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check my math

There’s a rising intention of independence amongst us; there has been for quite some time now. It’s the type of independence that affirms to us that we can do whatever we dream. It’s the type of independence that tells us we can be as strong as we believe. It’s the type of independence that convinces us we don’t need anyone other than ourselves. It’s the type of independence that reminds us we should be telling the world just exactly who we are, without compromise. And, it’s good. It’s empowering and full of optimistic progress. It’s building character and strength and resilience.

But, that rising intention of independence amongst us, it’s also coming between us. It’s building walls and burying weakness and creating hardened souls.

The messages of this type of independence are everywhere; daily internet quotes, articles, books, television. They can be very motivating, very clever, very funny and very witty. But, they are also subconsciously, behind the veil of inspiration, reprogramming the nature of human connection.

The messages tell us that we are whole no matter what else is present (or not present) within who we are; not our gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, education or wealth class, matters toward the truth of our wholeness. And, while I couldn’t agree more, I believe that this misrepresentation of our perceived wholeness is also distancing us.

The intention of independence I speak of is becoming steeped in pride; an unhealthy pride. A pride that almost makes us feel as though we will compromise our wholeness if we step over this manufactured line of entirety. It pushes us into believing that asking for help is an admission of not being able to do whatever it is for ourselves. It coerces us into thinking that letting our guard down makes us vulnerable to attack. And, it tricks us into a mindset that we’re supposed to go at this alone.

We’re shutting each other out for fear of subtracting from our oneness and confusing it with independence. And, while our oneness is ever important in the realization of self, reaching out and connecting with people doesn’t subtract from it, it adds to it. Our oneness strengthens with connection.

We are here to be together. Yes, you deserve to be treated with respect. Yes, you deserve to have as much opportunity available to you as the next person. Yes, you deserve to be Loved just for who you are. But, sometimes, we get so resolute in this thinking that we forget respect is also earned, opportunity needs to be created, and that someone might be Loving us right now for exactly who we are. That’s pride getting in the way of your Heart and what your real oneness is supposed to be. It’s creating a false sense of entitlement, of what are beautiful things, that separate us from each other because of unfounded expectation.

There is no doubt that you are whole and beautiful and perfect as how you are now and who you will evolve in to be, how many times over. But, that evolution and growth, is not just a factor of what you can do on your own. You need the Earth and the water and the Sun. Plus, if we were meant to hug ourselves all the time, we’d have longer arms.

Be Love.

Love is titanic

I’ve never really done anything notable. Nothing that anyone’s ever written about or created any commotion over. Nothing that would probably be considered spectacular or incline someone to start a conversation with saying, “hey, listen to this….”

I just….live. It seems.

In a time of pseudo-truths and filtered personas, a time where the world is consumed by personal unpaid publicists, it’s not hard to feel lost in your own shuffle. Work, bills, parenting, relationships, chores, obligations; not to mention where we find ourselves with self-worth, self-confidence and self-care. There’s a lot to shuffle.

For the most part, we all know the facade. We all know that what we see is subject to the iceberg effect; 10% showing on the surface, 90% consumed by a murky, cold abyss. And yet, we still manage to convince ourselves that we’re the only one lost in that shuffle.

And so you think that you’ve never really done anything notable because, well, you just….live.

I stared at the word ‘notable’. I stared at what seemed to represent, or what people deemed it to represent. And, I didn’t see ‘notable’. What I saw was that word come apart. It came apart to say ‘not able’. It wasn’t what it was meant to be.

To be able. I see it differently. Everyday, we find the strength to be able. We get up each morning and we live. We write our story beneath where the air drowns into the water. The story of the high-powered executive’s battle with self-confidence, the story of the elderly man’s resignation of mortality, the story of the always positive friend who’s actually struggling with depression, the story of the fitness trainer’s issues with body image, the story of the popular high school student that never feels like they fit in, the story of the single mom just wanting to be the best she possibly can be for her children, the story of the successful, accomplished young man’s challenge with self-worth.

None of these, anyone would ever consider to be notable. They are really much more than that. These are the stories of being able, day after day, never giving up. These are the stories no one ever reads. These are the stories of strength, of foundation, of faith. There is Love in all of them. That is the common bond. Whether it’s to seek, give, accept, believe; there is Love in each story.

These are the stories that need attention, support and Love. The quiet stories that impact our lives the most; that displace the most volume beneath the surface. These are the stories we write together.

Be Love.

just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in

They’re with you no matter where you go, no matter what you’re doing, no matter what’s happening around you.


