; me and your Heart. We’re usually just trying to get your attention.

Why are we trying to get your attention? Oh. Pretty simple, I think. You need our help. We just want to help. We have a lot to give. Infinitely a lot to give, actually. Like, til forever. And, we don’t want anything in return. It just makes us really happy when you listen to us. That’s way more than enough for us. But, it’s ok when you ignore us, too. We’re not going anywhere.

Listen, not to sound like a couple of know-it-alls, but your Heart and I have the skinny on everything about you. In a manner of speaking, a pretty important part of our job to know all that stuff. What makes us chuckle is when you don’t really let us do our job. Oh oh, the reason it makes us chuckle is because you gave us this job. Mind kinda blown? Then we’re right on track. Side note – if we had it a bit more our way, we’d move that mind of yours a little more further to the middle of bus and ask it to be a bit more quiet.

We know not everything isn’t so copacetic. Heck, we know that a fair amount of things aren’t so copacetic. Like I mentioned, most people have a lot of the same stories. We, definitely, don’t downplay any of it because we Love everyone; we really do. We know that what’s going on for you, is what’s going on for YOU, regardless of what’s going on for anyone else. But, believe you us, I can tell you lots of people didn’t expect their lives to be where they are right now. Lots of people didn’t expect to have gone through the pain they’ve gone through. Lots of people didn’t expect to feel as uncertain about themselves right now. But, I tell you with certainty, your Heart and I, we care about you more than you could ever know. Same with the next person and the next person and the next person.

Thing is, like I was saying, for this all to really work out, you need to let us do our job. You did give it to us, after all. Not to sound totally arrogant, but it’s really in your best interest to let us do what we do. I say with no reservations, nothing is more powerful than me and your Heart. And, by “more powerful”, I mean more compassionate, more caring and more Loving. I don’t say that because we’re full of ourselves, it’s because we’re full of you. We’ve done this a lot and we just keep getting stronger. We’ve been here before. And, we’re going to be here after.

It’s just….you have to let go a bit. You have to let us have a bit more control. I know that scares you (your Heart and I talk about it all the time), but that’s really the deal. You have to let us do our job. The challenge is that most people think it’s all about them. And, it is. But, it’s really all about us. How it works in your favour is that we’re all about you. Does that make sense? Like, we just want you to have everything you ever dreamed of. And, we know you want that, too. But the thing is, we’ve got way more pull than you. So, let us do the pulling instead of pushing us away.

I’m really getting long-winded here; the[heart]movement is gonna be cheesed with me. I just want you to know that I’m here for you. Your Heart is here for you, too. Open up to us a bit more when you can. Listen to us a bit more when you can. I promise we’re not going to steer you in the wrong direction. And, eventually, when you let us take the wheel, you’re going to really enjoy the ride. We’ve got you, all the way.

Your truly (really truly). Lots of Love.

The Universe

Be Love





leg or breast?

I was having a conversation with a colleague this past week about what it is to live from the Heart. And, by ‘conversation’, I kinda mean I may have been on a soapbox and they may have been just looking at me sideways. Well, kinda sideways.

What I learned from that soapbox is this; there’s no real way to explain how to live from your Heart.

It’s a practice that’s infinite. To contextualize living from the Heart would be like writing a manual for every single scenario you could ever encounter in life. Who could even write all of that? And, gosh, who would even read all of it?

Living from your Heart is all feeling. Example (we’ve all done this one); you need to address some open-ended matter in your life. You’ve played out the scenario a dozen times in your head before you’ve gone in and you figured you’ve got your side down pat. You’ve rehearsed it, you’ve written it down, maybe you even tried to Google it? You are “prepared”. But then, as soon as you’re actually in the situation, all goes to shit. Not ‘shit’ in necessarily a bad way, just in the way that nothing really went as you thought you’d planned out.

Why? Because nine times out of nine, when we try to plan things of the Heart, we do it with our head. And, when you don’t use the right tools for the right job, you’re probably not going to build what you’d intended. It’d be like training for a marathon by reading books about running. It just doesn’t work that way. You want to be a runner? Run! Feel the pavement under your feet, feel the strain in your muscles and feel the air in your chest.

Living from the Heart is no different; you have to feel it. And, in truth, it takes a lot of practice. Step one is to just introduce the thought of it into your Heart. From there on out, it’s school. Without doubt, you’re going to get it wrong along the way. How you’ll know? You’ll feel shitty about whatever it is; you’ll feel shitty about yourself – like, you’ll know you could have done better. Guilt can be a great barometer, but only if you promise yourself not to hang onto it. Screw up, acknowledge it, forgive yourself and move on to the next one. Lather, rinse, repeat. “When you “lose”, don’t lose the lesson”, as the shampoo-less Dalai Lama would guide.