The power your thoughts command is probably vastly underestimated by most. Or, at least not given the attention of significance that it deserves. It’s hypothesized that a person has anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. I would argue (without any scientific data at hand), that the range seems a bit high. Considering there’s exactly 86,400 seconds in a day, it seems lofty that nearly every one of them is occupied with a thought. Perhaps, though, that is the product of our sentience? The constant, ongoing construction of thoughts.

Even if you pared the estimate down to just 20%, that’s still 12,000 to 16,000 thoughts per day. The only thing we do more, is breathe.

And so, is it any wonder how productive or destructive our thoughts can be to us? Split it down the middle; half of your thoughts positive, half of your thoughts negative. So, roughly 6,000 to 8,000 times a day, we are thinking of things that don’t make us feel good. It’s more than eye opening. The probable truth of the matter is that the bad ones are often more prevalent and can easily consume the good ones, usually very unbeknownst to us. It’s challenge enough to quell the negative thoughts of the significant matters we navigate in life like self-worth, past trauma, relationships, jobs, bills; let alone even identify the thoughts we have of general worry, stress, missing a deadline, being late somewhere or not liking how we look in our clothes that day. These are all thoughts that calibrate at a lower vibration and, in turn, deteriorate and damage our well being.

Negativity, intentional or otherwise, is not Love. Our thoughts reside within the self, and when they are not positive (or even neutral), we are not practicing self Love. Further to that, when that negativity is projected outwardly, we are propagating that lower vibration into our environment making it even more difficult to know where we begin and where it ends.

Dr. David Hawkins developed what he termed the Map of Consciousness. As a metaphysical and spiritually left-brained scientist, he identified, pretty plain and simply, that Love calibrates at a vibration of frequency higher than guilt, anxiety, anger, fear, despair, etc. Seems obvious but lends a sort of concrete semblance by way of scientific merit.

And, as complex as it may seem, the blueprint of the Universe is that of simplicity. Not ease, simplicity. In paraphrasing Newton’s third law, “everything has an equal and opposite force”. Meaning, in this context, stopping the negative thoughts translates into practising positive ones. Simplicity.

“Love is awareness, not avoidance” -Waylon Lewis

We don’t mean to, but when we fall into the negativity, we default to avoidance. It’s a normal response to go into a mode of “surviving” rather than “thriving”. Changing the default is, simply, one of practice. It’s a practice of awareness. It’s adopting the concept that yes, negativity exists, but its power over us is a choice. And, it’s acknowledging that there is a force to counteract the negativity; positivity.

This practice is rooted in awareness. It is an ongoing awareness to identify when it’s happening and finding a way to choose an opposing path. Whether to, literally, say, “stop” in your mind, ask yourself what benefit it is to think those thoughts, tell yourself you’re better than the thoughts, finding a positive thought to get in the way; it’s awareness. Simple. But, not easy.

Defaults can be changed. Routines can be changed. Thoughts can be changed. Awareness is the catalyst. Awareness of what you’re bringing into your consciousness and life is the Love that you offer your self. It is the Love that you offer of your self to everyone around you. And, it is a choice.

Be Love.

does free will cost too much?

The debate of free will is contentious, at best. The complex simplicity of it being, “is it or isn’t it free?”. Both, arguable vociferously and validly. On one side, if free will does not exist, what’s the purpose of life as a sentient being? On the other, if free will does exist, then so must the theory of cause and effect be discarded?

We find confidence in what we can define clearly and conclusively. The answer to, “is it or isn’t it?”, is anything but. Like science versus spirituality, we want just one and not the other. One may not explain everything exactly, but at least we force ourselves to accept the one. We limit our options so as to feel safer, more in control. The better question is, “when did science and spirituality become exclusive of each other?” And so, with free will, why do we only ask, “is it or isn’t it?”

Science and spirituality are not against each other, they are with each other. Free will both, is and it isn’t. There are no absolutes here but rather undefinable parameters that stretch as far as a consciousness is willing to stretch them. Absolutes limit potential.

Free will is a power that we both possess and are guided by. Our lives are constant experiences, challenges and situations that we navigate through. It is our path. Rather, a defined genesis and terminus orchestrated by whatever or whomever the architect was. The path between those two points is vastly variable. And, consequently, uncertain.

Free will does come at a cost. It’s the cost of suffering, pain, hardship and brokenness. But, like any scientific law, equilibrium is maintained. The spirit of Universe assures us of it. We make choices, and choices are made for us, that that bring great hurt to us. And, while there is learning buried in the hurt, it can sometimes be fair to say that the cost is too steep. But, the spiritual balance of the Universe serves that for whatever hurt there is, Love exists to silence it.

When we suffer, the last choice we would believe to possess in our strength and power to exercise is, understandably, Love. But, it would be the choice of greatest salvation. The cost of pain enables the undefined potential for the creation of Love. That is free will. We are guided into the strength of our free will by the cause and effect of our lives, our experiences and our path.

We don’t need to figure everything out first. Love just needs a sliver of space to shine into. Our demons find us so that we can find how to live above them. So that we can choose to live above them. It’s probably true that free will isn’t free; there is a price to pay for it. Choosing Love at all costs is the only way. Although, infinitely more expressive, it’s a simple equation. What can counteract the worst hurt you’ve ever felt? The most Love you’ve ever let in. Choose.

Be Love.

Love or Love? you pick.

It’s astounding how much of a choice Love really is.

Some people may be entirely inclined to argue that ‘you Love who you Love’ and others may read that to be an entirely obvious statement. Both are actually true. And, still so much of a choice, no matter which one is the belief.

‘You Love who you Love’. To fight this is futile. If there’s anything I know it’s that I don’t stand a chance against Love. There’s a reason why more books are written, songs are sung, movies are made and stories are told about Love than anything else. Because it’s the most powerful force we will ever experience. Our reason for being here is Love. To allow the force of it to overtake us. To allow the power of it to weaken us. Not to command us, but to strengthen us. Not to take from us, but to give to us. To show us the vulnerability, compassion and connection we seek. And, I know, when the Heart Loves, it just does. It doesn’t need to explain why or understand or make reason of it. There is no dispute or debate. It is the Heart which says, “that is it. I am here”.

And, within Love, we always find choice. We find the choice that is not surrendered when we allow our Heart to speak loudest, but when our mind and our ego finds its voice. It is the voice that allows fear to creep in. It is the voice that lets pride influence. It is the voice that gives space to the false notion of self-preservation, of selfishness and of sabotage.

We choose how aware we want to be, how kind, how considerate, how patient and how understanding. Those are all choices that are of our own volition. From the smallest gesture to the most grandiose; toward an unknown stranger or the most familiar of faces; the Love we show is always a choice. The Love we receive is always a choice.

There is responsibility and accountability that comes with Love. How could there not be? We’ve been given the reigns to wield the most powerful force in the Universe; it seems as though it should inherently require consideration, care and culpability. Love, literally, has the ability to change life. Yet, the attention it deserves often seems to be reactive rather than proactive; casual rather than causal. We can be very intentional with Love; both the Love our Heart chooses for us and the Love we decide we’re going to shine by way of our thoughts, words and actions. There is so much about Love that happens in the moment, but there is also so much about Love that happens out of the moment.

Love chooses us in the moment and we choose Love out of the moment.

“To be Loved like you’ve never been Loved, you must Love like you’ve never been Loved”

Be Love.

a letter to you

So, I was speaking to your Heart today. Yesterday, too. And, all the days before that as a matter of fact.

You didn’t know? Well, I can’t say as I’m overly surprised. I would say most people don’t that we speak. I mean, it does surprise me a bit (and, makes me smile) that you don’t know on account of how close I am with your Heart. But, it’s ok. I get why you don’t know. Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m going to stop anytime soon. Promise.

What do we talk about? Gosh, everything….I’d say pretty much everything. You don’t have to be nervous that I know so much. I never speak about it with anyone else. Just your Heart. It’s always between us.

I speak with everyone’s Heart, actually. You’d probably be pretty surprised at how similar all the conversations are that I have. It kinda doesn’t really matter whose Heart I happen to be speaking with, the stories are really a lot alike. Doesn’t matter from where, what age, man or woman, rich or poor; I guess it’s because the Heart is the Heart. It’s just a universal constant. That was definitely something I learned along the way. I’m always learning, to be honest. And, if I can say, I think both me and your Heart learn a lot every time we speak. And, like I said, we speak all the time.

The reason for me sharing all of this is because I want to help you. To let you know that I’m there for your Heart. I’ve always been there for your Heart. No matter what; even if you didn’t know that I was close to your Heart. Maybe you kinda knew? Maybe you could feel it but just didn’t know what it was? That was me. That was us; me and your Heart. We try to get your attention a lot.