The other challenge is the fear. There’s a lot of fear that goes with this philosophy of life. You will be an odd duck doing this kind of thing. People won’t necessarily call you weird, but they may think it. Not that it mattered, but I learned that someone I knew called this website “stupid”. And hey, maybe it is? For that person, it was stupid and that’s ok. For a brief moment, I thought they were stupid. I think I’m decently past the fear; for the most part. There are, for shoer, times when I retreat into my shell because of it or times where I try to use my head for a task that clearly needs my Heart. But to say I’ve got this all figured out would be the biggest lie I could tell myself. I don’t have it figured out. But, I’m trying.

And, that’s really what you do; you try. I don’t think anyone can tell anyone else how to do this. You just have to give it a go. And then give it another go. And then another. Until it becomes second nature to keep doing it no matter how many times you stumble or feel scared or get made fun of or don’t fit in. When you start to get that feeling that you’re fitting in with yourself, that you’re fitting in with who you really are, you know you’re on the right path.

You’re a good person. No one was put here to not be a good person. So, quit being a big chicken and strut your stuff. J

Be Love.




stupid Jerry Maguire actually had something there :)

There’s not a whole lot I know for sure. But, this I do:

Love will complete your life.

The Universe does two things; it supports your evolution and it will let you choose. The reason this is our reality here is exactly because of Love. Our lives are an all-encompassing, never-ending opportunity for Love. It is what your growth, my growth, everyone’s growth is. This growth is a not a given. It is, as the Universe intends, a choice.

Sure, everyone will undergo a little bit of evolution simply as a function of being alive. It’s a product of the experiences you have. We go through life, experience upon experience upon experience – that is the Universe supporting your evolution. Integral to that support, is what you want to do with it. What decision you want to make about the experiences you are given.

The ability to choose your evolution into Love is what makes it so powerful, so meaningful. Anything that comes as an automatic or without option just can’t have the same impact. Choosing Love is what invariably makes you bigger.

Do we come into this world as Love? Yes. Is that the path we all take? No. There is ethereal element of your being that is Love. It will always be Love no matter what. It is, in effect, the ever-open doorway that enables you have the choice to take a path of Love through your Earthly life; to bridge the gap toward your higher self. And, it is a function of the experience you bring into your life and what it does to you and what you want to do with it.

Understanding that Love will complete your life is as much an end as it is a beginning. It is end to the place that you were in; it is a transition from one level of your being to a higher one. What was important will be no longer. What provided meaning will now be fleeting. It’s not that you necessarily change, it’s that you make the decision to become bigger. You experience growth by growing from experience. By making this choice, you acknowledge that your real self is the self that wants to give its Heart to Love.

And, as there is an end, there is a beginning. The beginning of a higher place of being. The beginning of the bigger version of you. The beginning to share Love, unconditionally, and have Love shared with you. It is the ultimate beginning.

Love will complete your life. You are only stronger for it. Sharing the true Love of your Heart carries the greatest strength for it is what the Universe supports in you. There is nothing more powerful. There is no greater meaning. To feel the connection from this Love is the experience of the Universe. And, the Universe is the biggest thing ever, which makes Love, also, the biggest thing ever.

Love big.

Be Love.


I give thanks to my Heart.

I give thanks to this part of my being and my soul, no bigger than my fist, that possesses more power than the strongest locomotive, more volume than the loudest clap of thunder, more resilience than the sun that climbs into the sky every day and more light than the brightest star in the galaxy.

I give thanks that my Heart carries me when I need it, bears the burden for others when their own cannot and is forever open to those it is connected to.

I give thanks that my Heart receives the tough times in life not as challenges that have befallen me but as challenges to better me. I am grateful that my Heart receives these challenges as opportunities to prove to myself how big it is.

I give thanks that my Heart receives the great times in life not as individual victories for just me but also as a victory to share with the Hearts that I hold in mine.

I give thanks that my Heart knows who I truly am even when I don’t. I give thanks that it guides me down my true path of Love in those times that I falter; in those times when my eyes do not see what my Heart does.

I give thanks that my Heart desires to be full not for itself but to fill those which are dear to it.

I give thanks that my Heart is strong but gentle.

I am grateful that my Heart knows no boundaries. I am grateful that it knows I can be better and bigger than each day before the last and that my growth is only governed by the days in the Universe.

I give thanks that my Heart feels compassion.

I give thanks that my Heart believes in me. I give thanks that even when I don’t believe in myself it is there telling me to trust it and that for those uncertainties I don’t understand, it does. It will guide me through.

I give thanks that my Heart knows what is real. I give thanks that it knows what Love is.

I give thanks to my Heart.

Be Love.