Why do we try to get your attention? You need our help. We just want to help. We have a lot to give. Infinitely a lot to give. Til forever. We don’t want anything in return, though. It just makes us really happy when you listen to us. That’s way more than enough for us. And, it makes us do more for you. But, it’s ok when you ignore us, too. We’re still going to keep helping.

Not to sound like a couple of know-it-alls, but your Heart and I know it all about you. It’s our job to. What makes us chuckle is when you don’t really let us do our job. We chuckle (and shake our heads lovingly) because you’re the one who gave us this job. Don’t you remember? No. Probably not, I guess. It’s how it sorta works. It’ll all make sense, eventually.

We know not everything is exactly the greatest. It’s like that for a lot of people; most people have a lot of the same stories. The biggest difference is really just how different people respond differently. But, we know that what’s going on for you, is what’s going on for YOU, regardless of what’s going on for anyone else. Believe you us, I can tell you that a lot of people didn’t expect their lives to be where they are right now. Lots of people didn’t expect to have gone through the pain they’ve gone through. Lots of people didn’t expect to feel as uncertain about themselves as they do. But, I tell you with confidence, your Heart and I, we care about you more than you could ever know. You can and should count on us. Always.

Thing is, for all this to really work, you need to let us do our job. Not to sound totally arrogant, but it’s really in your best interest to let us do what we do. I say with no reservations, nothing is more powerful than your Heart and I. And, by “more powerful”, I mean more compassionate, more caring and more Loving. I don’t say that because we’re full of ourselves, it’s because we’re full of You. We’ve done this a lot and we just keep getting stronger and better at it. That’s why you knew to put us in charge. You just forget a lot.

You have to let go a bit. You have to let us have a bit more control. I know that scares you (we talk about that all the time), but that’s really how this goes. You have to let us do our job. The challenge is that most people think it’s all about them. And, it is. But, it’s really all about us. How it works in your favour is that we’re all about you. Does that make sense? The fact is, we’ve got way more pull than you. So, let us do the pulling instead of you pushing us away.

I just want you to know that I’m here for you. We’re both here for you. I can’t do this without your Heart and you can’t do it without the both of us. Open up to us a bit more when you can. Listen to us a bit more when you can. We’re always talking.

Your truly (really truly). Lots of Love.

The Universe

Be Love

….and, you just get it

I think, for everyone, there arrives a point in time when it becomes apparent that love is everything. Truly everything. Probably, the realization for most, is elusive for the better part of life. The reason I believe that to be true is by general observation of the state of the world. It’s not that of love. There’s a lot of it out there; there’s a lot of good being done. But, if tallied by a simple count of integers, it wouldn’t win.

Now hold on….that’s not to say I don’t believe love is winning, I do. I believe that one “unit” of love exponentially outweighs one “unit” of not-love. Exponentially. It’s the only way to explain how the single digit percentage of love on this planet holds up the double (probably near triple) digit percentage of the converse, and we keep turning.

The fact is that we all love. Family, significant others, children, friends, pets. We love. We are relational beings. And so, we love. We give to love, we take from love, we find strength from love, we feel weakness from love, we empower with love and we manipulate with love.

But, we love.

In conversation this past week, I shared a personal story from something I experienced and the feelings I’d had from it. The response that was given to me was, “not everyone thinks like you do, though”. It made me wonder how someone could not in such a circumstance. A lot to do with that not only was ‘thinking’ a part of it, but ‘feeling’ was as equally a role. And, if there’s anything we are as humans, it’s instinctively feeling beings. If that moment wasn’t a bit of confirmation that I was on the right “love is everything” track, I don’t know what would be.

I’ve known for a little while now, love’s place in my life. Relative to the number of years I’ve lived, I would measure my realization to still just be, “a little while now”. The realization, I’d say, a function of already being on the path combined with personal life experience that came to be. But, it certainly wasn’t always that way. Far from it. The feelings that my life experience conjured up in me couldn’t have been more obvious – love really is everything.

It changes how you perceive life. It evolves the reason to be the person that you are. It’s easy to not understand any of this when mortality isn’t anywhere in sight. Which, is why I reason the realization eludes most for the better part of life. Perhaps not until breaths become nearly countable. Although, it’s never too late, maybe it’s too late by then? But, the realization is certainly not confined to the stark truth of expiration.

I don’t want it to be too late for me. And, it’s not. I’m glad that I realize love is everything. Truly everything. I know that nothing can take its place. I know that nothing is more important. I know there is no fear stronger than it. I know that there is no accomplishment greater than it. And, I know that nothing gives more meaning than it. It’s freedom, whenever it is you decide to choose it.

Maybe it’s true? Maybe not everyone thinks this way? The Love I want to give and the Love I want to receive will be the only accomplishment I will live for. It’s the only accomplishment I am alive for. And, it will be the only one I take with me beyond here. How can presence here be anything but? Life will still be life. I will still participate and partake in all that it means to have a good life. But, to really live is to know of the freedom that Love provides. It’s not a blanket statement; Love is freedom from everything. Self-Love, the Love of someone unconditionally by your side, faith in Love; that is what grants your soul its path to be free.

Be Love.

where’s the instructions?

I’m late. Two days late, to be exact.

I am sorry.

“Don’t worry about it”, you might think or, “what’s he even talking about?” Well, some time ago, I set a goal with myself to post every Sunday evening or, at the latest, Monday morning. So, I’m late.

The truth is, I didn’t have anything this past Sunday. I sat down in front of this keyboard only to type a few generic sentences, stare blankly, then delete. Type something different, stare again, then delete. After north of about an hour of that, in the absence of a more inspiring way to put it, I gave up. I had nothing.

Today. Today, I have something. Something as a result of having nothing. I reflected on missing my self-imposed Sunday night due date. I didn’t feel good about it. At the least, I felt that I’d let myself down. At the most, with a conscientiousness toward modesty, perhaps I’d let someone else down. Someone, anyone, who’d become familiar with that Sunday night due date. Maybe? There’s a chance?

What happened between Sunday and this very moment was that I’d thought about what it meant to be sorry; to be apologetic.

Granted, nothing egregious or harmful came of my Sunday night writer’s block, the impact of it, or lack thereof, didn’t take away from the principles of reconciliation that I thought about.

Although, I didn’t necessarily want to make it academic, resolution, it seemed, came in steps. I thought about my walk through this.

The first step was simply awareness. Awareness translates into a lot of different complexions. In my case, I didn’t live up to the goal I’d set for myself with respect to writing. With that, came some disappointment of self and the awareness that perhaps my actions affected someone else. The foundation of this is that when we don’t meet the truth in our Heart, we hurt people. And, we hurt ourselves. Awareness of that absence of truth, however big or small, is the basis of reconciliation.

Next was action. It was accepting the responsibility to take action upon my awareness. Nine times out of nine, that means communication. That means voicing the absence of the truth. It’s the acknowledgement, whether to someone else or yourself, of your awareness. It’s taking on that responsibility of where you didn’t live that truth. It’s knowing your part in what’s happened. That doesn’t mean full responsibility is yours for whatever the full spectrum of the situation entails, but it means taking your rightful share. Honestly. Authentically. Sincerely.

Finally, accountability. Using my quite harmless example; I can offer my apology, I can take action with my responsibility, but if you return here next Sunday evening or Monday morning and nothing new is waiting, I’m not accountable. I’ve compromised my trustworthiness. It’s on me to rebuild that trust through accountability; to support what I’m making amends for. In more life impacting contexts, accountability is represented by consistent changed behaviour. Or, taking steps toward a changed behaviour. It’s the follow through. Awareness and action are integral to the process of reconciliation but trust is an uncompromising tenet in human connection.

It didn’t need to be any more complicated than this. There can be a lot of challenge in those steps, but there’s no complexity in them. The thing with living out the truth in your Heart is that it’s not complex. It’s never meant to be. To have the utmost faith in that truth is what carries you through to it. It’s what creates awareness, it’s what dissolves the fear of taking action and it’s what motivates the desire for accountability.

My dad used to say, “it’s fine that you’re sorry, just don’t do it, again.” Needs a little bit of fine tuning, but he might have had something there.

Be Love.

this one’s on purpose

What do you imagine when you envision your best life? The life that was meant only for you. The life where you are the You, you were always meant to be.

Do you ever envision this life?

There is one for each and every one of us. It’s a life of true meaning. It’s a life of freedom. Not necessarily freedom from the usual script and characters of this physical existence; financial uncertainty or future stability. Not necessarily a life free from stress, anxiety, mistakes or hardship. It’s a life free from emptiness; it is the freedom that walks hand in hand with purpose.

The freedom of purpose is not an automatic thought. Freedom, we associate with overcoming external forces, circumstances and people we believe have been able to imprison us. We believe, whether knowingly or not, that this is what holds us back from realizing the potential of our true self. And so, we’re often consumed with finding ways to fill the emptiness without realizing that it’s a fabricated prison we’ve locked ourselves into that’s caused it. It’s a fictitious emptiness that we’ve constructed by way of any number of misaligned thought forms from any number of external sources. And so, as we attempt to fill and fill and fill, that emptiness remains our personal construct. A construct that cannot be filled because it is not really there relative to the truth that is really you.

When you evolve into the meaning and purpose of your life, you realize there is no emptiness. To find this realization doesn’t require that you yet even be physically living your meaning or purpose. The vision, the knowing of it, is enough to elicit the emotions and feelings within your mind and Heart that you experience the freedom. The mind, with enough imagination and conviction, doesn’t know whether you are having an experience in physical space and time or whether it’s product of your creation. It triggers the emotions and feelings consistent for either circumstance. As for the Heart; well, it knows no bounds or limitations whether it be something we are trying to grasp with our hands or with our soul.

We are not here to be represented by fancy houses, sales figures, social media followers or skyscrapers. Your best life is in your Heart to give. That is where your purpose keeps itself. Sometimes we find it and sometimes it finds us. Sometimes it’s in the last place we look and sometimes it appears as soon as we stop looking. Sometimes it’s exactly what we expect and sometimes it comes as a beautiful surprise. Your meaning is there; it will always be there. It’s like that on purpose.

Be Love.

just give peace a chance

I understand the motivation behind the search for happiness. I understand the draw to it. The promise of freedom, of transcendence beyond the ‘conditioned everyday’, of some greater, more meaningful, state of being than that which we’ve come to know. And, the reminders? The reminders for the pursuit of happiness are everywhere. Often, veiled in the shroud of consumerism accompanied by manipulative attempts to find depth in the shallow end of the pool.

But, the real happiness, that happiness is real. It’s the happiness that the all the ‘how to be happy’ books tell you that you find on the inside; separate from anything else except for you. It’s the happiness that the Dalai Lama would say requires nothing more than inner discipline and your mind. (I might add the heart in there, too).

The real happiness, it is as the master guru guides; from within. For all measures of intents and purposes, differences in wealth, class, occupation, personal circumstance or health, have no bearing on one’s ability to attain happiness. It is real. Yet, for many, perhaps for most, it is like trying to capture the clouds with your hands.

Happiness is within everyone. It is a purpose of this existence. Its ethereal nature and reliance upon one’s self make it no easy task to endeavour upon. The mind occupies great power and the mind commands great power. The path toward happiness armed with nothing more than inner monologue and neural synapses is a challenging path, to say the least. Seemingly, a path with no definitive beginning.

It’s why I search for peace. Without looking for it. Peace, I believe, you create; you intentionally cultivate. You bring it to you with categorical certainty rather than chase and contemplate and assess. Peace, you agree to with your self and the universe to choose to be a part of.

How do we choose peace? We choose peace deliberately, both tangibly and otherwise. We see it and we don’t. Peace shows itself with consistency for everyone. The inner workings of the mind are not navigable in a blanket theory. I can no easier tell myself how to think and feel than I can anyone else. But, peace is accessible because of the objective decisions we can make to be a part of it.

Peace translates itself in how we process our world around us. Peace is in the quiet; in taking time for yourself to be in stillness. Peace is in a tidy home and an organized workspace. Peace is in taking steps to feel confident in your physical self; to feel comfortable. To only wear the clothes you feel good in, even if it means wearing the same four outfits over and over. Peace is to feel strong; it is to move your body. Peace is at the top of a short to-do list. Start and finish the tasks and projects you need to that support making your life easier. How our mind processes the calm of organization and order is gravely underestimated. Peace follows when you lead with making choices to exile unproductive drama from your life; in whatever capacity it presents itself and that you can. Peace is removing the negativity of the daily news. It’s choosing to consume media and entertainment that calms and enriches your mind. Or, makes you laugh and smile or even brings tears of emotion, whether sad or happy. It’s not absorbing that which induces fear, terror, anger and anxiety. Peace is reading a book. Peace is eating well. Not all the time, but most of the time. Peace is being with people that make you better, and that you make better. It is being yourself. Peace is being able to make choices of what you want to do and who you want to be.

In a sentence, peace is in the de-cluttering of your physical space, your emotional space, your mental space and your spiritual space. And, you get as far in each as you can for when you can. Individually and harmoniously, as you ascend, those spaces will pull each other up. The evolution of who you are will become more apparent the more you allow yourself to make the choices that support your evolution. Brick by brick, you will pave a path of peace. A path that leads to the uncovered happiness within. And, even further still, to….

….be Love.